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Publication Order of Draka Books

One of the greatest series that will make you appreciate living in the modern world where everything exists in a decent manner is the Draka Series. This is a series of three books which have also been combined into a single volume going by the name The Domination. The fourth and the fifth books of the series were added later on. The creator of the Draka Series is SM Stirling

Stephen Michael Stirling is the full name of the author of this series. He is a French-born Canadian-American author. Most of his works are based fantasy and science fiction. Before we delve deep into Draka, a little check about the author will help us to unravel some of the reasons behind various aspects of the series. SM Stirling was born in September 30 1953 in France to a an English mother and a Canadian father. Currently he resides in New Mexico with his wife Jan.

Most of his novels are conflict-driven and many attribute this to a fact that he was born as a Canadian military base in France. The novels give a detailed description of various military situations and military cultures. In terms of conflict, Stirling covers how other cultures take different approaches totally different from the Western culture. many of his novels take care of the technology advancement in the world. For instance, in the Draka series, there is the use of modern firearm.

The Draka

The main idea behind the series is the existence of an evil empire that dominates over a good republic and this evil empire does not intend to lose anything nor anything. The timeline of the Draka takes place during the American Revolution where the American Crown loyalist are shipped to the new British Crown Colony in the coast of South Africa. These refugees from North America are joined by the French loyalists, the defeated troops and a group of other immigrants. As a result of this interaction of losers, the blood of vengeance is bred among them. Together they gave rise to the Domination of Draka.

The main goal of this new empire was to dominate and conquer the world, something that they thought will be able to appease their deep feelings of anger. No matter how focused they were to achieve their goals, they were faced with two unwanted monsters. The monsters were the United States of America and the Alliance for Democracy. This only means one thing, everything will get bloody.

Draka military

With the way Stirling wrote, this series, there are some elements of the Ancient Sparta in it. These elements are revealed in the Draka side of the series. The Draka soldiers undergo a vigorous training which just like the Sparta, begins at birth. Babies with any form of defects are isolated from the society and are forbidden from breeding. The Draka military has a large reserve of standby manpower that can be called any time. The highly skilled military is aimed to compensate for their small numbers. The high levels of discipline among the Draka soldiers was also something that made them to have a strong military. The most skilled soldiers were well promoted while the incompetent ones faced barrack room justice. The military treated both the genders equally as women also served on the front lines just as men and there was no any kind of gender bias during war. The nature of the Draka soldiers made the m to be one of the most dangerous arm, deadlier than some Nazi units.

The serfs

Everyone else who was not a Draka in the territory was considered as a slave or a serf. They led a restricted kind of life as they were considered unworthy. In fact, they were treated as a property by their masters. Most of them were living at the mercy of the citizens. The Serfs who were considered lucky worked in the farms and mass production workshops. The rebel ones were sent death camps where they were worked to death. The Draka had no problem when their young men had sex with the women serf. This is contrary to the Western culture where men were not allowed to have sex with serf. In the series, lesbian kind of relationship is something common among the Draka.

Majority of the serf were kept in dark from of the world around them with the exception of the Janissaries serfs. This group of serfs were trained and armed to serve as bludgeon force for the Draka army. Their task was to commit major atrocities during war. Despite of being the armed slaves, they never rebelled.

Despite of this being a master-slave society, there are some characters who are more than kind. This leads to some good number of serfs being domesticated. In the series, the serfs are referred to with some of dehumanizing terms such as wenches or bucks.

The Trilogy

Here are the books that make up the Draka series.

1. Marching Through Georgia

This book gives us introduction to Draka whereby they go for war against the Nazi of Germany. Germany under the leadership of Hitler have already defeated Soviet Russia and extended their territory. The book is full of actions where a small unit of Draka faces the mighty Germany.

2. Under the Yoke

Gives an insight of how France is occupied by the Draka and the whole population ends up being enslaved. Harrowing details of how some characters are forced to watch the way France is crushed and brought to its knees. An American led NATO brings hopes by trying to aid the resistance against the Draka.

3. The Stone Dogs

The Alliance and the Draka are getting ready for a final conflict with each side rapidly developing superweapons. And military space. The Draka try to develop themselves into superhumans while the Alliance concentrate in building antimatter.

4. Drakon

The Draka superhuman is thrown across the timelines of our universe. She is different from the normal humanity and starts the process of taking over the earth. She faces various forms of opposition and the final results is a normal society.


Despite their evil nature, the author did a good job in trying t humanize the Draka based on their interaction with the Alliance and the serfs.

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