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Hailing from West Point in New York, the writer Robert Liparulo is an American author with a resolutely American point of view, as he speaks and writes from a perspective entirely unique to him, one that has managed to achieve worldwide success with his status now as a bestselling author of Young Adult fiction that’s immersed in the mystery and thriller genre, with elements of horror in there as well. Following on in the vein of such luminaries as Dean Koontz, Stephen King and David Morrell, he really is an author with a strong sense of style in what he is writing about, and who he is as an author. Understanding the craft right down to the fine details, he’s a writer with a clear and confident style, always able to articulate his subject matter and what it is that he is writing about. Along with that he is also highly adept at creating a sense of ambiance and atmosphere, as he builds with a sense of trepidation, lulling the reader in to his ever immersive narrative, taking them along for the ride, and never letting go right until the very final page.

His characters are also very well realized too, as he draws from them a sense of realism that’s unlike any other, allowing the reader to relate to them in the process, thus giving the action a real feeling of immediacy and peril, as his audience actually cares about what’s happening to the principal players. Whilst he may infuse the styles of many other writers, such as Stephen King, he’s definitely a writer of his own, allowing the story to come alive with a real idea of personality. His wit is also noteworthy, as he manages to bring a feeling definite human warmth to the narrative, as it feels like he actually has something to say as a writer. Building elaborate worlds too, he’s managed create a number of franchises as well, with extended arcs placed over a number of books, as many of his long-running series have been extremely successful, with fans eagerly awaiting each release with anticipation. One such series is that of his ‘Dreamhouse Kings’ series of novels, as it takes elements of horror and uses it to accentuate very real and universal human issues. Taking an adventure of time-travel and and otherworldly goings on, this is a somewhat supernatural series, with a variety of disparate elements and characters all drawn together. The main factor that draws them together is a house with a hall of portals to other worlds and periods in time, each of which could involve adventures or nightmares. Taking the reader on a journey, Liparulo really allows these worlds to come to life, as he builds the attention of those being watched and those fighting for their very sanity and survival. Each book is highly essential to the overall story, as is the arc as well, with each of the characters developing in time as the story and their respective narrative progresses, allowing the entire series feel part of one complete package.

Taking place over six novels between the years of 2008 and 2010, it manages to create a long-running story-line that really draws the action out. It also manages to give the principal leading characters a lot of space to maneuver within it as well, with each of them getting enough time and room to develop. All brought together in a compendium edition too, it really manages to convey a ‘complete’ feel to it all, giving the reader something to really get themselves truly involved in, allowing a sense of escapism and excitement.

House of Dark Shadows

Published through the ‘Thomas Nelson’ publishing outlet in the year of 2008, this was initially brought out on the 6th of May to much acclaim, setting up the first in the ongoing series of ‘Dreamhouse Kings’ novels. Setting up the principal characters with all their various motives and ambitions, it works at giving them a backstory and a goal to ultimately work towards. Creating a sense of atmosphere and ambiance, it also manages to build a feeling of trepidation and foreboding as well, as many questions are posed, keeping the reader guessing right until the very end, ensuring that they remain compelling and entertaining throughout.

Moving to a small and secluded town completely out of the way, fifteen year old Xander King is less than happy after his family move there from Los Angeles. This is especially grating considering he wants to become a filmmaker, as he used to create films with his friends, something that seems to not be an option now. That’s when he comes across a hallway in his new home, a hallway where all the doorways are, in fact, portals to other times and periods in history and other worlds. Will he find adventure beyond them? Is there only nightmares behind them? What will happen in the house of dark shadows?

Watcher in the Woods

Released through the ‘Thomas Nelson’ publishing house once again, this was first brought out on the 6th of May in 2008 as well, as it was published in conjunction with the first. Following on from the previous novel, it manages to capture the essence of the first whilst also developing much of the action along with the characters themselves. Giving readers more of what they’ve now come to expect from the series, it also provides some exciting twists and turns along the way too.

Looking to rescue the missing member of their family, the Kings know nobody will believe them about their home. Then a stranger turns up showing an interest in their apparently dilapidated home, and it seems he has a secret to hide. That’s when they start attempting to harness the powers of the home, whilst preventing someone else from being taken. What, or who, is watching them, though? Why is this stranger interested in the home? Just who is the watcher the woods?

The Dreamhouse Kings Series

A classic series combining horror, suspense, action and excitement, this is a franchise that really manages to draw all these disparate elements together in one thrilling series. Offering a creative take on these genres, they hark back to the likes of Stephen King in his prime as an author, with their highly addictive and compelling plot-lines. This is a legacy that’s set to continue for many years to come, as it will carry on into the foreseeable future with more and more readers from all across the globe discovering it every day.

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  1. Dorie Valerio: 4 years ago

    I was given the first book, House of dark shadows, since reading it I needed to read more. I found the rest of the series on Amazon.i haven’t been able to put them down. Now onto book 5…..I almost wish it wouldn’t end. Two more books 5 & 6, can’t wait to see what happens but yet I don’t want it to end either. There’s not many books I can say that about. Great readings and hope there’s more to come after. Thank you for your series!


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