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Driven is a series of novels from author K. Bromberg.

+The Story

Driven is an erotic romance series. Told across various books is the story of Rylee Thomas and Colton Donavan. Rylee Thomas is a strong, selfless, defiant social worker. She has a clear objective in mind, and every step she has taken over the years has been purposed towards finding that road that will bring to her life the sense of control and predictability that she has always desired.

Enter Colton Donavan, a playboy notorious for his adventurous life. A Race car Driver with Hollywood ties, Colton is the bad boy Rylee should hate. Boasting a strong sense of self and used to getting everything he wants out of life, K. Bromberg’s novels brings these two stubborn souls crashing into one another, the Driven series essentially chronicling the chaos that ensues.

Rylee is every bit as obstinate as Colton; and she will not be tamed, certainly not by someone as cocky and overconfident as Colton.

Colton has never wanted any woman more; and her rejections only seem to light the fire in his heart. And as Colton and Rylee struggle with their feelings for one another, their relationship is anything but straightforward.

The Driven series brings a new spin to the romance genre. Where most other novels in this genre are content to craft brutish alpha males with untamed passions, Bromberg’s Colton is more vulnerable than the average hero, damaged and in need of healing.

Jumping in to play the role of savior, Rylee Thomas is heartbroken, Bromberg forcing the heroine to question the depths of her desires and her willingness to contend with the darkness in Colton’s heart.

Driven goes beyond the boundaries of romance, tackling themes of redemption and acceptance as well as the importance of family. Fans of the book have described it as an emotional roller coaster, combining humor and sex to create a delightful read.

Colton and Rylee are unforgettable characters.

+The Author

K. Bromberg is an American author that writes within the genres of romance, contemporary and erotic romance. Bromberg’s novels are sweet, emotional and sexy even while endeavoring to remain grounded.

Bromberg’s foray into writing was hardly calculated; on a whim she decided to put some of the stories whirling through her imagination to paper, the success she eventually achieved justifying her decision.

Bromberg is most popularly known for her work on the Driven series of novels and their standalone spinoffs.

Bromberg has a signature writing style; her heroines are always strong and confident, while the heroes she creates are typically damaged, and sometimes as easy to hate as they are to love.

Bromberg describes herself as sassy, intelligent, driven, reserved and emotional.


In a world swimming with willing women, Rylee is a challenge to the roguish and handsome Colton Donavan. Colton is used to getting his way in all aspects of life, a reckless playboy consistently skirting that thin edge between control and disaster, both on and off the track.

Colton comes crashing into Rylee’s life like a tornado, sapping her control, testing her vulnerabilities beyond their limits and penetrating every wall of discipline and stability she has worked so hard to erect around her healing heart.

Rylee cannot give Colton what he desires and he cannot offer her what she needs. But, upon catching a glimpse of the darkness slumbering behind his refined exterior, Rylee doesn’t think she can bring herself to walk away.

Can their undeniable sexual chemistry overcome their individual need for complete control, or will their untold secrets tear them apart?

The opinions surrounding Driven, the first novel in the Driven series, are varied, though they tend to skew more prominently towards the negative end of things. To fans of Bromberg, Driven is everything they have been searching for, a fast paced thrill ride filled with bumps and twists that will keep one guessing throughout the story’s breadth. Rylee is a strong independent heroine while Colton is a sexy, mysterious hero. Rylee is a good girl; with a life filled with great friends and a good job, she has little time for love, especially after having sworn off men.

Colton has his issues, but he cannot deny his attraction for Rylee, a woman unlike any other he has ever known. Polar opposites in every way, Rylee and Colton’s desire for one another catches both obstinate individuals unaware, forcing them to battle their demons in the emotional roller coaster that is Driven.

The book has its fans, readers that like the good girl/bad boy theme and who have been known to rave on excitedly about the its impressive cliffhanger.

Critics of the novel, however, have nothing good to say about driven; not only do they criticize Colton for the brutish attitude with which he handles Rylee, revealing his desire for her, only to discard her soon after, but the ridiculous U-turns Rylee makes throughout the novel might infuriate even the most enthusiastic readers of erotic romance novels.

Driven is an acquired taste; to many readers, it seems to take all those beloved elements of the romance genre and magnifies them to intolerable levels; however, those fans of K. Bromberg’s first novel in the Driven series have an almost fanatical love for Driven.


Colton stole Rylee’s heart. HE wasn’t supposed to and she didn’t want him to, but she injected himself into her life, igniting feelings that Rylee thought had died forever.

Colton’s life has never been the same, not since Rylee fell out of that damned closet and into his world; she has caught glimpses of the abyss hiding within him and yet she chooses to stay, fighting for him, proving to be every bit the saint he thinks she is.

Rylee unnerves him, defies him, forcing him to confront his demons. They are both driven by need and fueled by desire, but is that enough to keep their love burning?

A lot of the praises Fueled attracts from fans emanates from the fact that it can stand on its own; despite the importance of Driven and the journey it takes into the lives of its protagonists, many a reader has claimed to enjoy Fueled without having ever read its predecessor, this resulting from Bromberg’s efforts in finally delving into the hearts of her characters this time round even while raising the stakes.

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