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Running Hot (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killer Tune (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spare Room (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trap Door (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Say Her Name (With: Ryan Carter) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Believe Me (With: Ryan Carter) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl, Missing (With: Ryan Carter) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Vengeance(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Dreda Say Mitchell is a motivational speaker, campaigner, broadcaster, and bestselling novelist. She made her debut with the 2004 published novel “Running Hot.” The novel was the winner of the 2005 John Creasey Dagger awarded by the Crime Writers’ Association.

She has been a contributor to Books to Die For, a crime fiction guide that has won many awards over the years. She has also been a regular guest on TV and has appeared on “Celebrity Pointless,” “The Papers,” “Eggheads,” the “BBC News Channel,” and “Newsnight.”

She has also been a guest and presenter on several radio shows including “Woman’s Hour,” “Saturday Review,” “Front Row,” and “Open Book.” She was the chair of the most prestigious festival on crime fiction in Europe, the 2011 Harrogate Crime Fiction Festival.

Her passion and commitment to improving the lives of young people and working-class children have been described as life-changing and inspirational.

Mitchell grew up in East End London in a tough council estate. She is the daughter of Caribbean parents that moved to the United Kingdom during the 1960s. Her mother was then a Mile End hospital cleaner while her father worked at a factory.

Even though her parents had to leave school in their mid-teens, they ensured that their children often went to the Whitechapel library to read as many books as they wanted to. It was here that Dreda Mitchell began her love affair with books.

Many of the people she grew up with would drift into the fringes of the underworld and crime. It is from these personal experiences that she writes her authentic and honest stories devoid of sentimentality.

In addition, she has also had several influences, particularly from other crime fiction authors. She had at some point noticed that many of the authors she loved to read were borrowing tropes, styles, and ideas from all over the place.

As such, she decided to do the same even though her biggest influence has to be Chester Himes. As for contemporary authors, she believes her most influential author is Lee Child.

At some point, Dreda Say Mitchell moved from East London to study African History at West London’s University of London. She would then graduate and proceed to take a PGCE at the Institute of Education.

After she was done with her schooling, she started working as a secondary school teacher and then inexplicably moved down to start teaching primary school. Later on, she graduated to deputy headteacher and soon after quit to become a consultant for different local authorities in London.

She still works in education as a freelance consultant and after getting her master’s degree in Education Studies she has expanded her repertoire and now also works with young offender institutes and prisons.

She currently makes her home in East End from where she continues to write her novels.

“Blood Sister” by Dreda Say Mitchell is the story of Tiff and Jen Miller who have no qualms doing anything to live on Essex Lane Estate. It is a dangerous place that has been nicknamed “The Devil’s Estate.”

Jen desires to live a better life than that of her mother while Tiff her sister just wants to avoid boredom and have fun. Each sister is making choices that will change their life but they will soon discover that each choice comes with consequences.

Jen happens to be the smart one of the two that will never lower herself or settle for the ordinary boys from the estate. On the other hand, Tiff is often bored and thinks nothing of getting inebriated at the graveyard, which has made her known to the police.

When the sisters get an opportunity to work with some disreputable characters, Tiff takes it immediately. Both of them are soon dragged down into the world of money, corruption, death, and violence that epitomize The Devil’s Estate.

The novel’s timeline is the decade between 1993 to 2003, as it sets the stage and introduces the brilliant characters that will keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Dreda Say Mitchell’s novel “Blood Mother” is a story set in the East End. It is the tale of several strong women that have suffered murder, wide boys, betrayal, female friendships, and thugs.

At the opening of the novel, Babs Miller has just stepped on the threshold of her 50th birthday party with her clothes all bloodied up.

The story then goes back to the early 1970s where a pregnant and very naive Babs is taught a very painful lesson. Her black boyfriend Neville is found to be a philanderer with multiple women, who rejects her when she announces that she is pregnant.

But then she meets the dream ma in Stanley Miller. The latter is a confident man who believes he is going places. The best thing is that he has developed feelings for Babs and soon after they are married. He takes her to live in a council flat and intends to resolve all her problems.

What Babs does not know is that the man is involved in sleazy and dubious businesses with Mickey, a man with a street smart and devious wife. The three are soon embroiled in a huge conflict as they try to take down the other.

Babs is oblivious of the nature of Stan’s dealings and for a while, she has just been signing whatever he told her to sign. It returns out that the man of her dreams is the devil in disguise.

“Blood Daughter” by Dreda Say Mitchell is the third and final title in the “Flesh and Blood” trilogy. Babs just came into a huge amount of money, most of which she wishes to distribute to her daughters.

It does sound simple but nothing is simple that involves money and Babs Miller. All she wants is a better life for her children. On the other hand, is Tiff who is in debt to several bad men.

Dee believes her husband could be reconnecting with his criminal life.

As the siblings have a falling out, they have to deal with more dangers and even more opportunities.

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  1. Linda Chapman: 1 year ago

    Hi Dreda. Wow I’m loving your books..I’ve read all the Blood books, also Wicked Women, Dirty Tricks and Fight Back..I will definitely be reading all your other books. I live in Chigwell but was born in Bethnal I love reading books that tell stories of the Eastend. My others favourite authors are Kimberley Chambers and Kerry Barnes.I’m so glad I found you too.Merry Christmas Dreda xx


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