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Dragonlore Books In Order

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Publication Order of Dragonlore Books

A Dawn of Dragonfire (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Day of Dragon Blood (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Night of Dragon Wings (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Daniel Arenson is an Israelite who was born in 1980 and currently stays in the United States. He has done several writing where he employs the three worlds in his writing. In the series Dragonlore he has written four books that are very inspiring and motivating. All the books are always available online where you will find new and even used books at relatively lower prices. He began his writing in 2010 with his first book being guide on how writing tips and skills. The dragon series first book was published in 2012 and the latest being in 2013. The three worlds he employs in his writing are the Requiem, Moth and the Alien Hunters.

In the Requiem, he introduces a very funny ancient kingdom. This is a kingdom where very unique things are seen occurring. The people of the kingdom can grow both scales and wings on their body. They also take flight like the dragons and breathe fire. These are some strange happenings that can be seen in the kingdom. Get to read the five trilogies of the Requiem and you will love the story. You can get these books online and get to read more on strange happenings at the ancient kingdom.

For the Moth, Daniel Arenson tries to discover moth where one side shows that it is total darkness while on the other side of the world, it is a bright day. You can get to read these fantasy book that will make your day very fantastic. With the Alien Hunters, Daniel brings in a different story where the Alien Hunters which is a group of the scruffy mercenaries who are in the shape of a dragon and travel the galaxy. Their main work is to do away with the pest on your body without asking any question. The positive part is that they do charge very low rates. There are various books under these section that you will love reading. They are very entertaining and some of the best work that have been done by Daniel Arenson.

The first two books under dragonlore series are entitled “A Dawn of Dragonfire” and “A Day of Dragon Blood” that were both published in 2012. The books are very inspiring and motivating. With just a total of four books in the series, you can get to read the whole story and you will definitely enjoy the book. You can go online today and read the book or buy the hardcopy that you will also find very perfect. The books also comes in the local libraries at affordable prices.

A Dawn of Dragonfire

This is the first setting of the series that introduces the happenings in the book. It was published in 2012 and it is about the thousands of dragons and the warriors of Requiem who are heard in the night crying for glory, fire and war. The setting of the books in based in an ancient kingdom where the people are seen with very strange characters. They can breathe fire, grow scales and wings on their bodies and even take flights like the dragon. Despite having very strange features, they stay in a very peaceful and elegant land. They are very wise with noble hearts. Suddenly the peaceful state in the kingdom is destroyed by fire that burns from the south. The first to take their flight are the bird of flame. The people who are determined to destroy the land of the dragons are the beasts of wrath and heat, the soar phoenixes that are both as cruel as the wildfire and huge as the dragons themselves. Despite this group being very determined to destroy the Requiem dragons, they understand that they have always defeated all their enemies with the aim of destroying them just as they want to do it. This therefore implies that there is a very tough war that no one knows the end results. Through determination and courage the phoenixes are determined to face them despite their sharp claws and bright flames. This is just but a small review of the dragonlore by Daniel Arinson. You can always find the complete book and you will enjoy the tough war that is just about to begin between the Phoenixes and the Requiem dragons.

A Day of Dragon Blood

This is the continuation of the first novel of the Dragonlore series by Daniel Arenson. Its setting is also based on the ancient kingdom that have very unique people. At this point, you will find that their peaceful land was burned and now they have a Queen who is very cruel known as Solina. She is seen to retreat in the kingdom that is in the desert. She now have another assault that she wants to destroy all the last dragons. She is very harsh and therefore does the worst things to ensure she finishes all the last dragons. She wakes an evil who had been buried years ago to aid her in assassinating every last dragon that is still alive. Suddenly, the wyverns are seen arising from the desert. There are umpteen number of swarm, beast of iron scales, claws like the swords and the leathern wings. They are seen eating and destroying every stone, steel and flesh available on the surface. The Queen now decides to lead her solders into Requiem to fight the enemies. During this time, the Requiem dragons are very weak because of the wounds on their bodies plus their hearts are haunted. The question is now whether they will managed to do away with the Wyverns creatures that are very cruel and ready to destroy them and bred on them.

This is a short summary of the novel and you will get more when you visit your nearest library where you will buy the copy of the book and read the whole series. They are only four books hence you can finish the reading after a short while. These books are really motivating because you must be ready to face your enemy despite being very fierce. You need to be determined in life and you will find it very simple. These are some of the best motivational and fantasy books you will enjoy reading.

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