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Drew Murray is a mystery and crime thriller author from London, Ontario best known for his debut novel “Broken Genius” published in 2020. His novels are at the intersection of creativity and technology since he passionate about technology, the impact it has on society, and the forces which drive it. Murray asserted that he wrote the “Will Parker” series to examine the dark side of technology while also entertaining his readers. He was brought up in Southwestern Ontario and went on to graduate from Ivey Business School with a Masters in Business Administration. He then went on to work in the corporate world of technology before he got into education and investing. Drew is also a well-traveled man and has been to the South Pacific, Europe, South America, and North America for pleasure and business. He had always been a fan of fantasy and science fiction and played role-playing games and was a professional at escape room games. He still loves fantasy and science fiction and attends Comic Cons when he is not writing his novels. He currently lives in Canada with his family.

Murray always loved reading but asserts that the book that caused him to get hooked into reading was Len Deighton’s “Berlin Game.” As a preteen, he was reading all the horror he could find including the classics such as “The Hobbit” when he stumbled upon Deighton’s work. The cover of the novel that had a wicked-looking sword cutting through an apple was so fascinating that he had to read it. He found the thrills in the modern setting of the novel just as exciting as those he had encountered in the tales of supernatural magic and horror he used to read. It also turned out to be the first first-person point of view novel he had ever read. He found the voice of the lead character so inimitable and his confusion so deep that he felt connected to the character in a gripping way. The novel was his introduction to spy novels which ultimately led him to read other genres including thrillers.

Drew Murray got the writing bug from a very young age and by 2007, he had written his first manuscript though it would be more than a decade later before he published his debut novel “Broken Genius.” He had always loved to read and at ten years old, he asked his parents to get him his first computer so that he could write while all his friends wanted to do was play computer games. He kept writing as a hobby until 2001 when he thought he should get serious, only to start a family and have life get in the way. Nonetheless, he kept writing but he wrote three manuscripts that no one was impressed with since he was learning as he went. Along the way, he asked for help from his friend Kelley Armstrong that had established herself as an author with more than thirty novels to her name. She provided the encouragement and guidance that made his debut novel possible. Apart from the advice of Armstrong, Drew also traveled to writer conferences where he got to meet aspiring and successful authors. He also visited Silicon Valley in California and the FBI field office from where he got the idea for his novel. When he first started writing the story it was to be short but he soon realized that Will Parker’s story would not fit and hence he made it into a long-form novel that would become his debut title “Broken Genius.” He finished the novel in 2017 and Oceanview published it in 2020.

Drew Murray’s “Broken Genius” is the story of a young prodigy named Will Parker who heads a prominent tech company. He had made a coding error that had resulted in the death of a college student and to assuage his guilt he decided to quit the tech world and work in the Cyber Division of the FBI. One of his first assignments is to look into a murder at Comic-Con, where the body has traces of radioactive material that can be traced to the computer that Will was working on before he resigned to join the FBI. He teams up with Thomas Decker an FBI stuffed shirt and Dana Lopez, a local homicide detective, and soon learn that the dead man had been trying to sell the computer online. Visiting the Dark Web, they find that the auction is still ongoing. The major bidders include a corporate executive looking to avoid scandal, Russian thugs most likely sponsored by their government, and a well-known Chinese Hacker. Will once again stands between life and death as he has to protect a woman whose daughter has been kidnapped. A trail of high-tech breadcrumbs and blood leads the investigator into danger mystery and a race to ensure that power does not fall into the wrong hands.

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