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Dylan Page is a Canadian bestselling author of paranormal romance fiction from the Rocky Mountains in Western Canada.

When she was younger, all she ever wanted to do as an adult was to tell stories. Even before she learned how to write, she used to draw all manner of stories that she would read to her mother.
Seeing how motivated, she was, her mother often encouraged her and usually brought her piles of notebooks where she could practice telling her stories.

Over the years, her father also joined in encouraging her as he got her into writing clubs out of which she penned endless short stories which she never published.

Page ultimately published “Torment,” her debut novel in 2021 which would then become the first of the “Bleeding Hearts” series of novels. The author now has at least half a dozen titles to her name.

Now that she has become a bestselling author, she has asserted that her parents have been the most important people in the success of her career as a fiction author.

She also got some inspiration working with alpha assholes when she was employed at a Gas and Oil company. Most of her colleagues provided material for the alpha bastard that she now writes in her novels.

When she is not penning her blockbuster fiction novels, she can often be found spending time with her two boys, browsing videos on TikTok, and reading. She is also a huge lover of painting, piano, and playing the guitar even if she is not very good at it.

“Torment: Part 1” is the first novel of “The Bleeding Hearts” series of novels by Dylan Page.

This is a taboo, dark age-gap contemporary romance that introduces Shay the lead who is a bruised, broken, and mentally shattered 23-year-old that falls for Keenan a 15-year-old.
Shay her older stepbrother had been her rock, hero, and best friend and she knew she could always rely on him.

For many years, Keenan had accepted everything and everyone around her. But as she got older, she came to understand that things were so messed up.

The people she considered close family friends and even her uncles happen to belong to The Celtic Beasts the dominant MC in town.

Shay is the one that is usually sent to do the dirty work and is very proud of his membership in the club. But for some reason, the terrifying, muscled, and tough guy now needs her to comfort and ground him.
Keenan has always had big dreams and big plans and does not intend to get trapped in the small, bloody, dark, and violent world he seems to enjoy so much. However, Shay seems to have other plans for her.
What can she do when her protector suddenly turns into the genesis of her torment?

Dylan Page’s novel “Torment: Part 2” is another interesting taboo and dark contemporary romance fiction novel.

Keenan is feeling defeated, controlled, and trapped but she made a deal she needs to stick to if she is to keep herself and her loved ones safe.

Shay had given her an ultimatum insisting that she had to become his or else pay a huge price. She has been doing her best to get used to her new life but the constant demands from Shsay are taking their toll.
Over time, she finds herself growing comfortable with her circumstances and her priorities are soon shifting.

However, things get very interesting when secrets begin to unveil themselves. She starts questioning who she can trust and who is lying among her closest friends and family.
The man who was supposed to be her protector is now her tormentor but also someone that she just cannot live without.

“Ashes” the third novel of “The Bleeding Hearts” series of novels is the story of Casey and Ashes. The latter was everything Casey had hoped he would be, even as he left her always wanting more.
Still, a very young woman, she had been dealt a terrible hand, and somehow through loss and tragedy, she finds herself in Harely, her old neighborhood.

While she was trying to reacquaint herself with her old neighborhood and life, she reunites with Lee, Shaw, and Vail her childhood friends.

The four had gone through all manner of tribulations and trials as kids which had bonded them all together.

Her old neighborhood had gotten even worse over the years as gangs rule everything and no one can walk the streets alone after dark.

Thankfully, her three friends who had been her protectors are ready to protect her yet again as her lovers.

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