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Publication Order of Dragon Heart Books

The “Dragon Heart” Series is a set of historical fiction novels by English author Griff Hosker. Hosker was born in Lancashire in 1950 and went to a boy’s grammar school. He went to college and graduated in 1972 as a Drama and English teacher. He then went on to work for more than three decades in the Northeast of England. Working as a teacher, he wrote musicals, pantos, and plays for the students at the different schools, where he worked in. Once he quit teaching, he set up his own consultancy and became an adviser for colleges and schools in the North East of England. But when the new Conservative Government was installed, he was forced to find something else to do as they outlawed businesses such as his. By 2010 he found that he had a lot of time on his hands and as a man that had been working ever since he was fifteen, he hated not having something to do. Since Hosker had always loved history, he decided that this would be a great time to do some research on the Roman invasion of Britain. He intended to use the research to craft a novel that would later become his debut novel “The Sword of Cartimandua.”

After running a successful Educational Consultancy and working as an English teacher for thirty-five years, he decided to go back to his early passion, writing. Growing up, he had always liked the works of Bernard Cornwell, C.S. Forester, Alexander Kent, and Simon Scarrow, and hence when he decided to try his hand as an author, the history of Britain seemed like a good place to start. While he intends to write more historical novels, he has also written “Great Granny’s Ghost” which is aimed for an audience between 10-15-year old. Ever since he quit his teaching job, he has been giving lectures and touring schools promoting some of his novels that have relevant themes to the age group. “The Sword of Cartimandua” series that is his debut novel is about the Roman Occupation of Britain between the first and second century AD. He has also written a trilogy inspired by the events from the Battle of Hastings that debuted with the novel “Housecarl.” He has also worked on the “Wolf Warriors,” a trilogy set in Britain in the sixth century. He is also interested in travel and has written the “Backpacking at 63” a novel that is more of a travelogue that chronicles his train journey to Istanbul. Inspired by John Mosby and Grey Ghost, he has penned two books on the American Civil War. His “Dragon Heart” series was mentioned in his previous series such as the “Norman” and the “Wolf Brethren” series.

The “Dragon Heart” series is a set of historical fiction novels set during the Viking era, a time of great upheaval and turbulence in Britain. The series of novels follow the lives of regular Saxons in Britain who have to deal with the Viking invasions and occupation of their home. It also chronicles the lives of the invading Vikings that also need to confront the locals who are hostile to the occupiers and make life as difficult for them as they can. In “Viking Slave,” the first novel of the series, two Britons are kidnapped and taken to a strange place. But in a strange twist of fate, one of the captives wins his freedom to become a leading Viking. Set at the tail end of the eighth century it tells of how the boy fights to establish a place and home for himself in his new community. The second novel of the series “Viking Warrior” is about the Vikings that are looking for revenge after a kidnapping that forces them to head to England to make things right. They not only have to fight hostile locals but also renegade Vikings. The third novel of the series is a coming to age novel that sees the Vikings face-off with the Saxons. The lead finally has a life-changing moment as he has to fight on the sea and land against the Hibernians and the Saxons. These are fast-moving novels that evoke the battles and action of the Viking age.

“Viking Slave,” the first novel of the “Dragon Heart” series is the tale of a Saxon youth and his mother. At the opening of the novel, the two have been kidnaped by Viking raiders and relocated to a new home. At their new home, he meets a one-armed and old warrior who helps him towards his true destiny. Over several years he gains his freedom and is soon a Viking citizen that joins the other Vikings as they go on quests across the oceans. As a Viking, he sails across the sea to England, and together with his brethren, he established his new home on the Isle of Man. It is quite an exciting story as Dragon Heart the lead character of the novel earns his name and becomes a man in a new land.

“Viking Warrior” the second novel of the “Dragon Heart” series of novels is a story of revenge. The Vikings had settled on the Island of Man but are now gunning for revenge. Some of their family had been kidnapped and relocated to England. The Vikings now have to locate and rescue them though in such hard times it is never so easy. They have to fight some of their brethren Vikings that have recently turned rogue while also battling against the Hibernian warriors. Tadgh the man that is responsible for the kidnapping is located but before he can be apprehended, he makes a run for it under hot pursuit. The novel is a candid look into Viking life in the 9th century as it explores the way of life, culture, and history using a set of interesting characters and historical fact.

“Viking Jarl” the third novel of the series sees the Dragon Heart coming to age as he goes on a voyage alongside his Viking brothers. They are going to fight the Saxons and he cannot wait to land and show them how much he has grown and matured. A chance visit to a cave gets him to confront his horrific past and in doing so, his life is changed forever. In the land of Anglesey, they fight Hibernians and Saxons on land and sea to finally conquer the land. But as they are making ready to enjoy their victory, an old enemy comes onto the scene and threatens to take everything away from them. Evoking the time of the Vikings, it is an interesting story of raiding, loyalty, Berserkers, and the rise of Christianity.

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