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Drake’s Rakes Books In Order

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Publication Order of Drake's Rakes Books

Barely a Lady (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Never a Gentleman (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Always a Temptress (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
It Begins with a Kiss (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Once a Rake (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Drake’s Rakes series, which is written by Eileen Dreyer, started being published in the year 2010 when “Barely a Lady”.

The series is a stand alone romance series where each of the books stars two different main characters each time.

“Barely a Lady” is the first novel in the “Drake’s Rakes” series and was released in the year 2010. Olivia Grace has the kind of secrets that could wreck her, if they got out. One of the biggest of these is Earl of Gracechurch, he married and divorced her five years back. She has lived the past five years at respectability’s edge after being abandoned and disgraced. She finds Jack at Waterloo’s battlefield, which makes him a much more dangerous secret for her. Not only is the man unconscious, he is also wearing the uniform of the enemy.

To make things worse, Jack finally wakes up and cannot remember just how he got on the battlefield in Belgium. He does not even remember the past five years. He believes that both he and Olivia are still happily together. She has to make sure he does not get hanged as a traitor, and she pretends that they are married still.

Jack and Olivia go off to find the actual traitors, and they have to figure out the truth behind his memory, which is now faulty. They each have their secrets still. They also have to keep themselves safe, as well as the friends that have been protecting them.

Will they be able to risk it all to help Jack get his memory back? Even if the truth they find could tear them both apart?

Readers were pulled into the story right from the very start of the book, and you are kept intrigued by everything the entire time. Fans of the novel found this to have an amazing story, that made some cry quite a bit during the book, as it was heart wrenching. Some readers cannot wait to get their hands on more of this wonderful series.

“Never a Gentleman” is the second novel in the “Drake’s Rakes” series and was released in the year 2011. Miss Grace Fairchild knows all about just how charming she is. She knows she extremely plain, and as the daughter of a soldier, she has been useful her entire life. She never spent time learning all kinds of treacherous things to do in the ton. She was caught up in a scandal with a favorite rogue of society, but how exactly can she marry the guy when she would lose who she is in the process?

DiccanHilliard is not sure which one of his foes drugged him and put him in bed with Grace. He knows what the outcome is, though. Diccan knows he
and Grace have to get married. There is a strong and wild passion that broils between them. Diccan is still caught in a game of intrigue he has not told Grace about. Are his lies going to destroy Grace right when he understands how desperately he needs her to be in his life? How can he try hoping for a future with Grace, when there is an old foe of his that has turned his murderous gaze on the both of them?

Fans of the novel found this to be something that slayed them, challenged them, and moved them throughout. It was quite an eloquently written piece of fiction to read. This is a great combination of romance, thrilling suspense, and mystery. Grace is a character who you fall for instantly, but Diccan takes some time to get to understand him.

“Always a Temptress” is the third novel in the “Drake’s Rakes” series and was released in the year 2011. Major Sir Harry Lidge has finished doing his duty for his country. He lost too many good men while in battle, and is just ready to live a carefree life. He has to do one final mission, though. Kidnap the woman that it is the most outrageous in London, she is the same one that betrayed him almost ten years ago now, then find out what secrets she is keeping before they take the crown down.

Lady Kate Seaton is this woman, and she is surrounded by a couple of loyal friends and her ardent admirers. She slides right through the ton, while armed with nothing but bon mots and some really pretty couture gowns. No one even suspects that behind her lighthearted veneer is a sorrow that is so scandalous she would go to any lengths to keep it to herself.

Only when she is able to trust Harry and tell him the truth can she even begin to heal. When Harry trusts her with his very heart can he protect the very woman he loves and his country.

Some wish they had picked this one up sooner, as it lifted their spirits after a slump of some bad romances. This is a read that does not disappoint and was well worth the wait that came with the book. This is a great series that readers are able to read really quickly, and end up staying up pretty late to finish each book.

“Once a Rake” is the fourth novel in the “Drake’s Rakes” series and was released in the year 2013. Colonel Ian Ferguson might be a rake, but he is not a traitor. Not at all. He is accused of attempting to kill Duke of Wellington. This disgraced Scotsman finds himself a fugitive now, from the army and law, not to mention the clever assassin that is hunting him. He is wounded and many miles away from any of his allies. Ian finds that he is at the mercy of a poor country wife. She is quite gorgeous and hiding some dark secrets of her own.

She began life as a child that no one wanted to have. Lady Sarah Clarke holds on to her disappeared husband’s falling apart estate is her last chance to find some respectability. Hiding Ian will most likely jeopardize her home. Her own common sense tells her that she should turn the guy in. Just one kiss destroys all of her resolve, and it wakes up a passion that either one of them is powerless to get away from.

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