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Publication Order of Dub Walker Books

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Dub Walker is the protagonist in a set of novels written by American bestseller and award-winning author D.P. Lyle. Walker is a retired crime scene investigator now working as a consultant to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Behavioral Assessment Unit, in Huntsville, Alabama. The first novel in the series Stress Fracture was published in 2010. The second and the third books Hot Lights, Cold Steel and Run To Ground were released in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Stress Fracture

When Dub Walker best friend Mike becomes a victim of a brutal murder, he is called in to investigate and hunt the serial killer who for months has been sending fear to the county people. Having been involved in over hundred cases of foul play, and witnessed bloody remains of torture, rape, and unimaginable mutilation, Dub thought had seen the worst, but yet the killer is unlike any other serial murderer Dub has ever seen before.

Dilly –dallying between two different personalities propelled by post-traumatic disorder- at a time out of control and maniacal; at another mild cold- the serial killer psychopath threatens, taunts and outmaneuvers Walker at every single turn. The stakes are suddenly increased as Walker unravels a critical conspiracy theory fueled by corruption, greed and some connections to the medical community and military establishment.

The first novel in the series is an interesting read, if there could be an award for best chapter endings, the author D.P. Lyle would scoop the award. He is a veteran in the art of connecting the readers to every single softly written word, and his great imagery slithers through the chapters of his series debut action thriller Stress Fracture.

Walker is an expert consultant in crime scene investigation and is shaken to the core by the killings as he wanders in the home now a crime scene of his good friend and a retired Huntsville Sheriff Mike Savage. This brutal act on a fellow partner and a much-treasured member of the society makes the hunt for this cunning serial killer personal for all involved.

Hot Lights, Cold Steel

In Hot Lights, Cold Steel, a 19year old goes missing without a trace. Her desperate mother comes knocking to the criminal expert Walker to help her find her daughter. Walker agrees and teams up with Tortelli a homicide detective to find the missing girl. Their search leads them into the red light and soon comes to realize that the girl is not the person who has disappeared. More bodies start showing up, buried to hide the motive behind their killing and upon further investigations, it appears that medical procedures were carried on the victims before their deaths.

Things begin taking a worse turn when Clair, Walkers ex-girlfriend is kidnapped to be used for the same fatal medical procedure. Will Walker and his partner Tortelli save Clair before she ends up in the same state as other members?

The second novel in the series is an interesting read from DP Lyle, it is told by an authorial narrator and Walker himself. The authors writing style is straightforward and easy to understand. His narrative is direct, swift and a great one too.

Run To Ground

What could you possibly do if someone brutally killed your only kid, served some few months behind bars, and continued to haunt you and threaten even when behind bars? Could you possibly hide your increasing rage from friends and family? Could you possibly kill the killer before he left prison? Alternatively, would you change your identity and leave your past behind you? Your family, friends, relatives, house, job and disappear forever? Could Martha and Tim Foster do this?

Forensic and criminal behavior expert Dub Walker along with his best friend Tommy Tortelli and his ex-wife Claire McBride put their investigative skills together to help track down the Fosters. However, the killing of Walter Whitiker is not an easy task as it seems since Martha and Tim are not the only people who want him dead. Someone has made some moves to make the Fosters seem guilty. With the killer one step ahead of Dub and his team, more effort will be needed if they indeed want to bring the killer to justice.

Run to Ground is an intriguing novel featuring some fast-paced action set in modern times in Huntsville, Alabama where each person knows each other very well either as a friend, family, neighbor or through their church employment or work.

The Fosters lost their only child to a part named Walter Whitaker. Martha witnessed the kidnapping and testified against this pedophile in court, and she is shocked as the judge throws out the kidnap and murder charges and reduces Walter charges to interfering with justice and giving him a sentence of only three years. While still confined in prison, Walter spends his time tormenting and threatening the Fosters and accusing him of lies and making false accusations against him and swears to revenge on them as soon as he is released from prison.

On the day Walter is to be released, the community turns up to support the Foster and protest that Walter should not be released back into the society. Dub Walker, his friend T-Tommy are there to control the crowd and ensure that the release takes place without any major incident while his ex-wife joins them to cover Walters release for a local station.

The prisoner leaves the prison with an arrogant stride and a smile on his face when shots are fired. He is shot twice in full view of the news cameras, law enforcement enforcers and onlookers using a long range rifle. JD Walker, Walters’s brother, arrives moments later after his brother is declared dead, he immediately accuses the Fosters of killing Walter and swears to hunt them down and kill them. The only people missing from the town are the Fosters who left the town in the wee hours and also left a disturbing scene at their home.

The third book in Dub Walker series by D.P. Lyle is a fast paced narrative. The story is full of continuous action, revelations as more clues are unearthed. The novel reads like a CSI episode with lots of forensic evidence. If you like books with some investigative scenes and lots of action, Dub Walker series by DP Lyle is the ideal series for you.

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