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E.A. Barres is the pen name of a celebrated Panamian writer and Anthony Award-nominated author of thriller, fiction, and suspense stories named E.A. Aymar. He is well known for his recently released thriller novel called They’re Gone, which received motivating reviews and high praise from numerous popular trade reviews, such as Buzzfeed, Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, Washington City Paper, etc. Before this, Barres’ 2019 thriller novel called The Unrepentant had also received critical acclaim and starred reviews.

This novel had gone on to become a finalist for multiple literary awards, including the Readers Favorites, the Anthony, the Foreword Indies, and the Next Gin Indie in the category of the Best Paperback. The Unrepentant also became an Amazon bestseller and topped the sales charts of its release year.

The other popular thriller books penned by author Barres include The Swamp Killers and The Night of the Flood. For both these books, Barres served as a contributor and co-editor. In addition to writing novels, Barres writes a column called Decisions and Revisions. It features in Washington Independent Book Review on a monthly basis. Author Barres is an ex-national board member of the International Thriller Writers. For several years, he had held the post of The Thrill Begins’ managing editor. It is an online resource for aspiring and debut writers. Barres is also an active member of the MWA, Sisters in Crime, and Crime Writers of Color. He has hosted many events of crime fiction, publishing, and writing nationwide and spoken at most of them. Barres even runs Washington, D.C.’s Noir at the Bar series.

Author Barres was born in Panama City, Panama. While growing up, he developed an interest in writing and got hooked on the idea of making a career in the field of writing. During his college days, Barres loved to read the works of Megan Abbott and Lawrence Block. They have influenced him to a great extent and he still goes through their works whenever he feels the need to look for inspiration or new ideas. As of today, Barres lives in the VA/D.C./MD triangle and works on his writing projects. He is associated with the Fuse Literary agency and is represented by a dynamic literary agent named Michelle Richter. Author Barres likes to read on a plane because he doesn’t like flying and thinks reading could keep him distracted from the annoyances. He thinks it’s very easy to get lost in a story and lose track of time.

Just like most of the authors, he too got exposed to the idea of writing at an early age. But, he didn’t take it seriously until he graduated from college and began working as a receptionist. Every call he received had a rude person at the other end and every day his hatred for the job grew bigger. Barres realized he needed to do something that would make him happy. It didn’t take him long to realize that thing was writing. As a reader, Barres likes paperbacks more than any other format. He has a habit of writing things in his books while reading. So, he is more comfortable with paperbacks. While writing a story, Barres prefers writing with both pen & paper and computer, but mostly he works on a computer because he feels that writing by hand makes it hurt after some time and he hates it very much.

If Barres was not an author, he would have become a philanthropist or a playboy. His favorite time in fashion history is the 90s. He has most of his style dating back to that time and he pretty much loves it irrespective of what others think about his sense of style. In his spare time, Barres loves to travel. He has visited many places of interest and would love to visit Norway again. This time, he would take his wife and son along. Barres’s favorite artists include painter Hopper and the rap group called Atmosphere. Currently, Barres resides in the US with his beautiful wife and lovely son. He spends most of his daytime working on his new novels and uses the evenings to enjoy some quality time with his family. Barres always makes sure to write some lines at least every day so that he can feel he has made some progress and has not wasted the day. He looks forward to writing more novels in the coming time and increasing his fan-following to a greater extent.

An intriguing novel written by author E.A. Barres is entitled ‘The Unrepentant’. It was released by Down & Out Books in 2019. This novel is set in Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland and features the primary characters in the roles of Charlotte Reyes and Mace Peterson. Initially, Charlotte Reyes is introduced as an 18-year-old girl, who runs away from her home after facing too much abuse. Her life gets filled with struggles and hardships as she gets tricked, taken, and kidnapped by criminals across the country. Somehow, Charlotte Reyes manages to escape and run away from the captivity of her kidnapper. A reluctant ex-soldier who goes by the name of Mace Peterson assists Charlotte in escaping. However, she is unable to keep herself away from the gang for long as they send a corrupt cop after her to catch her alive or dead.

When nothing seems to be going her way, Charlotte realizes that she is left with just the option of putting up a fight. This thrilling novel combines black comedy and page-gripping action and deeply examines the human mind’s dark corners. Another mind-blowing book of Barres’s career is called ‘They’re Gone’. It was published by Crooked Lane Books in 2020. The central characters mentioned in this novel include Deb Linh Thomas, Cessy Castillo, Hector Ramirez, etc. The main plot of the book is that the husbands of two women get killed in the same manner on the same night. With subsequent investigations, terrifying links and deeply hidden secrets are brought to the surface

Initially, it is shown that two men are murdered in the same way, two gunshots: one in the heart and the other in the head. After their brutal killings, their wives begin looking for answers desperately. One of them, Deb Linh Thomas, works as a freelance editor in Virginia. She becomes shocked to know after the funeral that her husband was under FBI investigation. The other woman, Cessey Castillo, lives in Baltimore and works as a bartender. Following the murder of her husband, she is chased by money lenders to pay-off the huge sum of money that her abusive husband owed to them. As the investigation moves further, Cessey and Deb join hands to get to the bottom of the truth and find out what their husband very really up to that got them murdered.

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