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Donna Grant is an award winning author who over the years has written a variety of novels spanning multiple genres from romance, historical dark fantasy, erotica, paranormal to time travel. Born and raised in Texas, she loves travelling. In fact, her life adventures have taken her throughout the states as well as to into Mexico and even Jamaica. Growing up along the Texas Louisiana border, Donna’s Cajun side of their family taught her about the spicy side of life while her Texas roots on the other hand gave her the two-stepping and bareback ride experience in life.

She is also on record admitting that her childhood dream was to become a ballet dancer and get to study under renowned Mikhail Baryshnikov. Even though she never made it to meet Baryshnikov, she was fortunate enough to make it to New York where she performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Donna’s love for romance Genre coupled by several other different stories, which she says constantly keep running in her head prompted her to settle down and draft her first book. She admits that upon completion of the first book, she knew then that there was not going to be any turning back, that she would take her writing more seriously there on.

Looking back, Donna sold her first book in November 2005 while displaced from hurricane Rita (a storm which ended up destroying portions of Texas Gulf coast). Since then, she has sold a lot of novels both through print publishers as well as through electronic platforms. What makes her work unique is the fact that her books are include a variety of complete series e.g. The shields, the royal chronicles and the Sisters of magic just to mention a few. It is equally worth noting that in spite of the deadlines and her voracious reading habit, she is still able to take care of her two young children and her cat pet while also still get time together with her supportive husband.

About Druids Glen series

Her first book in the series druids glen is titled “the Highland Mist” is centered on Honorable laird. Laird Connall Maclnness was born in a clan which for centuries has been charged with the duty of keeping safe sacred Druids. It is a duty which he has always met with a willing heart right until the day which Druid Priestess went missing and the Druids which he has over the years dedicated his life to protecting refuse to offer much needed assistance to help him track the last remaining member of his family. Things take an interesting turn when a 300 year old prophecy places Druid priestess right in his hands for safekeeping. This gives him a chance at revenge something which he has been yearning for only question being is he ready to pay the cost which his quest for revenge will demand that is the loss of his close mate as well as the future of Scotland.

In the second title “Highland Nights”, Gregor MacLachlan one of the main characters is brought out having so much to hide. Apart from having made a name for himself (as a man with a sword for hire), he makes sure that no one knows his true identity as that of the Laird. Banished from his home, Gregory has for a long time been content with his life trying as much as possible not to rely on anyone or anything until Fiona. Fiona Sinclair a powerful Druid priestess depends solely on herself. In fact, she is brought out as having learnt early that she was alone. Interesting thing is, the call to Druids glen seems very strong and the man responsible for her parents’ death is seen stalking her endlessly. Fortunately for her not all is lost as there is a man who can get her safely to the glen. Question is, will she be able to afford the price considering Gregor asks her to give up her freedom and heart.

In “Highland Dawn” the story is centered on an immortal with unanswered questions. The immortal dartayous is a powerful Druid warrior with one mission to keep Moira alive till the prophecy is fulfilled. However, with each passing day the burning desire he has for her eats away the surrounding wall of his heart. The Druid Priestess is brought out in search of a key. More specifically, Moira Sinclair needs to find the key in order to be able to enter the realm of the Fae. Interesting thing is once she gains access to the sacred realm, secrets buried within will forcefully open her eyes to what she really is. The main question at this point is whether the beautiful and commanding king of the far will be able to win her heart or will Dartayous finally make claim of her as his own?

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