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Publication Order of Dragons Love Curves Books

Chronological Order of Dragons Love Curves Books

Dragons Love Curves is a paranormal series by Aidy Award about dragons trying to find their mates. The dragon shifters meet their mates in all the stories in ways they never predicted. The heroines do not know the powers they hold until they find themselves in sticky situations.

Chase Me
Chase Me is the debut in the Dragons Love Curves series. The Hero is Jakob, a dragon shifter who at first suspects Ciara stole his dragon treasure, and he hunts her down and kidnaps her taking her to his home.

However, the more he keeps with her, the more he can’t stop thinking about her and keeping his hands on her. He wants to get the thief who stole his dragon relic.

Ciara, the heroine, is an extraordinary wedding planner living with an over-controlling mother and has a crush on her colleague. She had every girl’s fantasy of having a husband and kids one day, but when she spends three years crushing on a co-worker, she feels that her dreams might never come true. Even though she is a beautiful lady, she doesn’t realize it as Ciara feels she isn’t good enough to have a man of her own.

Ciara is in her mother’s business as a wedding planner, and she hasn’t been so close to her even though she is her only family left. After a busy day at the wedding, a handsome and sexy man comes demanding to know who stole his treasure.

He claims someone broke in and stole from him. He is the green dragons’ new leader, and he’s afraid of admitting to the other leaders that he’s messed up.
Jakob kidnaps and flies Ciara across the Atlantic to the Czech Republic right to his home. He plans on interrogating, torturing her until he gets the answers, but he takes her to his bed.

He tries seducing her to get her to tell him where his relic is, but Ciara seems to have no idea of what he’s talking about. The dialogue between the two gets cornier, and Ciara doesn’t react as any ordinary lay would. It turns out that she is a witch and a mate too.

He locks her in the room and is later taken out where strange things begin to happen in the form of fire and wind. As the housekeeper talks to her about it, Jakob comes in claiming he doesn’t have a housekeeper, which leaves Ciara confused, wondering who the keeper might be. He takes her to the treasure to try and refresh her memory and figure out how she broke in.

As they are in the treasure room, demons attack, and Jakob locks Ciara in while he goes up to the surface to calm things down. The housekeeper joins her again, teaching her how emotions are linked to her powers. It’s now clear that Ciara is not an ordinary woman.

Ciara finds her way through a tunnel using her earth powers to run away from the battle. Some demons follow her, but she holds them off until Jakob comes and returns her to his home, where all dragon leaders are waiting for him.

Ciara undergoes a test to check whether she’s worthy of becoming his mate. The test involves sending her to find a ring in the treasure room she had never seen. If she brings the ring back, it’ll prove that she’s the fated mate for Jakob. Can Ciara find the ring before time is over?

Ciara sneaks away to Prague, and after the embassy listens to her story, they send her home using military transport. Jakob is left in despair, and he must work fast to find Ciara since she’s in danger of being attacked by the demons.

They also have to find the relic after finally believing that she has nothing to do with its disappearance. As the dragons start attacking her, she holds them off with her powers.

Can Jakob find Ciara before the clock stops ticking? Can they have a happily ever after? This novel may be up in your alley for lovers of idiotic characters who are led by their intimacy.

Tease Me
Tease Me is the second novel in the Dragons Love Curves series. Steele and Dax act as security at a wolf shifter event while dressed as strippers. Steele feels attracted to all the beautiful women he sees until a beautiful goddess walks in carrying drinks. The goddess wears a sparkling necklace, and he can tell she isn’t a wolf or human from far.

Fleur didn’t know her destiny even though her mother told her she had one. She had told her to be prepared for it and save herself until then. This left fleur confused since she wasn’t sure what to prepare for, which made her feel confined.

Fleur is an earth witch, and since she was born, she knew she had a destiny to fulfil. Unfortunately, she had no one to tell her what it was. She hopes going to the ceremony will help her find her wolf mate, which will make her realise her destiny.

Currently, her mother is spending her summer at the burial site of Fleur’s father, so she decides to go out and have some fun this night. As they started kissing with Steele, she doubted that a dragon she’d just met tonight could be her destiny.

All her life, fleur had always thought of mating a wolf shifter. All this ends when she meets a dragon shifter, and as much as she tries to resist him, he can’t stop thinking about him. She isn’t sure what she is though she has an infinity of plants.

Steele changes his clothes and puts on his soul shard necklaces back on, and it appears so bright. As the demons attack, Steele is ready to keep Fleur safe.
As the demon dragons try snatching his shard, three women come out and shift to help him fight. After they steal the necklace, Steele feels weak and human, and as the demons run, the trees fight them. Fleur’s necklace shines brighter as she directs it to the trees.

As Fleur gets attacked, Steele finds his last strength, but his chest gets ripped while trying to keep her safe. Is she the true mate to Steele? It’s a story of Fleur trying to find out that she is not who she thinks she is.

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