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Drifters and Dreamers Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Drifters & Dreamers Books

Drifters and Dreamers Series

Drifters and Dreamers is a historical romance trilogy by Carolyn Brown. The series is set in Healdton, Oklahoma each book features different couples with a happily ever after. The first book in the series Morning Glory tells the story of a woman who finds love when she least expected. The series concluded in 2007 with Evening Star.

Drifters and Dreamers not only revolves about finding love but also explore the discrimination and struggles that women had to undergo in the 20th century.
Morning Glory

Morning Glory introduces the series Drifters and Dreamers. Clara is that person who works under a routine and this she does perfectly. The growth of the oil business changes everything for her especially when she is forced to stay near the oil well riff-raffs. Her past is something she prefers to keep buried from the pain she suffered. She was left waiting for the man who was supposed to marry her changing her life and making her have a different perception of men. One of the things that she hates is having any association with oilfield men.

Briar owns an oil field and happens to get a room at the local boarding house run by Clara while she was away. When Clara returns and finds Briar, who has already paid an advance of three months for a room, she gets angry as she is not happy having the likes of Briar allowed. On the other hand, Briar is only interested in having a roof over his head while he works on his oilfield. He is divorced, and he knows that getting a decent lady like Clara is almost a dream as were things during those days. It is funny though since they end up having a strong attraction though they have their own differences.

Having been left waiting by a preacher, loving another man was something that Clara was not ready to do irrespective of the kind of person that came her way. But with time she finds herself slowly melting and yielding through fear of another rejection is at the horizon. She is very tough on oilmen and preachers, but Briar will still take her down as love grows between the two. One of the things that push her to have this strong dislike for such men is the fact that the town keeps talking about her and the way she was left at a bus station waiting for the man who was supposed to marry a her-a preacher.

Clara is a person who does not like change especially when it comes to her town and her personal life. The oilman living under roof soon becomes a person she can lean on and love blossoms. She eventually starts having a liking for him though, at the back of her mind, she is still in thought over the unprofessional disappearance of her preacher. Love wipes the past as she takes to live with a man who she once had a strong hating.

Morning Glory is a fast-paced and delightful read. The author skillfully crafts the characters vibrantly to add humor to the story. Against a backdrop of social, industrial and emotional the story develops to a beautiful climax.
Sweet Tilly
Second in the Drifters and Dreamers Series is Sweet Tilly. Matilda Jane Anderson cares less of what people talk even if it touches on her life. She lives a great life with a new 1917 model T and lots of property. On the radiator of her car are the words sweet tilly painted very clearly. Meet Sheriff Rayford Sloan, an officer of the law determined to bring order and sanity to the town by cleaning off anything that has questions. The paths of the two cross beginning a battle which turns romantic though each is having different motives.
The sheriff is determined to ensure that any person that does something that is unprofessional is wiped from the town such as brothels, and moonshiners. When his job is done, he walks out leaving a clean and safe environment for families and their children. He puts Anderson behind bars as he is convinced that she is moonshiner implying a dark spot in the town. However, proof that Jane is indeed a moonshiner is absent though his gut tells him she is one. Unknown to the sheriff, Tilly has been in charge of a moonshine business passed along for ages.

As their paths cross, she gets creative hiding most of her tracks as she is aware that the sheriff is secretively observing anything that she is doing. He decides to create a relationship with Tilly’s family having meals and going to church with them though he is only after proving that Jane is not innocent. Love grows between Tilly and the sheriff though he is still alert to uncover the secrets that she and her family hold. Service to the people comes first for the sheriff, but he will find himself drawn to Tilly following his heart. Tilly is not ready to make a mistake for she keenly follows what she has been taught when it comes to business. Clara, a cousin of hers, and her old friend tries pressuring her to quite before it is too late for when business and pleasure are mixed, mistakes come about.

The two grow in love though it takes them forever to realize the same. Tilly takes the sheriff on a wild goose chase as she tries to hide the dark secrets from him to keep the family’s business safe. As the two spend more time together, they begin to like each other and keep their agendas aside to serve their hearts desires. The sheriff however still has his target, and one of the things that he secretly longs for is taking Tilly’s car as his own after putting her behind bars. The hunter becomes the catch as love blossoms while on his assignment to put an end to Tilly’s dark side.
Sweet Lily is an exceptionally written piece with humor, romance, and suspense. The characters are likable and exciting each adding taste to the story.

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