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Publication Order of Nicholas Ramage Books

Ramage (1964)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ramage and the Drum Beat (1968)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ramage and the Freebooters / Triton Brig (1969)Description / Buy at Amazon
Governor Ramage R. N. (1973)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ramage's Prize (1974)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ramage and the Guillotine (1975)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ramage's Diamond (1976)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ramage's Mutiny (1977)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ramage & the Rebels (1978)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ramage Touch (1979)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ramage's Signal (1980)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ramage & the Renegades (1981)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ramage's Devil (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ramage's Trial (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ramage's Challenge (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ramage At Trafalgar (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ramage And The Saracens (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ramage & the Dido (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Buccaneer Ned Yorke Books

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Flag 4 (1954)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Battle of the River Plate (1956)Description / Buy at Amazon
Graf Spee (1957)Description / Buy at Amazon
73 North: The Battle of the Barents Sea 1942 (1958)Description / Buy at Amazon
Decision at Trafalgar / England Expects (1960)Description / Buy at Amazon
At 12 Mr. Byng was Shot (1962)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Black Ship (1963)Description / Buy at Amazon
Guns (1965)Description / Buy at Amazon
Harry Morgan's Way (1977)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Great Gamble (1978)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Buccaneer King (1978)Description / Buy at Amazon
Life in Nelson's Navy (1981)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil Himself (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon

Dudley Pope was a renowned author of the British origin, who was well known for writing historical fiction and nautical fiction books. He was particularly very famous for writing the Lord Ramage book series and the Ned Yorke series of novels. The historical novels of the Lord Ramage series are the most notable works of author Dudley. His books were greatly inspired from the works of C.S. Forrester. Author Dudley was considered among the most successful authors to have explored the nautical fiction genre, and his books were often compared to that of Patrick O’Brian. Dudley was born as Dudley Bernard Egerton Pope on December 25, 1925 in Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom. At the age of 14, he enrolled himself in Home Guard by concealing his true age. And two years later, author Dudley became a merchant navy cadet and eventually became a mariner. During his sea service in 1942, his ship was hit by a torpedo. This incident forced author Dudley to spend a couple of weeks drifting in a lifeboat along with several other survivors. After all the survivors were rescued, the only sign of injuries that was seen on author Dudley’s body was a missing finger joint because of gangrene. Following this, Dudley went on to work for a newspaper agency in Kent. In 1944, he left work there and joined The Evening News based in London. Author Dudley’s work profile at this newspaper agency was that of a defense and naval correspondent. From here onwards, he developed an interest in reading naval history and also tried writing his own naval stories. The first book that author Dudley wrote in his writing career was released in 1954 under the name of Flag 4. This was followed by a few more historical accounts. After going through his works, C.S. Forrester, the famous Horatio Hornblower novels’ creator, suggested and encouraged author Dudley to add the element of fiction in his repertoire. This encouragement led to the development of the novel Ramage in 1965, which led to 17 more novels later.

Author Dudley started residing on boats from the year 1953 onwards. The next year, he married a woman named Kay Pope. The two spent some time on an 8-meter William Fife called Concerto. Then they shifted to Port Santo Stefano in Italy in the year 1959, on a 42 foot ketch named Tokay. Author Dudley followed it up with a 53 foot cutter called Golden Dragon in 1963, which he and his wife used to travel to Barbados after 2 years. The final boat that author Dudley and Kay Pope lived on together was a 54 foot wooden yacht called Ramage. They boarded this boat in 1968. It was on board Ramage that author Dudley penned all his stories until the year 1985. Author Dudley’s death occurred on April 25, 1997, in Marigot, St Martin. He is survived by his wife Kay Pope and a daughter named Jane Victoria. Almost all the books written by author Dudly are based on actual events that have happened during the early 19th and late 18th centuries. Before each of the book’s title, author Dudley has mentioned the dates of the particular events on which the book’s story is based. Dudley was seen as an experienced journalist, naval officer, and historian. Through his writings, he has delighted a few generations of hardcore fans. His style of describing the thrilling sea adventures was highly appreciated by the readers worldwide. Throughout the course of his life and career, author Dudley was widely applauded, which helped him gain the reputation of being among the best successors of Horblower novels. In his Ramage series of books, Dudley has depicted the exploits of of the lead character named Lord Nicholas Ramage, who was a naval officer during the time of Napoleonic Wars. Author Dudley was also famous for some scholarly works that he carried out along with writing historical fiction novels.

A popular book series written by Dudley Pope is known as Ned Yorke series. This series consists of 4 books in total, which were released between the years 1981 and 1987. The events in this series are set during the 1650s and revolve around the life adventures of the chief protagonist named Ned Yorke. Ned has been described by Dudley as a Royalist. The debut book of this series is entitled ‘Buccaneer’. It was released by the Hamlyn Publishers in 1981. Author Dudley has set this novel’s plot in Spain, Barbados, England, and the Caribbean waters. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Spain starts considering the Caribbean sea as its private sea at the time of the 1650s. It puts forward a strong claim at the sea and does not allow other countries to carry out their trades in the waters of the Caribbean sea. Holland, France, and England conspire to enter into a battle against Spain so as to overthrow its claim. They also seem concerned about the increasing activities of pirates in the oceans, which was affecting their trade a lot. As a loyal Royalist, Ned Yorke serves on a small vessel in Barbados. His crew is highly devoted towards him and his ship. They sail together across the Caribbean with constant threats from Spaniards and Roundheads. Ned’s crew seems determined to obtain freedom from the tyrants. The plot goes on to transpire a dramatic and colorful retelling of the historical events that surrounded Jamaica’s capture as well as the infamous Santiago raid.

Another thrilling book of Ned Yorke book series is called ‘Galleon’. This book was published in 1987 by the Arrow publication. The primary characters mentioned in this story include Charles II and Ned Yorke. Once again, the plot takes place in Spain, Jamaica, and England. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that England becomes successful in attaining peace and the reign of Charles II is restored subsequently. However, nothing seems to be going well in Jamaica. Even though the Caribbean country has established peace with Spain, there doesn’t seem to be any out at the sea. Spain’s King appears to have made West Indies his private estate. Even the newly appointed Governor of Jamaica has bowed in front of the King and is helping in weakening the defenses of the island. But, Ned Yorke, who has now become Brethren’s Admiral and Buccaneers’ leader, is in no mood to let the King and Governor destroy the currency of Jamaica. He realizes that he must not sit idle and must take some action with the help of his Buccaneers. In the description of this story, author Dudley has revealed a masterful plot full of subtle lore of seafaring, which is wound around the intense adventure and excitement on the high seas.

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