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Duncan Falconer has always lived a high stakes life. As an officer in the Special Boat Services for the British Royal Marines, Falconer’s novels are written with authenticity and command. Although he has written a few standalone works, Falconer is best known for his military thrillers featuring John Stratton. This super agent works for the British Royal Marines and goes across the world in rescue missions, covert operations, and military espionage.

Early Life

Duncan Falconer is the chosen pseudonym of a popular British author of the popular John Stratton series. His real name is unknown as well as parental origin. Falconer was an orphan. He was abandoned at birth and raised in an orphanage in the North London area. Later, he was adopted by a British couple and spent the rest of his childhood in the Battersea.

At the age of 18, Falconer found another family. He joined the British Royal Marines. At age 19 he went to the SBS (special boat services) selection in Poole Dorset and was only one of nine Marines (out of a class of 147 other men) to successfully complete the challenging SBS course. His mastery of the course and military knowledge impressed his superiors. Even though the military required most candidates are rto serve time as a Commando before applying to the Special Boat Services, Falconer was chosen as an exception to this requirement. To broaden his career, his superiors posted him as the 42 Commando at a later date.

Because of an aptitude for SBS operations, Falconer chose to serve most of his time in the military with the Special Boat Services. During his military service, Falconer also served with the SAS (the Special Air Services) in Northern Ireland for one year. He then served with the 14 Intelligence Detachment in Northern Ireland for two and a half year. After his service with the 14 Intelligence Detachment, Falconer took some time off from the military for a year. Then Falconer returned to his first post of service with the SBS, where he served with MAT (Maritime Anti-Terrorism) operations. He spent most of his time with MAT engaging in multiple exercises that involved the capturing of tankers and oil rigs. .

After his time with the military, Falconer went to the private sphere, and worked with a private security company in Los Angeles for about two years. After the security job, Falconer received an opportunity to work for the Kidnap & Ransom negotiation unit in Central America. But while he was in Los Angeles, Falconer had successfully written his first screenplay and sold it only a few weeks later. So Falconer decided to stay in LA and pursue two of his passions – one as a private security risk consultant, and the other as a budding screenplay writer. In order to fit in better with the American culture, Falconer spent time as a bartender. It was in the bars that he learned about American habits and culture. While working as a screenplay writer and bartender, he also wrote his autobiography.

After the September 11 attacks, he decided to return to the United Kingdom to resume work in the private security field. He took a job for a security company in Hereford as a hostile environment instructor and consultant. He taught journalist basic security tactics as they went to countries like South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Writing Career

Duncan Falconer decided to continue his pursuit of a writing career in the United Kingdom. His first literary publication was First into Action. The military thriller was about Falconer’s adventures in the military. Most of the plotline are semi-biographical accounts of his actions in the Special Boat Services and in the 14 Intelligence Detachment. Although there were other ex-military novelists in the market, Falconer’s work was distinctive. He not only provided striking visualizations about his military escapades, he also depicted the relationships formed between comrades along with the humorous aspects of military life.

First into Action also depicted the rivalry and history between the Special Boat Services unit and the Special Air Service unit. Falconer’s freshman novel was so successful that Time Warner Publishing commissioned the author to write two more military adventure novels. The main character in Falconer’s first few novels was John Stratton, a fictional representation of himself who followed the same career trajectory as the author.

John Stratton is a operative of the SBS who works with the Intelligence Detachment in Northern Ireland. In his novel, The Protector (2007), Falconer introduces another character, Bernie Mallory. Mallory is another fictional representation of Falconer. Mallory is an ex-Royal Marine who became a private security contractor. This novel was followed by more adventure based chronicles: Undersea Prison (2008), Traitor (2010), and Assassin (2013).

The author has lived all around the world including Dubai and South Africa. Falconer then moved back to both South Africa and Europe where he was a crisis manager and consultant for another United Kingdom security company, where he still writes books and screenplays.

The Hostage

Duncan Falconer introduces the world to the elite SBS operative, John Stratton. When an undercover operation goes wrong, the British Intelligence agency turn to the best operative with a lethal reputation, John Stratton. In a dangerous race against time, Stratton must find an agent kidnapped by the IRA. But how did the IRA know about the British mission? There must a rat in the British Intelligence agency that is feeding information to the dangerous group. When a US Navy SEAL goes missing, the stakes are raised even higher as Stratton struggles to find the leak and save both men’s lives.

The Hijack

In this second military thriller, John Stratton has been commissioned as a bodyguard but is bored with the new assignment. When a supertanker is highjacked by Palestinian freedom fighter, Stratton is taken around the world to help in a dangerous rescue. The book takes readers from London, to Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, and Riga. Falconer’s rich writing style and knack for characterization comes to fruition in his second book. A diverse cast of secret service operatives and terrorists make this novel a first class thriller.

Duncan Falconer began life as an orphan, but soon found two families, one of which was the military. It was with this organization that he became inspired for his popular military action novels. The John Stratton series stands out for its realism, characterization, and breathtaking adventures.

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