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E.B. Vickers is a published author of fictional novels and a pen name used by Elaine Vickers to write stories for younger readers.

Vickers first became known under her “E.B.” moniker to readers in 2021 with the publication of the debut novel, Fadeaway. Fadeaway was written by E.B. Vickers and is the perfect read if you are a younger reader or an adult looking to read some great stories that they can pass on to the younger readers in their life! Give this awesome book a try and see why this writer is one of the top writers on the rise when it comes to writing fiction for young adults.

E.B. Vickers, also known as Elaine, is married. She has three children with her husband and they reside in the southern region of Utah together. There she is not only a writer but is employed as a professor teaching chemistry to college students. She has long had a desire to teach and to write, from a young age. She also entertained different lines of work, though, from acting to serving as a judge, treating patients as a pediatrician, or even an architect, an artist, or a gold medalist at the Olympics. Eventually though she settled on teaching at the college level and writing books for her readers to enjoy!

She is an award winning author that has written everything from middle school and young adult books to picture books. Her goal is to help individuals that like to read to find some sense of belonging and connection through her stories. She grew up in the desert in Utah in a smaller town called Cedar City, and always had plenty of time to explore as well as read and play basketball. There were lots of national parks and she always had people around her that cared about her. She returned to her hometown after going to college and getting her PhD and teaches, writes, and lives with her family there today.

Elaine thinks that one of the themes that she tries to include at the core of her stories is that her readers can do great things, but they are also always going to be enough as they are. She hopes that her readers will feel seen through her books. Even though she wasn’t always certain what she wanted to do for a living, books and writing were always part of her personal landscape and she would even read children’s books while in graduate school. It seems only appropriate that she is now a writer because of her love for books! She has also achieved her original dream of being a writer when they grow up and a person that creates art and has a lovely, safe home.

Elaine tries to constantly read and write and has a goal of reading a hundred books a year. She sometimes fills this out with picture books, which still count. They are frequently books that are for young adult and middle school readers as they are not only what she enjoys but the type of ages that she typically writes stories for. She’ll write at any time in different formats, from blogs to emails and more. She compares it to working all of the muscles that you have so that you can be healthier overall. She says that while it’s easy to be a writer because you just have to write, it’s getting published that is the tricky part as you have to find a great agent that likes your book and can send it to another editor that also likes it and then there is the process of revision.

Elaine says that from the start of her writing her first novel to when it was published took place over the course of five years. She wondered sometimes whether the book would be published, but eventually it was. She thinks being an author is very exciting and enjoys interacting with kids and various readers of her work.

E.B. Vickers is the author of Fadeaway, her first book to be released using this pen name. Young adult readers will be happy to get their hands on this intriguing mystery that will have them turning the pages to find out what happens next.

Every town has their secrets and their tragic events, and this one is no different. But this time the secrets of a town may have no choice to all come flooding out at once when a terrible event catapults them into a tailspin.

The star of the local high school basketball team has disappeared, and it appears that it’s as if a thread has been pulled that is constantly unraveling everything. It wasn’t all that long ago that Jake Foster was on the court taking his team to victory. Thousands were in attendance and watched as the athlete took a fade-away shot and made it to win the team the state title.

That was the night that everyone saw him last. The morning reveals new developments as it turns out that Jake has completely vanished without any type of explanation. No one even knows where he is or where he would have went. His best friend and many other people are interviewed, but no one seems to know where he is, or if they do they’re not telling.

Could it be related to his former girlfriend that still seems hung up on the basketball star? His younger brother is devastated and doesn’t know what to do about his missing brother. Then the rumors start flying, wondering what is going on with the case. Could Jake have been kidnapped? Did he see a crime that he wasn’t supposed to see?

Was he attempting to retreat so that he could work on his basketball skills? Recovering after the big game? No one knows, but they might just be about to find out. One question still remains: will the people of this town ever see Jake Foster alive again? Dive into the mystery by picking up a copy of Fadeaway!

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