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Dreamlight Trilogy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Dreamlight Trilogy Books

By: Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda Quick, Jayne Castle

An American writer writing under a number of different pseudonyms, the author Jayne Ann Krentz is extremely well known for her unique and precise method of storytelling. Creating romantic-suspense fuelled stories, she really manages to draw her readers in, giving them exactly what they’re looking for, whilst placing her own unique outlook on them. Using elements of fantasy and the paranormal too, she creates entire worlds through her work, along with using historical settings as well. With over 35 million copies of her books in print, she has reached a high level of success quite unlike any other, ensuring her status as one of the foremost voices currently working within her field today. Her fantasy titles have especially become popular, as she transports the reader whilst simultaneously keeping them grounded with her well drawn characters that resonate. One such series that really exemplifies this is that of her much loved and widely appreciated ‘Dreamlight Trilogy’ collection of books. Making up the wider ‘Arcane Society’ series which Krentz has also been writing for quite some time now, these make up an arc in the overall franchise. Taking place across generations, the series focuses on mystical and magical occurrences, as the protagonists try to maintain the balance. Set up in the 1600s, the Arcane Society itself was established in order to protect the use of magical and spiritual powers by the mysterious alchemist Sylvester Jones. Looking to keep the secrets of his formulas and findings hidden, the society sees all manner of mysteries throughout the ages, as an entire universe is created by Jayne Ann Krentz.

Running as a series of three books in total, this trilogy run from 2009 to 2010, with it being released in a relatively short amount of time. There would also be an omnibus edition of all three novels being brought out in 2011, collecting all three novels together for the first time. Making up a section of the ‘Arcane Society’ franchise too, the first book, ‘Fired Up’, would also be the seventh book in the overall series, with the following two being eight and nine. The series would also be further established in the ‘Rainshadow’ collection, which would look at some of the future mysteries unfolding from the Arcane Society. There would also be the ‘Harmony’ series, which would build upon the world, thus securing the strength of the overall concept as a whole.

Fired Up

The first in the Dreamlight Trilogy series of novels, this brings about the Burning Lamp, a major facet in the world of the Arcane Society. This would also be the seventh book in the Arcane Society franchise overall, showing people with the ability to read dreamlight, and what they can achieve. Originally published in 2009 on the 28th of October, this would first come out through the ‘Putnam Adult’ publishing label to much acclaim.

Looking to enhance himself and his own abilities, Nicholas Winters would alter his own genetic make-up, in a competition with with the alchemist Sylvester Jones many years ago. This has led to powerful abilities and powers being passed down the bloodline, with the family dealing with the fallout of his actions for many generations to come. Now Jack Winters, his descendant, must cope with this, as he begins to suffer from blackouts and hallucinations of his own, needing to find the fabled Burning Lamp before it’s too late, and he’s permanently transformed in to a monster. Teaming up with the private investigator Chloe Harper, the two of them must work together, along with her ability in being able to read the dreamlight of the lamp. Will they both be able to work together to find it before it’s too late? Can Winters deal with his own inner demons, keeping them at bay? How will they deal with the lamp being finally fired up?

Burning Lamp

Also written under the pseudonym of Amanda Quick, this would ostensibly be the eighth novel in the Arcane Society series of novels, and the third in the Dreamlight Trilogy. Following on from the previous title, it would continue the arc of the dreamlight narrative, showing people who had the ability to use it. Released in 2010 through the Piatkus publishing house, it would develop the world as a whole, developing both the tone and characters of the widely successful series. The third book in the trilogy, and ninth book in the series overall, would be Midnight Crystal, coming out in 2010 as well, published through the Jove Books publishing label, with Krentz also using the pseudonym of Jayne Castle to publish it too.

Griffin Winters, the notorious crime lord, has been plagued by his own series of nightmares and hallucinations, as it appears that the Winters curse is upon him this time. Soon though, his journey is drawing him in to the path of the social-reformer Adelaide Pyne, as she initially appears to be at odds with him and his way of life. Holding the power of the dreamlight though, she has what he needs to change his path and prevent the curse from taking place and hold of his life. Coming together they soon work to see whether or not they can change his fate and what may come of him. Will they be able to stop him from changing forever? Is their passion between them both? What will become of the burning lamp?

The Dreamlight Trilogy Series

Doing what they set out to do, these books work really well at not only further establishing the world of the Arcane Society, but also creating entertaining novels in their own right. This is evident in the amount of success that they’ve achieved over the years, with scores of readers enjoying the series as it has progressed over time. With strong and iconic characters, it really serves its purpose, not only understanding the format of its genre, but the themes and ideas it puts forward too. Creating part of the overall arc of the Arcane Society, they push the concept to its limits, really challenging the characters and the world that they inhabit. Standing the test of time for many years to come, they’ll be around for a long time yet, as they’ll continue to find readers in the years to follow.

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