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Publication Order of Dylan Scott Mystery Books

Shirley Wells was born and raised in Cotswolds. As she was growing up, her headmaster once wrote on her school’s report she was content to dream her life away. Years later, when she was an adult residing in Cyprus, it finally dawned on Shirley Wells that this was not necessarily a very bad thing. She also believed that fellow dreamers, in the semblance of the fiction writers, had always been getting away with this for centuries.

A move to Orkney island of Hoy later followed and over the twelve years that she spent there, Shirley Wells wrote many short stories together with a full-length romance fiction for United Kingdom’s women’s magazines.

She has now settled in Lancashire, a place where the environment provides a sense of inspiration as well as setting for most of her popular novels. Together with her husband, they share their homestead with the ever-changing selections of deranged pets that often insist on the cameo roles in most Shirley’s novels.

When she is not writing, Shirley Wells loves reading (everything and anything), watching TV, watching TV, listening to live music, drinking whisky and eating chocolate—though not essentially at the same time. Shirley Wells also a ticket holder at The Burnley Football Club where she can often be seen in the pouring rain and biting wind as she cheers on her favorite team

Presumed Dead

Presumed Dead by Shirley is a fast-paced crime book that draws anyone in from the first page and you certainly won’t be left when you’re disappointed.

The novel starts by describing the predicament of the protagonist, Dylan Scott. Dylan Scott is currently separated from his wife and she lives in a rented house with his mother. Dylan Scott hates living in such a condition especially as he had been dismissed from the police force for using excessive force on one assailant. However, Dylan Scott lives in the hope that the wife will come at one time and take him back just as she normally does.

In the meantime, Dylan Scott begins working as a private investigator where he takes on a few cases until a bigger case comes along. He is them hired by Holly Champion hires so as to help in investigating the missing-persons case of Anita Champion., her mother. His mother had disappeared 13 years ago without a trace, with residents of Lancashire town believing that she must have run with a man.

Holly is desperate to know the whole truth after all that time has passed years and he believes that Dylan Scott is the right man for this job, despite of his protestations. He accepts this job simply because he wants the money. He later finds out that there’s more to the case than what actually meets the eye. There are several secrets that are waiting to get uncovered and those who would instead forget that Anita Champion once existed.

His investigations take him down several routes. You will certainly be was amazed at how a single clue leads to another all through the book. It seems inconsequential events in the book were pulled together by its author and then made to something which is more significant. This makes it quite difficult for anyone to be sure about the elements that are relevant up to the end result. From the vengeful girlfriends, to corrupt crime lords and drunken pub-goers, the seemingly quiet Dawson’s Clough town has it all.

Dead Silent

Dead Silent is a follow-up to the Presumed Dead by Shirley Wells where Dylan Scott is called back to Lancashire town– a place that he never thought he would see again.

This time there’s a private investigator who has been called upon so as to solve yet another disappearance case, Samantha Hunt’s case. Sam was a bubbly and bright young woman with her entire life ahead of her till when she didn’t show up for work on one morning and she was never seen ever again. She was a tomboy, who used to spend more times at home in jeans rather than dresses, and as mechanic at a local classic cars garage. Her parents seemed to adore her, she was loved by her boyfriend and everyone had nothing apart from good words about her – As a result, why would anyone ever want her gone?

Dylan is then hired by Sam’s father, Rob Hunt, to track her down regardless of the cost, since he has already been diagnosed with the lung cancer and he does not have much time left. Rob Hunt and Marion, Sam’s mother, are divorced thus his daughter is all Rob has to hold onto. However, there are little details which he can tell Dylan Scott about her disappearance, and it’s clear that he could not stand Jack, her boyfriend.

Jack was among the last people to have heard from Sam after having had a call from her few minutes before Samantha went missing. Jack had also argued with her the very night before her disappearance which made him the prime suspect in this case. Dylan is not so sure, because all that he can see whenever he questions Jack is a great man who could have done almost anything for the girlfriend. Jack also discloses certain details about Samantha that no one other person knew and possibly some things that had better been left hidden.

As for Marion, she’s as desperate as Rob Hunt for their only daughter to come back home. However, she has also accepted the looming reality that it might just be one hopeless cause. After their divorce, she got married to Alan Roderick, a man that no person seems to have any good word for. He is callous, aggressive and abrupt, seeming not to ever care about the disappearance of his step-daughter. He was also not interested in any of the Dylan’s questions. Definitely, he is not a man that should be messed with, could he be the person who’s responsible for disposing of Samantha?

On top of the investigation, Dylan still struggles to cope with his family life since his wife hasn’t yet taken him back after the separation. He has to divide his time between London and Lancashire yet again, placing a very large strain on all his finances. Will he and his wife, Bev ever reconcile again or will he continue being forced to share the tiny flat with his parent? Needless to say, this results in an awful lot of tension all through the novel, by forever being at the forefront of Dylan Scott’s mind.

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