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Publication Order of DS Imogen Grey Books

DS Imogen Grey Series
DS Imogen Grey is a series of crime novels by Katerina Diamond. The series feature DS Imogen Grey and her able partner Adrian Miles. Imogen comes with a dark past, but her determination pushes her forward and sets her apart from the rest. While it takes loads of effort and sacrifices to get to her current position, Imogen has made it, and she is determined to keep on rising. Throughout this series, DS Imogen is going to take the lead in investigating different cases and team up with other talented detectives to solve them. There are numerous brutal murders along the way and obstacles that Imogen will face, but, in the end, she is going to come out stronger.

The Teacher
The Teacher is the first book in the DS Imogen Grey series. The story starts with a gruesome murder. A school headteacher is found hanging from the assembly hall rafters, and unfortunately, this is not the only body the reader is going to encounter in this book. The headmaster’s death comes with more questions than answers. The man had received a package early in the day, and according to those who are privy to the details, it is only the headmaster who could understand the message. The headmaster’s death marks the beginning of the many gruesome deaths witnessed in Exeter. Ds Imogen Grey and Adrian Miles are put in charge of these cases, and the two are determined to ensure that the city is safe again.

What starts as a straightforward case grows into a complex mystery that involves a corruption network and numerous lies. As the investigation intensifies, there is going to be exploitation thanks to those who have deep secrets that they would rather keep away from the public. So what ties all the deaths in this city together? Who is next on the killer’s list, and is there a chance that their lives can be spared? Who are the killers, and how comes that they seem always to be a step ahead of law enforcement officers?

This story is written along three threads. On one side is a trail of brutal murders that start with the killing of a private school headteacher. The strange thing is that the victims know what is coming way before it occurs. The other thread involves the two detectives who work together to investigate the headmaster’s murder. The detectives come with colorful pasts, and it seems that they cannot keep the past from affecting the present. The last thread touches on the museum taxidermist that comes with numerous interrelation issues.

This is a gripping and gruesome story that will leave your squirming in your seat. If you like your books gory and dark, you are going to love The Teacher’s story. The plot is intricate, but the author has done a great job of maintaining a good flow throughout so you can get all the details without getting lost. You are going to encounter secrets in every corner and, together with a handful of corrupt cops, turn this story into a police thriller.
This book does not read like a debut novel. The author does a great job of tying all threads and developing all the characters uniquely. The detectives are easy to love, and the action is sure to keep you reading the story to the end — worth every penny and so much more.

The Secret
The Secret is the second book in the DS Imogen Grey series. This book stars Bridget Reid, a woman who has a secret that can get her killed. Brigid disappears right after two prostitutes who lived in the same house vanish. Just like Bridget, DS Imogen Grey has many secrets. Fortunately, she is very good at keeping them. This woman has gone through a lot to get to her current position. Unfortunately, her past seems to be catching up with her. If the secrets are revealed, Imogen could lose her job, and many people she loves might also be affected.

These disappearances are linked to Imogen’s former partner Sam Brown. This story will let you know what happens before Imogen is transferred to Exeter. As she digs deeper into the women’s disappearances, Imogen will get more answers regarding her past and the reasons why things happened the way they did. If you are curious about Imagen’s past, this book will allow you a glimpse of her life and the challenges she had to overcome to make become a respectable member of society.

A ruthless man is keeping Bridget locked in a basement, and she is sure that escaping from this hellhole alive is going to take a miracle. Brigid is keen to look for any opportunity to escape and tries to engage her captor whenever she gets a chance. What Bridget does not know is that DS Imogen and her partner DS Miles have already mounted a search for her. As the two intensify their search for Brigid, they are going to discover betrayal, murder, and deep secrets they realize are better left buried. Will Brigid be rescued, or will she take her secret to the grave? What about her captor? What does the man have against this woman who seems harmless to the common eye?

This is a fast-paced story that comes with many twists and surprises. The intrigue and suspense are on another level, not to mention the well-developed character. Get to follow the detectives as they work to solve complex cases as well while you get to see how the perpetrators of these heinous crimes reason. The story comes with multiple threads and enough times shifts making the plot relatively complicated. That said, the story flows well, and it is easy to follow it from the beginning to the last page.

If you are looking for a tense and gripping story, The Secret is highly. The story is told from different perspectives, and Ms. Diamond’s knack for storytelling is evident throughout the book. Get to see how a young boy turns into a psychopath who will kill many ruthless without giving his actions a second thought.

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