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Clockwork Lies (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Clockwork Secrets (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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An Agreement with Hell (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Fear of the Unknown(2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Mortis Operandi(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Dru Pagliassoti is an American fantasy and science fiction author. From her childhood, she has had an exposure to writing as most of her time was spent alone with typewriters, ink and paper where he could make his creations and later seen in the books he has authored. Dru is a professor of communication teaching courses on comic books and Venetian culture and also researching areas such as the steampunk webcomics and Yaoi. Additionally, he is the editor and the owner of harrow press.

Drue has authored a series, a novel and a couple of short stories which have seen her get the Year’s Best Fantasy Writers Award in 2009. She also dramatically offers support to young and upcoming writers.

Clockwork Heart

Clockwork Heart introduces the Clockwork Heart Trilogy. Taya is an Icarus who are of the messenger class. She is a lady who understands her limitations and is always careful to remain polite and diplomatic. Her function is to deliver messages all over across the city of Oncidium. She is considered an outcast due to the social division that exists between the lower plebeians and the upper and dominant caste. The rank is identified with a tattoo mark on their faces with the highest ranked being masked and robed heavily as a way of preserving their grace.

On one occasion, Taya rescues one of the exalted together with her son who puts her in the realm of the upper exalted. She comes close to two brothers, Cristof and Alister of Forlore with entirely different lives. While Alister who is the younger one is a gifted programmer and rising fast on the political field, Cristof lives on the outside as a clock right together with the Ondinium’s working class. A rebel group starts terrorizing the city with incidences of murders and bombings, under the name torn cards, forcing Taya to swing into action. She has to quickly learn to navigate in deep waters between the exalted and the plebeian, charm and ruthlessness and the more significant part Alister and his brother Cristof.

The multifaceted characterization by Dru makes the story fun reading as you solve the handles that the characters come along. She carefully brings in the flaws and virtues that each of her characters has creating a world that has carefully delineated a contrast between technology and humanity, privilege and the art of humility. The book takes you into the world of the supernatural with Taya, Cristof and other characters giving what can only be said to be a gripping read.

Clockwork Lies

Clockwork lies is the second book in the clockwork heart trilogy. Taya is married to an exalted, Cristof and works towards helping him in his ambassadorial duties. The two are commissioned to learn about Mareaux’s experiment and confirm if they are applicable for war. But things take a negative turn when they discover something that could mean war against Ondinium, their home country.

The discovery of a dangerous plot changes the direction of things for both Taya and Cristof. Cristof has been allowed to act as the ambassador through the council has a suspicious eye on him even though he helped in the restoration of order to his country. The two undergo a string of events which change each of them away from the character that they were even though this makes them better than they were before the same.

Before the journey, Cristof falls sick, and Taya is poisoned.

The exiled brother has been providing Cristof with information on the possible things that could be happening around, and this puts him in extreme danger together with his wife, Taya. Though Amcathra, the lieutenant, decides that they come back to their country, it is discovered that he was responsible for throwing an incendiary fluid off the ship which was an assassination attempt. Taya and Cristof have to unravel what has been going on and leading to these murders, assassination attempts and sabotaged dirigibles before the country goes into war.

The novel continues with hair-raising moments that inform of derailments, drawing of a train carrying weapons to unknown localities and kidnappings. It is a journey that forces the characters to go against what they believe and have stood to prevent the worse from coming to those they love and their country.
Dru has crafted a story with excitement and action with suspenseful moments. It also has instances of light romance delivering an exciting read.

Clockwork Secrets

The clockwork hearts close with the book, Clockwork Secrets. War has already been planned, but Taya and her diplomatic contingent are desperately trapped on a ship that was ruined and crippled by enemy fire. Will she be in a position to free and help her country?

The Alzana and Demican armies are marching deep into Ondinium while Taya and her husband are trapped on a wrecked ship. The only option that they have is fighting airborne battles from the Cabisi Thassalocracy island all the way to the war-torn mountains of Alzana. Taya is weakened to her knees when they fall into the hands of their enemies leaving no one to defend her country against a weapon that is about to destroy them by the enemies. But in the middle of all these happenings, the two learn to care for each other and the value that each of them has as they go through the dark moments together.

The two turn out to be the saviors of their country albeit being initially considered as outcasts. Their bravery turns out to be helpful and a solution to the problem that their country created for themselves. At the same time, they have to go for extra miles to save their country which at times conflicts with what they both stand for but becomes the only solution for survival.

The author has a well-thought fantasy world merged with interesting characters and an intriguing plot. It is one book that will make you see the diversities of people around but how working together by keeping the differences aside can prove productive. She has an excellent choice of words and events.

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