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Crisis Point (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Outlaw MC (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wolfman is Back (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
13 Days of Terror (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Goddess Of Justice (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Speargrass-Opioid (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Dwayne Clayden is a Canadian author, police officer and paramedic. He has used his experience in the world of law enforcement and emergency services to write crime thrillers and he is best known as the author of the Brad Coulter series of books. The series began in 2018 with the release of Crisis Point, Clayden’s first novel. In addition to that series, Clayden is the author of the standalone novel, Speargrass-Opioid.

Clayden has vast experience in the world of emergency services. He spent over 40 years in the field and he is the author of four paramedic textbooks. He has spoken internationally at EMS conferences for three decades. Clayden has also spoken extensively at conferences and to writing groups as an expert on presenting realistic police, medical and paramedic procedures in books. He is a master of this himself with so much experience in the industry and shares his knowledge to help other writers do the same. Some of the topics that he writes about include: Drugs as Murder Weapons, Ballistics and Injuries, A Good Place to Die, Violence in Literature, And Then the Fight Began and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In Clayden’s over forty years of work in the emergency services field, he has worked as a police officer, paramedic, tactical paramedic, firefighter, emergency medical services (EMS) chief, educator, and academic chair.

Dwayne was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where he grew up and then began his career as a police officer in 1978. He did that job for a few years before coming to the realization that people are rarely happy to see the cops show up, but are happy when the paramedics do. He ended up switching careers and joining the Calgary Fire Department, Ambulance Division.

Clayden has been writing since junior high school and has written extensively about his career field, writing over 100 articles in Emergency Medical Services journals. He was also the editor-in-chief for ON-SCENE, a Canadian EMS Journal. As an author, he is a member of the Writers Guild of Alberta, the Crime Writers of Canada, the Calgary Crime Writers, and an instructor for the The Alexandra Writers Centre Society in Calgary.

Crisis Point was Clayden’s first novel and the first in the Brad Coulter thriller series. The story begins when Coulter is left reeling when he partner is killed during an armed robbery. Not only did he lose his partner, but the city is dealing with a sudden burst of criminal activity. Coulter gets a new partner, a bitter veteran, who challenges him as he lands a spot on the newly developed Tactical Support Unit. The TSU quickly becomes experienced in managing extreme cases when there is a violent shootout with a lone gunman high on glue, and then a confrontation with a deadbeat father and abusive husband. However, nothing can possibly prepare them for the real crisis point that will that will forever change the face of a city and the cops that patrol its streets.

The second book in the Brad Coulter series is called Outlaw MC. The book sees Sergeant Brad Coulter and his partner struggling to maintain law and order as an explosive war between rival motorcycle gangs takes hold of the city. The war is over the profitable drug and prostitution trade, and no one is safe from children to cops to judges. As violence destroys the city, Coulter and his team take the fight to the streets where they will face devastating consequences.

Another great book in the series is Wolfman is Back. The Wolfman in the title refers to Jeter Wolfe who has just escaped from maximum security prison. Wolfe is back and he is out for revenge against all of those who put him behind bars. His primary target is Crown Prosecutor Jenny Blighe who Detective Brad Coulter sets out to protect. Any interruption to Wolfe’s plans only makes him worse though and the city is about to deal with the shocking results. Coulter and the task force will need to throw everything they have into tracking the former enforcer of the Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle Gang.

13 Days of Terror is the fourth book in the series and one of the most thrilling. The book starts on a Monday morning when a man drops dead from a sniper. Nobody knows why this man was shot or where the shot came from or who the shooter is. An hour later, another victim goes down with the same results. There is a sniper terrorizing the city and Brad Coulter is on the case. He has just returned from a long absence from work, but is quickly thrown right into the fire and tasked with stopping a deadly killer. The shooter hasn’t left any evidence behind except for notes that are addressed directly to Brad, designed to taunt him. With the death count rising and a city-wide panic, it is a race against the time for Brad to catch the sniper before he strikes again.

Clayden is also the author of the standalone novel, Speargrass-Opioid. The book sees a new tribal chief of Speargras, Montana being named. The chief is an ex-rodeo champion, Franklyn Eaglechild, a man plagued with injuries from the past. The health issues have left him with lost dreams, but he’ll soon discover he has bigger problems when he realizes that not everyone in Speargrass is excited to have a new sheriff in town. It is not long into the job that he makes enemies in high places with few friends to speak of. He does have one person that he can rely on though, his adopted brother and DEA Special Agent, Riley Briggs in Great Falls. As Speargrass and Great Falls are dealing with an opiod crisis that is out of control, Franklyn and Riley realize that they are going to need to join forces if there is any hope of putting an end to all of the death and destruction caused by this crisis.

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