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Publication Order of Dragons of Preor Books

The “Dragons of Preor” series is a set of paranormal romance novels by Celia Kyle, an urban fantasy and paranormal romance author. Kyle got started writing seriously in 2006 but had started telling stories very early in life. Prior to becoming an author, she was engaged in a range of professions. She has worked as an accountant, dance teacher and there was a time when she was a sales person for collectible dolls. It has been a long journey for Celia Kyle to get to the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists. While Celia has for the most part written in the paranormal romance genre, she also writes in other genres. Nonetheless, she has said that she writes the paranormal genre since she gets to write about kickass heroines and heroes with complicated love lives and strange mutations.

Celia Kyle’s novels are always full of handsome men who love to get furry and big beautiful and sassy women. According to the author, the publishing world would do better if more women were curvier than the average. Sex is also a central component of Kyle’s novels and most of her fan base knows that she loves to produce heart pounding and succulent engagements that showcase the sensual nature of her characters. Even though she often writes some dark stuff, most of her novels have happily ever after stories. She published “Jarek,” the first novels of the “Dragons of Preor” series of novels in 2016.

The “Dragons of Preor” series by Celia Kyle is a spinoff of the “Ujal” series and is set in the same universe. The Preor are aliens that endured a lot of pain and suffering from a mass murderer and now need to find compatible mates to prevent the extinction of their species. However, there are some in the race that are not satisfied with the choice of humans. In “Jarek,” the first novel of the series, the lead believes he is out of time when he is done with his mission and now intends to fly back into the skies. He belongs to fierce dragon shifters though he is the offspring of an insane maniac that was responsible for decimating the Preor. But things change when he meets Melissa. In “Taulan,” the second novel of the series, the lead was injured during a battle and lost his wings. Since he is a dragon shifter, this is not a huge deal except for the fact that he is now ready to go back home having lost his sense of self and given up on finding a human mate. In “Kozav,” the third novel of the series, the lead is a primary warrior on the spaceship who lost everyone he ever cared about including family and friends. But now he is determined to find a human mate and Grace Hall his nurse seems like a reasonable option.

“Jarek,” the debut novel of the series introduces Jarek sen Claron. He is a dragon shifter looking to fly back home after he is done with the last assignment where he was War Master commanding the third fleet. But first he needs to help his fellow Preors find themselves some mates and then go back to his home planet before he is overcome with loneliness. His plans change when he meets human Melissa with her bright smile, sparkling eyes and a hot body that would make practically every male drool. However, Melissa is not on the list of Preor mate hopeful’s as she did not register. But she likes him from the moment she sees him and is unable to resist the handsome tall and dark shifter. Jarek is not going to force her to do anything and wants her to choose him. Still, everything in his being is screaming at him to make Melissa his own. But is enemies are circling and if he draws her to the side he might put her in danger. Moreover, most of his colleagues think he should not have a mate given that he is the son of a mass murderer. Will he survive the coming engagement?
In “Taulan,” the second novel of the “Dragon of Preor” series, Lana is a woman with no job, an old beater car that won’t start and is now down to her last hundred bucks. Her life cannot seem to ever go right until she takes a walk on the beach and everything changes. She finally gets a handsome and hot dragon male from Preor and a job to boot. All Taulan sen Pavon wanted was to go back to Preor his home. He had come to Earth hoping to find a human mate but now that he is injured, he thinks he better recuperate at home. During an explosion, he had been seriously injured and lost his wings which had been destroyed. He did not want to just sit by while other Preor males found their mates while he remained alone and unworthy. But then he had met the alluring Lana with her luscious body, sparkling eyes and charming smile. Will he live long enough to make his claim? However, there is something bigger that might not make his dreams come true. There are many Preor who believe they are superior to humans and that none of them should be having any intimate dealings with therm. They are ready to do anything including murder to ensure the races do not get along.

In “Kozav,” the third novel of the series, Grace Hall is working as a nurse when five aliens from Preor are brought into the hospital. Most of the doctors ignore them but she steps forward to help the shape shifting aliens. One of the aliens draws her in with his pain glazed eyes, muscular body and teal wings and causes in her the desire to heal and a longing for his touch. Once she understands what they need, she gets down to work hoping to save them. She is so passionate in her endeavor and when she faints of exhaustion she realizes her quest just might kill her. The man she is interested in is a Preor of the Third Fleet named Kozav sen Aghin who is soon well enough but feels that something is still wrong with him. What had happened is that he had found his mate who was left on Earth unprotected and all alone. He finds this unacceptable and wants to save her as he still feels the guilt form his actions during the war. She is a dark haired, green eyed, curvaceous female he is determined to make his own. But then someone tries to take her from his and he is determined to ensure nothing bad happens to her even if it means he has to kill one of his own.

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