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Publication Order of Garrett Reilly Books

The Pattern of Fear/The Ascendant (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The King of Fear (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of King of Fear: Serialization Books

The King of Fear: Part One (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The King of Fear: Part Two (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The King of Fear: Part Three (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Drew Chapman writes both for television shows and novels, and produces television shows. He also directed and wrote an independent movie called “Standoff” that came out in the late 1990s, and starred Robert Sean Leonard and Dennis Haysbert. He is the author of a series of novels featuring Garrett Reilly. Drew Chapman wrote his very first novel when he was in the fourth grade, and to this day, it is unpublished. He has also written for and executive produced “Legends”, a show that aired on TNT, and an eight part miniseries called “The Assets” (which is about the Cold War and is based on a true story) that aired on ABC, as well as many other projects writing pilots and movies for many other networks and companies. When writing for television, he uses the name Andrew Chapman, but his novels are released under the Drew Chapman name.

Other jobs that Chapman has held include: newspaper reporter, bootleg tee shirt salesman, bike messenger, and knish vendor at Yankee Stadium. Drew Chapman attended the University of Michigan, where he got his BA in History. He currently splits time between Seattle and Los Angeles with his wife and two kids.

“The Ascendant” is the first book in the series featuring the character Garrett Reilly by Drew Chapman. America is facing annihilation, only they do not know it. Except for Garrett Reilly, a 26 year old man, who has a gift to see patterns in numbers. This gift made him a hot commodity on Wall Street. Garrett notices that two hundred billion dollars worth of Treasury bonds are being sold at a rapid pace, he is marked as a wanted man. The United States military would like him to lead a group of their soldiers (which gets the name of The Ascendant) to help in the future war that could break America. Other people just want him dead. Reilly hand picks people to be on the team to watch and research the way he does to see the same patterns. Most of the people he picks are misfits, but at the same time, great at what they do.

Fans of the book praised the book for being riveting, smart, featuring a sophisticated plot, and for coming out at the right time. Chapman has also been praised for his prose; his action scenes jump off the page, the reader never knows the characters to trust or not, he writes witty dialogue, and the story does not drag. People also like how Drew is able to weave in seamlessly the romance that Reilly has with Alexis Truffant, an Army Intelligence officer. Fans also like Chapman’s knowledge of international diplomacy and U. S. defense and intelligence community, which he uses to give the novel an added amount of realism.

Readers were not so found of the middle part of the book because they feel that there was some unrealistic things happening. Some readers feel that the book was not all that thrilling, but a boring read and featured illogical plotting. Readers also did not like the characters in the book, they were thought to be weak, and the fact that characters outside of Reilly’s team (and anyone over thirty years old) is an idiot. Some of the readers did not like that the military is painted to be bad at their job, there does not seem to be much logic used, and the main character has almost no redeeming qualities, which forced one person to put the book down while they were only half way through with the book.

“King of Fear” is the second book in the series featuring the character Garrett Reilly by Drew Chapman. Garrett, after the events of “The Ascendant” is a marked man, both by the U. S. Government and by terrorist groups. He also had to quit his job working with the Ascendant program after suffering both physical and psychological trauma. He works as an investment analyst, and starts to see something emerging. Garrett sees a connection in a series of events that might just lead to Armageddon in the United States economically speaking. It could lead to total chaos in the States in just a matter of days. He sees a stock tumble and then a few days later, a random (at least it would look that way on the surface) crime somewhere in the world. Once he is able to see the pattern, he gets taken into it; he is implicated in the murder of the president of the New York Federal Reserve, right before that person kills themselves.

Reilly teams up with The Ascendant again to help take care of the threat head on, as he realizes that he will be unable to stop the threat on his own. Trying to end the world this time, are three crazy people: a wounded Russian (Ilya Markov, a man who is Reilly’s intellectual doppelganger) trying to protect his empire and is an economic assassin, a deadly woman who wants to establish a new world order, and a cyber genius who is obsessed with Reilly. While all of this is going on, he must face his own problems: his class rage, a dependency on pain pills that he cannot shake (he takes them due to his skull being fractured at the end of “The Ascendant”), and an increasing paranoia.

Fans of this book praised Chapman’s ability to tell the story and the way he ties in backstory and character traits in a fun and interesting way.

This series is for fans of “24”, “Homeland”, “The Hunt for Red October”, and “Hackers”; the series has been praised by Joseph Finder, Alafair Burke, C. J. Box, and Alex Grecian. These books have gotten Drew Chapman a lot of praise, some have said that he is an author to watch for the way he writes, and that he writes like someone who has written twenty, not one. The series of books is for people who enjoy reading about finance, stock markets, and financial analysis, as well as those who like reading about conspiracies, wars that do not involve shots being fired.

The rights to the series have been bought by Fox so that they can possibly do a television series.

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