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Dragons of Wayward Crescent Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Dragons of Wayward Crescent Books

The “Dragons of Wayward Crescent” series written by bestselling and award winning English author Chris d’Lacey, which he began publishing in the year 2008 with the release of “Gruffen”. It ended in the year 2010, with the release of the fourth book “Grabber”.

The series is a prequel to Chris d’Lacey’s “The Last Dragon Chronicles” series; it allows readers to see what happened before David Rain (who is a college student and is the star of “The Last Dragon Chronicles”) showed up at Wayward Crescent. In “The Last Dragon” books, David is actually Liz’ tenant. In this series, Lucy and Liz Pennykettle are more

It is meant for children ages seven to ten, grades two to five; when the first book was released, it was d’Lacey’s first foray into writing for younger kids. The illustrations in the book are lined drawings in black and white.

It stars a girl named Lucy Pennykettle, who has a mother (who is named Liz Pennykettle) that is able to create different dragons with clay. These dragons will come to life, and each of these clay dragons has its own special purpose attached to it. She lives in the town of Scrubbley, England, and her special dragon is named Gwendolen. She loves squirrels and tries her best to find some of them.

The first book in the series “Gruffen” was the winner of the Books Factor Award in the year 2010.

Chris did not turn to writing fiction until he was 32 years old. Before this, he stuck to writing songs only. The first fictional piece he wrote was a quarter of a million words story that was about some polar bears that was meant to go with a stuffed polar bear that he purchased for his wife (named Jay) for Christmas.

He would not pen another story for another seven years. Then, he heard about this writing competition where you had to write a story for young children, with a prize of £2,000. He wrote a story that was also about polar bears, and this story (called “A Hole at the Pole”) did not win the contest. But the publisher he sent it off to did buy it. Even though his main source of money comes from writing, he still works at a university operating the confocal microscope.

Some of his favorite kids books are “The Hobbit” and the “Paddington Bear” books. Some of his favorite kids authors include Roald Dahl and Allan Ahlberg.

“Gruffen” is the first novel in the “Dragons of Wayward Crescent” series and was released in the year 2008. Lucy Pennykettle believes a monster is in her room, and her mother knows just the thing to do. She comes up with a new dragon for her, and he is Gruffen the guard dragon. Will Gruffen be able to figure out the mystery behind this monster?

Here is a book that some children want to read again and again, they cannot get enough of it. This is one of those books that is great for those that are not all that into reading. Fans of the novel found this to be quite sweet and simply perfect for kids to read. These are great reads, each one of them, and was able to help some readers improve a lot during one year. Readers were hooked right from the start of this one, and their attention never wavered once throughout the entire novel.

“Gauge” is the second novel in the “Dragons of Wayward Crescent” series and was released in the year 2009. The town council would like to destroy the

old clock and put a fancy and more modern one in its place. Lucy’s mother wants to stop it and has Gauge, a timing dragon, to help her out. Are Lucy, Gauge, and Sir Rufus Trenchchomb’s ghost be able to out with Roger Trustable (a councilman) before the time runs out?

These books are easy for some to love, and it makes reading time with kids a lot easier. Fans of the novel found that they love this series so compelling, they will not read any other books, it is just that good. Books in the series are easy to read in just a sitting for those that enjoy these books. Readers cannot wait to get their hands on more from this series, as this is a strong start to a promising series.

“Glade” is the third novel in the “Dragons of Wayward Crescent” series and was released in the year 2009. Lucy is in terror after her mother has decided to sell off one of the special dragons that she has made. Lucy does not want Glade (who is a mood dragon) to leave her and go live with other people. There could be someone out there that really needs his help though.

The dragons are here to entertain the reader while the author pokes at some of the insecurities that kids have and uses Lucy’s third person perspective to do it. Fans of the novel cannot get enough of these books, as they are great first chapter books. Here are some well written books that have lovely stories. Some kids are enjoying the experience of reading these books and feeling that their ability as a reader is getting better.

“Grabber” is the fourth novel in the “Dragons of Wayward Crescent” series and was released in the year 2010. Some burglar is running around loose in the town of Scrubbley at this very moment. What is going to happen when this burglar goes and steals a Wayward Crescent dragon? Is Grabber going to be a robber too?

Here is a book that is great to help kids expand their reading abilities in a short time, and is great for kids that typically do not like to read books. Fans of the novel felt that this is a great book that makes reading time fly with their kids. An entertaining way to begin reading on your own, feel some readers. Some readers are able to get these books done quite quickly, without having to use a lot of effort. Some wish that there were more books in this series, and it is too bad that the author did not pen more of them.

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