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Publication Order of Detective Anna Gwynne Books

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Dylan Young is a thriller and crime fiction author from South Wales that is best known for the “Detective Ann Gwynne” series of novels. The author spent much of his early life in a South Wales mining village.
As a child, he used to be quite the dreamer who was always lost in books, did well in school, and excelled in sports, particularly cricket, and rugby.

Dylan is the youngest child in his family and with his two brothers much older than him; he was the child in the family for much of the time. Since he had no one to play with, he decided to read a lot of horror and science fiction in his spare time.

In 1974 aged only eighteen, he was accepted to a medical school in London travelling to London on the train and qualifying as a medical doctor in 1979.
He would then have a career as a surgeon, even though he still felt a burning passion for writing the entire time.

Dylan published three dark psychological thrillers during the 1990s. His works were so popular that they would ultimately be made into BBC films.

He currently makes his home in West Wales and makes use of the weather and the landscape as the inspiration for his novels. At the turn of the millennium, Young would begin penning children’s fiction under the pseudonym Rhys A Jones.
Under this name, he write the slightly scary Merryweather Mysteries intended for kids 10 years old and above. He also penned several fantasy fiction works for older kids under Spellbound Books.

It would only be natural that he would then progress from such works to begin penning satirical fantasy fiction for adults. He had always been a huge fan of the genre and he would publish more than a dozen works in it under the pseudonym DC Farmer.

Over the years, he has worked with the likes of Bloodhound and Bookouture to pen crime fiction under the name Dylan Young.

His very popular “DI Gwynne” series of novels alongside three psychological thrillers which he published as standalone have become bestsellers.

Since he started out professionally as a doctor, his work and the many travels he undertook have to some extent shaped his writing.

While he was working as a young doctor, he moved at least six times as he was sent all over the place during his training.

In this regard, Dylan Young has lived in several cities in the United Kingdom including Cardiff, London, Bath, Oxford, Cheltenham, and Bristol, all of which came with their own quirks.

The many experiences he had in these places would come to inspire the settings for his many novels. For instance, the lead character Anna Gwynne of the “DI Gwynne” series of novels works for the most part in Bristol.
Writing as DC Farmer, he used Oxford as the setting for some of his fantasy fiction novels. Living and working in these cities in the UK provided him with a good feel for them and this usually comes out really well in his novels.

Dylan Young’s novel “The Silent Girls” is the story of Nia Hopkins, a beautiful girl who disappears from her family’s farm just outside the Forest of Dean.
Her parents had come into the house to find a lot of blood on the floor of her room and they had immediately contacted the police.

According to initial investigations by the Gloucestershire police, young Hopkins had been kidnapped by a serial killer who has been responsible for the death of Emily Risman by stabbing eighteen years earlier.

They are desperate to find any information that could allow them to find the killer and stop him from killing again. However, Anna Gwynne, the detective believes her colleagues are obsessing over the wrong man due to a media frenzy.
She does not believe the man fits the profile as he is more of a sadistic killer. At some point, Anna discovers links to several cold cases and realizes that the killer has been actively manipulating law enforcement and in the process keeping some dark crimes.
Anna knows that the man they are hunting is very intelligent and she may be the only person who could hunt him down. But she will need backup if she is to bring him in safely.

“Blood Runs Cold” by Dylan Young is the story of Blair Smearton, an eleven-year-old girl that is kidnapped on the hottest day of the year near a river bank. The biggest mystery is that no one knows or can trace the man that had abducted her.
Detective Anna Gwynne makes a comeback on the cold case after she successfully resolved another case in which she nearly died.

She is investigating the case of Rosie Dawson a girl that had gone missing about a decade earlier only for her bones to be dug up. She was hoping that working on Rosie’s murder would help put her dark past behind her.
The only lead she has to go with is a picture of Rosie which had been found on a dark chatroom online. But then she also finds another picture of the kidnapped Blair in that very same dark room with the same stony floor and the same concrete walls.

It does seem that the killer is bragging about his crimes but no one can tell where the pictures have been taken.

Anna needs to find Blair fast but the only thing she has going for her is that she knows someone who is an expert in the intricacies of the dark web.
Will he be able to help Anna find Blair?

Dylan Young’s novel “Before She Falls” is the story of a young woman named Kimberley Williams. She has jumped off Southdown Cliff leaving her close-knit community and her family in shock.
Just what would drive the young woman to commit suicide when things were apparently going so well for her?

Anna Gwynne the detective is working on the case as the authorities believe that someone could have made the young woman jump off the cliff.
Looking into her phone, they discover that someone had been sending threatening messages saying they would expose her secrets.

Anna soon comes to the realization that very similar messages are being sent to other people too and those people’s lives could also be at risk.
To get to the truth, she may have to confront the hidden demons from her childhood and the many lies she had been told.

Will she be able to unearth the big secret and save some innocent lives?

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