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Publication Order of Dream Trilogy Books

Daring to Dream (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Holding the Dream (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding the Dream (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Dream series is an interesting series of romance, fiction, and contemporary stories. It is penned by a bestselling and award winning author from America named Nora Roberts. The series is comprised of 3 books in total, all of which were released in the year 1996. The series revolves around the love lives of three close friends named Margo Sullivan Templeton, Kate Powell, and Laura Templeton. Each of the books of this series is based on the life of one of these friends. Nora has shown that Laura, Kate, and Margo grew up like sisters in the grand mansion of the Templeton House. Each of them dreams to move out to far away places and live a wonderful life filled with joy, love, and romance. The first one among the three to take the first big step and attempt to change the course of her life was Margo Sullivan. Subsequently, the stories of the other two friends also follow in the later parts of the series. Nora Roberts has done the books’ settings in Monterey and Big Sur in California, and in several other places across the United States. In addition to the 3 main characters of Margo Sullivan, Laura Templeton, and Kate Powell, the other important characters who take the stories further as described by Nora include Joshua Templeton, Ann Sullivan, Bryon De Witt, Michael Fury, Thomas “Tommy” Templeton, Peter Ridgeway, Allison “Ali” Ridgeway, Susan Templeton, Kayla Ridgeway, etc. The first and third books of this exciting series were nominated for the prestigious RITA Award from the RWA in the category of the Best Contemporary Single Romance Title in 1997 and 1998 respectively.

Overall, the series became very successful among the readers of romance stories. Many such readers liked and appreciated all the 3 novels very much and praided Nora Roberts for coming up with such beautiful stories. The success motivated the author to keep writing beautiful romance stories in the future. Critics and romance writers from different parts of the world noticed Nora’s excellent works and gave a mind blowing reviews. This helped her novels of this series to become even more popular. Nora Roberts is considered to be a great writer of romance and suspense books. She has reached the top of the best selling list of the New York Times. Her literary career consists of over two hundred books altogether. She has penned many popular book series during the course of her career and is still working to publish excellent projects every year. Nora uses the pen name of J D Robb for writing her futuristic suspense novel series called Death. In all, Nora’s books are available in over five hundred million copies in print, and are sold worldwide.

The debut book of the Dream series written by Nora Roberts is given the title ‘Daring to Dream’. It was released by the Jove publishers in the year 2006, after its first release in 1996. This book’s story is set in Monterey, California, United States; and depicts the lead characters as Laura Temleton, Joshua Templeton, Kate Powell, Margo Sullivan, Ann Sullivan, and a few others as well. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Margo, Laura and Kate were raised in Templeton House like sisters. They think of deciding to live on their own terms, but it is Margo Sullivan, who decides to give a new direction to her life and steps out as the first one to achieve her dreams. She is described being in possession of all the things that a young woman always wishes for. However, her upbringing in Monterey’s rocky cliffs made her dream of some bigger things. Margo was the daughter of the stern housekeeper of Templeton House with an Irish background and was always treated like a family member by the Templetons. But, in spite of the loving treatment she received in Templeton House, she knew deep in her heart that their money and support could not help her get the thing that she crave the most. And it was the acceptance of her mother. Margo Sullivan knows that things might have been different for her as she had the sweet nature of Laura of the shrewd business mind of Kate. But, she always knew that the one that she knows how to do very well is being herself and do what she likes to do. So, she preferred to do her things in her own way and not depend on anyone else’s suggestion or orders. Margo Sullivan never feared about the consequences of any of her actions and always looked forward to live independently. This book achieved great successes in all places of its publication. It succeeded in attracting a large number of audience, who read and enjoyed the story thoroughly. The immense success helped increase the book sale at a fast rate, and thereby made its business an overall success. Nora felt overwhelmed with the huge success and proceeded to write the next book.

The next popular addition to the series is called ‘Holding the Dream’. This book was published in 2006 by the Jove publication, after it was originally published in 1996. Its setting is done in Big Sur, California and it depicts the central characters in the roles of Kate Powell and Byron De Witt. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Kate Powell works in an accountancy firm and seems to be on a fast track to become a partner at the firm. However, her expectation never meets the light of the day as she gets fired all of a sudden. Kate Powell is shocked to hear that she has been fired on the charges of suspected embezzlement. Now, she is left with nothing but to forcefully cope with her fortune’s sudden reversal. She decides to return to an exquisite boutique named Pretenes which is run by her sister Laura and her sister-like friend Margo Sullivan. Later, she comes across a man named Byron De Witt, who appears to her as a persuasive and persistent man. Byron becomes passionate about Kate Powell and expresses his desire to become his lover. Kate becomes astonished at Byron De Witt’s desire, but couldn’t prevent herself from falling in love with the man. With the arrive of Bryon De Witt in Kate’s life, the ignition of passionate flames takes place inside her, which continue to burn brighter than the ambitions of her all consuming career. Kate accepts the fact that her future lies with Byron and not in any accountancy firm. So, she gives up the hope of making it back to the professional world and starts enjoying her life with her passionate lover.

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