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Clea Simon is a well known author born in the United States of America and also studied as The Harvard University. Clea Simon has written quite a number of books which include four mystery series which include The Theda Krakow Mystery Series, Dulcie Schwartz Mystery Series, The Pru Marlowe Pet Noir Mystery Series and The Ninth Life. She is also the author of three notification books. The notification books include The Feline Mystique: The Mysterious Connection between Women and Cats, Mad House: Growing Up In the Shadow of Mentally Ill Siblings and Fatherless Women: How We Change after We Lose Our Dads. She is also the author of several world-wide read essays which include He Said What? Women Write About Moments When Everything Changed, Women Tell The Truth About Their Bodies, Growing Older, And Acceptance and Cat Women: Female Friends On Their Feline Friends, For Keeps. She is also the author of short mysteries which include Christmas Cats, Deadfall, Cambridge Voices and Tales from the House Band. Clea Simon is also one of the most regular contributors of the Boston Globe, Ms., San Francisco Chronicle, and American Prospect.

Clea Simon is popularly known for her world-wide read series the Dulcie Schwartz Mystery Series. This is a series that involves a Harvard doctoral candidate, Dulcie Schwartz who lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. However, Dulcie is never alone she is always in the company of a helpful ghost belonging to her cat, Mr. Grey. This series starts with a book titled Shades of Grey. Dulcie is experiencing quite a difficult summer. Her dear cat, Mr. Grey has just slept and Tim, her recent roommate is simply a jerk. On one of her usual walk home, Dulcie sees a cat with a replica image of Mr. Grey, she also clearly hears a voice, “I would not go in just now.” As soon as Dulcie walks in her apartment she finds Tim dead, Dulcie becomes the mains suspect to Tim’s murder since the knife used to stab Tim belongs to her. As if dealing with that is not enough she is still to see more of Mr. Grey. The mysteries and the involvement of Mr. Grey makes this book a must read. This entertaining series then proceeds with a book titled Grey Matters. Dulcie is torn between her involvement with university politics and her distracted supervisor. Dulicie is experiencing a challenge in her doctoral thesis but this becomes less of her concerns when she stumbles on fellow student’s dead body. Dulcie is left hoping that her mother dreams are mere premonitions since her work all be in vain. To her surprise she her loyal cat’s ghost is silent, as strange as this appears to Dulcie she has to handle matters on her own now. Will Dulcie be in a position to handle things on her own, even when she is used the useful help of Mr. Grey’s ghost?

This amazing series then proceeds with another must read book titled Grey Zone. A student mysteriously disappears and a professor also happened to end up dead. Dulcie also comes to a realization that midterms will not be favorable at all and she decides to put extra effort on her thesis, but her daily concerns keep being a distraction to her studies. Her kitten will not give her an easy time since it keeps dragging her into misbehavior, motive and at times even murder. Dulcie only wishes that her beloved cat’s ghost was still around at least to lend a helping hand with her stubborn kitten. In the next book titled Grey Expectations, Dulcie wonders if a missing book could be haunted. Dulcie hopes that this is not the case as much as this seems to be the case. Ever since a particular book disappeared from the face of the university things have not been easy, one her colleagues is mysteriously accused of homicide and another colleague is also revealed to be an impostor. As if this is not enough drama in her life Mr. Grey’s ghost and her kitten seem to have directed their commitment to her boyfriend. Since she no longer has the assistance of her loyal cat’s ghost she has to handle matters on her own or else she will end up being held responsible for the theft of the book and as well as the murder.

The fun does not end at that, the series proceeds with yet another interesting book titled True Grey. Dulcie is in real trouble when the body of her academic rival is discovered days after she threatened to kill her. As if that is not enough she also stumbles on the body of a visiting scholar who happens to be writing a book that posse as a threat to Dulcie’s thesis and whom Dulcie also threatened to kill. On top of all this she has also been having strange nightmares that will not give her peace. Her boyfriend is too occupied and distant and Mr. Grey’s ghosts as well as her kitten Esm are both too mysterious with their advice. It is now entirely up to Dulcie to prove her innocence. The series continues with yet another book titled Grey Dawn. Dulcie is woken up one night by the sound of a wolf and she decides to dismiss it, but she finds the noise too strange since there is a dark building in sight as well as the sight of her advisor. The following morning, to Dulcie’s surprise, a woman who looks just like Dulcie was attacked the previous night in the university. With the help of Mr. Grey’s ghost and her kitten Esm, Dulcie focuses on investigating the attack.

This must read series still proceeds with yet another interesting book titled Grey Howl and another one titled Stages of Grey. Dulcie has never really considered herself to be a player. Her friends involve her in an upcoming local theatre company and in the process she finds herself face-to-face with murder. This poses as a challenge for the upcoming company as it could results to the company coming to an end. However, this could also be caused by jealousy brought about by romantic rivalries as well as money woes. Could jealousy be one of the reasons that the theatre performer was stabbed? It is now up to Dulcie to find out the truth before she ends up being part of the whole illusion.

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