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Drew Williams is a bestselling science fiction author that has been working as a Birmingham bookseller since he was sixteen.
He was employed at a bookstore when he saw an advertisement for a casual employee since someone had called in sick the previous day. It was then that he would become a bookseller and make a career of it.

Working at the bookstore, he used to have all manner of arguments with coworkers such as whether “Moby Dick” was as brilliant a classic as most people agreed or just an overrated work.

It was from such arguments and the discovery of some brilliant works and authors which he then shared with book buyers that he got even more interested in a career as an author.

Moreover, he had been writing fiction for a long time since he was but a kid. He remembers making up stories alongside his brother and cousins as they tried to outdo each other in coming up with the next Great American novel.

They used to write all manner of novels involving zombies and cyborgs that usually topped out at five pages apiece. By the time he was twelve, he had written his first novel.

Growing up, Drew Williams remembers that his parents always encouraged him and his brother to read.

He read a lot during this time and in fact has said that he cannot remember the first time he read works such as “Call of the Wild,” “The Secret Garden,” and “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

They were read to them from such a young age that they just became part of who they were. Given how nerdy his mother and father were, they read to them extensively from kids’ books and sometimes from more adult works.

Drew can still remember his mother reading “To Kill A Mockingbird” to him and trying hard, to omit the violent and graphic aspects of the central crime.
On the other hand, his father would read to them just about anything he could find including the works of Dave Duncan and Clive Cussler.

Given that his parents did not distinguish between feminine and masculine stories, he remembers reading Jane Austen, the “Hardy Boys,” Alexandre Dumas, “Nancy Drew,” Robert Louis Stevenson, and Astrid Lindgren.

Even at that very age, he was very much into genre writing whether it was mystery, science fiction, horror, or fantasy works. As such, it was only natural that he would gravitate to that kind of writing.

Drew Williams tends to have a mild obsession with all forms of narrative art.

While many authors can create works from their own imagination, he loves to find inspiration from works that he had been exposed to both subconsciously and consciously. He will then combine this to make for some spectacular works.

As such he is a huge lover of video games, film, and television. He also loves to read the works of other writers and particularly anything that comes with a narrative structure.

When he is not reading or writing his novels he loves to exercise. He can be found in the gym most mornings trying to get some physical activity after he pens a few pages of his stories.

He also uses that time to work out what he is going to write next.

Drew published the critically acclaimed work “The Stars Now Unclaimed” in 2018.

“The Stars Now Unclaimed” by Drew Williams is a brilliant post-apocalyptic fiction work.

“The Pulse” has been something that was to deliver the universe from an endless cycle of violence and war but it had instead resulted in chaos.

It had indiscriminately destroyed technology and left most worlds in the galaxy vulnerable to marauding gangs looking to conquer.

But it had not only destroyed technology since it also changed the citizens of the world and granted many of them paranormal powers.

Esa who is the charge of Kamali of the Justified gets some strange powers. For the past 100 years, The Justified have been desperately trying to get back the world they had.

They believe that humans with paranormal powers such as Esa are the key to getting out of their predicament. But there are many that intend to use them for ill purposes.

Kamali’s mission to rescue Esa goes horribly wrong and together with several allies, they suddenly find themselves having to work through a huge conflict.

In “A Chain Across Dawn,” Williams continues to tell the thrilling post-apocalyptic story with fantastical planets, and witty banter.

At the opening of the story, it has been about three years ever since the lead traveled away from her home planet, to go fight a seemingly unbeatable foe among the ranks of The Justified.

Working with Kamali a fellow agent, they travel across the galaxy looking for children that may have paranormal powers. When they land on a remote planet, they discover that there are other people also looking for such children.

They soon find themselves chasing a mysterious being that comes with too much supernatural power. The being they are fighting is determined to have possession f the children so that he can use them for ill purposes.

They have recently recruited Sho, a young Wulf boy with paranormal; powers, and together they chase after their strange nemesis.
They need to find more information about their enemy but the more they learn, the more they find that he is one of the most formidable foes they have ever faced.

Drew Williams’ novel “The Firmament of Flame” is set a century since The Justified started the quest to find children with paranormal powers to help fight Pulse.
For a long time, they believed they were the only ones searching for gifted children but they could not have been more wrong. Esa the telekinetic protege of Jane Kamali has grown up to become a gifted seventeen-year-old.

But she had almost failed to beat Cyn, who are beings full of supernatural energy that was determined to hunt down the gifted children. She had finally managed to beat her enemy but is now confronting an army.

The Cyn and their followers are determined to find Esa and her fellow gifted children so that they can use their powers for their less than noble ways. But Esa, Kamali, and their allies will not let them win so easily.

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