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Publication Order of Dreamland Billionaires Books

The Fine Print (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Terms and Conditions (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Dreamland Billionaires (Series by Lauren Asher)
Author Lauren Asher pens the “Dreamland Billionaires” series of interconnected spicy stand alone romance novels. Each of which is set in the workplace and the romances begin as marriage of convenience.

The leading men in each of the different novels are all brothers, from the Kane family. The three brothers are Rowan, Cal, and Declan. They each have a task they must complete in order to get the inheritance their grandpa set aside for them.

“The Fine Print” is the first novel in the “Dreamland Billionaires” series and was released in 2021. Rowan Kane is in the business of creating fairy tales. Five-star hotels, theme parks, and production companies. Everything could be all his if he went and just renovated Dreamland. His initial concept of hiring Zahra was a good one in theory, but he ruined it by kissing her.

Things began to spiral out of control when he texted her under an alias. By the time he realized where it was that he went wrong, it was much too late. Folks like Rowan do not get ever get happy endings. Not when they are destined to ruin them.

After Zahra submitted a drunken proposal that criticized Dreamland’s most expensive ride, she really should’ve been fired. But instead, Rowan Kane offered her a dream job. But the catch? She had to work for the most difficult boss that she had ever met. Rowan was totally off limits and rude, yet her heart did not care. Not until she discovered his secret, at least. It was time to teach this billionaire that money could not fix everything. Especially not both of them.

This novel is a perfect combination of spicy, magical, and romantic, and is a book sure to hook you right from the very beginning and reading well into the late hours. Right from the start, readers knew right away that they would love Zhara, as she’s caring, funny, and very relatable on so many levels that she’s comfortable to read about. Rowan and Zahra are a dynamic couple and they have such fantastic chemistry with one another.

While their relationship begins to build, it is tough to ignore the evolution of their casual relationship while building something much more than mere physical attraction while Rowan begins seeing more of Zahra with her family and outside of work. These two characters develop in such an outstanding way as it allows you see the shifts in both Rowan and Zahra throughout the entire novel while they begin to see life in a whole different light. Readers loved how Rowan is a mentor for Ani, too.

“Terms and Conditions” is the second novel in the “Dreamland Billionaires” series and was released in 2022. Couldn’t get enough of “The Fine Print”? Fall in love with the next installment in Lauren Asher’s sexy and hot “Dreamland Billionaires” series.

Declan is destined to become the next CEO of his family’s media empire. Only problem is his grandpa’s inheritance clause. Fulfilling his dying wish of marrying and having an heir seemed impossible right up until his assistant, who is named Iris, volunteers herself for the job.

She has been working for Declan for the last three years now, and it is just a bit shocking to everybody that she has made it so long. She even set up a marriage of convenience for Declan, just to have it fall apart at the last minute. His job is the most important thing in his life, and that marriage was something he needed to make things work out for him.

Their marriage was just supposed to be the perfect solution to Declan’s biggest problem. However the more they act in love, the more he feels unsure about this contract they have. Caring about Iris was not part of the deal. But especially not when breaking her heart becomes inevitable.

Iris’ own plan to marry Declan was a simple one, at least in theory, anyway. Move in together. Have a wedding. And then have a baby. Iris and Declan set these ground rules to prevent any sort of issues. Ones which were never meant to get broken, no matter how much Declan tempts her. However what happens when their fake relationship winds up bleeding into their real one? Falling in love was not ever an option. At least not for Iris.

Declan and Iris have an excellent romance with one another, and it is clear that they clearly have feelings for one another, as they do things for each other, like Iris taking care of Declan when he’s drunk and Declan pulling Iris’ chair out for her. Declan’s an intelligent and swoon worthy lead, while Iris is a plant mom icon.

Iris also has an amazing relationship with her grandma and mom, who are her strengths and is such a wonderful person because of them both. Iris has also has a fantastic relationship with Cal, who is her best friend and it was rather entertaining to see Declan be jealous of this relationship, with Cal and Iris teasing Declan when they’re together. Readers also enjoyed seeing Declan around her family dynamic since he lost his mom at a young age and he doesn’t have the greatest dad in the world.

Once more Lauren Asher delivers her readers a witty and original arranged-marriage/office romance with some unique characters that have a ton of chemistry with each other. This sunshine/grumpy couple is going to steal your heart away from you and you will fall for every single character.

Readers loved the tropey goodness it all mixed with some of the unique and swoony vibes this one puts out, and were rooting for this unlikely couple to make it right from the very start. They have this easiness with their relationship that is in total contrast to their constant clashes, and it’s so engrossing to see their sexual tension escalate, which is a slow burn in a lot of ways, even though you’re able to tell that their emotions run much deeper than these commitment-phobes would admit. Seeing them try getting it right was a bit angsty and tension filled one minute, a bit funny and light the next, but always highly compelling.

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