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Dread Empire Books In Order

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Publication Order of Dread Empire Books

A Shadow of All Night Falling (1979)Description / Buy at Amazon
October's Baby (1980)Description / Buy at Amazon
All Darkness Met (1980)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fire in His Hands (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
With Mercy Toward None (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reap the East Wind (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Ill Fate Marshalling (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Path to Coldness of Heart (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wrath of Kings (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Dread Empire trilogy by Glen Cook is one of the best examples of what fiction writing is all about. Although the book series is not that much aligned together, there is great sense in what the writer tries to create and brings about to the reader. Events in the first book A Shadow Of All Night Falling isn’t straightforward known because the plot is quite twisted and the book doesn’t take a particular order. The series is such master created that there are is nothing missing in any short fall in any of the three books. The book is one of its own and one can never think that’s it’s a series in a continuing saga. The book entirely focuses on one character. Not that the other characters are insignificant but with this one character the other characters’ stories are built. With this free flow, the story is allowed to develop deeply and more intriguingly. The book has lots of interesting stories that you would think would make several pieces but that’s just the author’s creative and ever exploring mind. However, though, the book does not focus on one specific character but keeps on changing them. The reader can only marvel how the writer can jump from one character to the other without damaging the consistency of the story. The writer makes the story fast paced keeping the reader guessing what to expect next. There is a very large cast that the writer manages to excellently move in between and work his way through the story. The setting of this book is a very setting with the beginning presenting all the great happening the book will have, more of a foreshadow sought of thing. When you get to read the second book, you will be amazed by the scale by which the story has grown. It’s more of a war-like book as it concentrated more on fighting as the writer describes some gruesome battles that only a write of his stature can manage to pull off. The wars and battles are definitely what makes the book.

Reading the prequel, one would think that all the characters would play an important role in the development of the trilogy. That’s not the case as the. The main characters don’t appear as often as one would imagine in a book of this kind. You would expect that the main characters be almost everywhere and anywhere. As, it goes, the writer always tries to make each book as unique as possible offering no signs that you would be reading a continuation.
The second book in the series has a lot of wizardry and sorcery, but it still remains unclear. It well encompasses everything in it but there is nothing really to show that there is real domination. With this said the characters that don’t poses any magical powers decide the fate of what is going to happen ahead. The second book which is the October’s Baby is a very captivating and pleasant story but it has a lot happening that one can get lost in it. There is a lot being covered that if you are not careful you can get lost in all of it. That goes to say that a story most of the time is very complicated and you will actually never know what will transpire unless you read it.

In the first book we see how witches are being dealt with and how a suspected which gives out her baby to an old couple to take care of it. They witness how she is executed and argue between themselves whether to adopt the baby or not. He didn’t have a name so they decide to name him Varth. They decide to take him in and nurture him to when he is a young charming man. His character is ever pleasing and doesn’t like or hasn’t been involved in any feuds. He does what he is told and never complains or groans about anything. He is the perfect example of the perfect son. Although the couple couldn’t bear children, they do their all to teach this remarkable boy the virtues and rights on how to behave and be at respectful. Things take a turn for the worse as they two people he called his parents pass on and he is forced to leave. With pain in his heart, he still had love for them because they made him who he was and he will forever be very grateful that they had influenced his life.

All Darkness met is the title of the final book in this dread empire trilogy. The title is one of the best someone has ever come up with for a fantasy sequel. It a remarkable book with the book before and it can attract readers for many more years to come as the setting is just exquisite. How the story continues from the first two books is just amazing. There are reflections of the first book that appear very clearly in the third one. The wars and battles that were in the second book can still be echoed in this one. For the minor characters, they come out and seem to dominate and maintain their status in the entire story. This book clearly is the perfect ending to the dread empire trilogy as it sorts to bring all sorts of twists and turns and putting them together to form these exciting and enticing books. This final book now ascertains the position of the previous two books. A reader could not put the pieces in the puzzle together to make what the whole series was about. Though the book keeps jumping forwards and backwards, the new characters that come about make the story have a continual process. In this book there are parts where the reader will be left hear broken, parts where they will be feeling pleasant and parts where they will feel utterly disgusted. That I would say is a perfect twist. If you have ever felt a cold chill run down your spine, well, you are in for a ride because this book will have you on the edge of your seat with constant and frequent surprises. Although the first book refers to events that happened earlier, the setting is still perfect to make a great plot this producing a one of a kind trilogy.

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