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Publication Order of DS Jack Mackinnon Books

DS Jack MacKinnon series by D.S. Butler

Author D. S. Butler writes the “DS Jack MacKinnon” series of police procedural, mystery, thriller novels. The series began publication when “Deadly Motive” was released in the year 2012. The series ended when “Deadly Game”, the seventh novel of the series, was released in the year 2016.

This series of books is set in England and focuses on a group of police detectives that are based in London. They are lead by Detective Sergeant Jack MacKinnon. These books can get gritty at times.

“Deadly Obsession” is the first novel in the “DS Jack MacKinnon” series, which was released in the year 2012. DS Jack MacKinnon has got the tough task of trying to find Anya Blonski, a missing student. While MacKinnon follows the trail of obsession right to the Star Academy’s owners, who thrive off of society’s obsession with reality television, and finds the fame they are offering comes with a price.

A second girl goes missing from the very same academy, MacKinnon has to consider the fact that a serial killer could be stalking the city.

The book is well written and it has a good plot and some interesting characters. The twists and turns keep the story moving swiftly, and it is never clear who the killer is until it is revealed at the very end. Readers enjoyed this superb book and just cannot wait to get their hands on more from this series.

“Deadly Motive” is the second novel in the “DS Jack MacKinnon” series, which was released in the year 2012. A guy is discovered poisoned by aconite, which is a deadly toxin.

There is a note found at the scene that leads Detective Sergeant Jack MacKinnon to a University of Oxford laboratory. Here, students and staff are desperate to hide any and all association with the murder victim.

While MacKinnon gets closer to finding out the truth, he finds that his own family might even be at risk.

These characters are normal and flawed people that are brought to life in these pages. It is nice getting to know each of them over the course of the book, and readers hope to get to know them further in additional books. The book is well thought out, and makes you guess who the killer is and you find out that it was someone completely different than who you thought.

“Deadly Revenge” is the third novel in the “DS Jack MacKinnon” series, which was released in the year 2012. They are going to pay for the past, one by one.

Jack MacKinnon’s career is currently in some hot water. He is still in the bad books of the Detective Chief Inspector and gets excluded from the Major Investigation team. He is thrown a case that no one wants.

While MacKinnon tries to solve the case, he finds a terrifying connection to a crime that was committed a decade before.

Never forgiven. Not forgotten.

The book grips you with a sense of fear and realism of the dreadful horrors that are happening to each of the victims. Fans enjoyed the book for its stellar story line and all the adventure and intrigue in it. It is a book that you will have a tough time putting down until you have finished it. The parts of the story that deal with heroin is both believable and intriguing.

“Deadly Justice” is the fourth novel in the “DS Jack MacKinnon” series, which was released in the year 2013. Time to run and hide. Time to die.

A heat wave during late summer appears to have triggered a rather high amount of suicides. While the corpses pile up, DS MacKinnon as well as the rest of MIT become aware that things are far from being as straightforward as they appear. Similar letters are found at each scene of these “suicides”, and MacKinnon becomes convinced that they are dealing with a serial murderer. One that is determined to deliver his personal deadly justice.

Readers get hooked on this book quite easily, and then have a tough time putting it back down until they have finished it entirely. For some, this held them in suspense the entire way through, they were not even able to guess who the killer was and made for a quite a scary read.

“Deadly Ritual” is the fifth novel in the “DS Jack MacKinnon” series, which was released in the year 2014. Jack MacKinnon has returned and it gets deadly once more.

The police think they have uncovered a ritualistic voodoo killing after they find a wooden disc in a murder victim’s mouth. Another victim is found, and it is up to Detective MacKinnon and his team to track down the killer before more blood is spilled.

The books are gripping and the plot twists and turns until the end, all of which keeps the readers hooked the entire way through. It is nice getting to know all of these characters throughout the books, and seeing their lives progress through each of them.

“Deadly Payback” is the sixth novel in the “DS Jack MacKinnon” series, which was released in the year 2014. A personal trainer lies in a car park dead. A literary agent is killed. What is the secret that links the both of them?

One of the top literary agents’ disfigured and bloated corpse is discovered in one of the most prestigious hotels in all of London. Detective Sergeant MacKinnon and the rest of MIT get to work on the case. While the body count begins to rise, the team falls under pressure to figure out what links the victims.

Who wants these people dead? Why do they want them dead? The truth winds up being more shocking than anybody could have ever expected.

This is another excellent thriller with this character. It is a very believable read as they hook and never let you go until the very end. It is another well written tale and some end up having a tough time getting any work done, as they just continue reading these books.

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