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E.C. Diskin is an American author of suspense, mystery and thriller novels. She spent her childhood in dance studios pursuing her lifelong dreams and studied English and Radio/TV/Film at Texas Catholic University. Soon after graduation, she relocated to New York to work for a tap dance company based in Soho. Later, she moved to Chicago to study law, but after years of working behind a desk, she took a break from law and began her new career as a fiction author. Her writing career became a reality after Diskin’s debut legal thriller; The Green Line became a major hit worldwide. Her second novel, Broken Lies, is a psychological thriller, and the third novel Depth of Lies dives deep into the curtains and skeletons in the closets behind the closed doors of a suburban.

The Green Line

When E.C. Diskin published her debut legal thriller novel, The Green Line, under her own imprint in the spring of 2013, her aim of reaching a thousand readers felt impossible. After spending a year with an agent who couldn’t make a deal with one of the well-known publishers, she decided it was time to take matters in her own hands. With the help of her enthusiastic readers who would use social media platforms to post, tweet, review and recommend, the book sales took off, and in no time, Thomas & Mercer, renowned Amazon mystery & thrillers imprint came knocking on her door. After re-launching the novel with her with Thomas & Mercer, the book took it to the skies even making it in the Amazon’s bestseller list in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia.

There’s a popular saying among the teachers of writing- write what you know. That’s what E.C. Diskins has done, taken her skills and experiences as a lawyer, and adapted them into a nice legal thriller novel about Abby Donovan. Abby’s long life career dream of partnering with a Chicago law firm is just a couple of months around the corner. But all she has worked tirelessly worked for to achieve is about to get ruined because of a simple misstep.

Abby’s life was going smoothly as she had planned. She had a well-paying job in a famous law firm where everyone respected her and soon to have a new home, a partner and good friends in Chicago. She could pretend that all her life was perfect if it were not for the fact that the man she truly loved was married to another woman. One night, a simple alteration to her normal routine changed everything; instead of taking a taxi back home, she chose to use the train. One simple mistake, and the moment she wasn’t paying attention, took the wrong train and her life changed forever.

The Green Line is a beautifully thought story that exposes the us to the injustices that exist in property laws that relate to locations where crime has been committed and how such laws are often exploited. Not only does the story entertain the reader with a fiction narrative but also showcases how property laws are exploited in real life and by the time you read the last paragraph, you’ll already have a basic understanding of these laws. But it’s because of the property laws that Abby is sucked backed to the scene of her horrific night in the underworld of the city. A generous shop owner the only person who gave her a helping hand finds himself in a legal bind, and he comes to her asking for help, and this begins their lifelong friendship.

Abby starts off as a proud woman. She is a nice lady but judges’ people without first knowing them without a second thought. A good example is when she flees from an undercover agent who is only trying to help her because she thinks he’s a criminal. She may be walking down the streets of a run-down part of the city at night saying to herself “not everyone is a thug” but deep down the reader knows that’s just a consolation statement and deep down she doesn’t believe that herself. Overall, The Green Line is a well-crafted story, a good recommendation for anyone who enjoys reading thriller novels and would like to learn more about a few property laws. The action is sufficient to keep even the easily bored reader hooked to the last page, and the characters are relatable as well.

Broken Grace

The Broken Grace opens up on a highway chase, not from the cops but from something else. Grace is driving as fast as she can from someone or something truly horrible. Driving as fast as she can, she hits a deer, veers off the road and hits a tree. A week later, we meet her just released from the hospital and handed over to a woman named Lisa who the hospital claims is her elder sister, but Grace is a stranger because all her memories have disappeared.

Lisa drives them to a remote farmhouse in Michigan; she informs Grace that their parents are dead, and they’re the only people remaining in their family. But this is too much for Grace who doesn’t remember whatever happened, but her sister seems concerned to make her comfortable.

Later in the day, two detectives come knocking on the door. They inform Grace that her fiancé has been killed, but all these only seem like a nightmare for she cannot even remember her boyfriend, Michael. The cops, Bishop and Hackett want to know if she has a solid alibi for the night her boyfriend was murdered. Grace will have to do whatever it takes not only to clear her and but also to ensure that she gets her memory back.

The Broken Grace grabs you right from the beginning and can’t help but feels sorry for Grace. On the first impression, Grace’s relationship with her boyfriend seems unhealthy- he was into drugs and gambling. The old farmhouse and the winter weather all add to the story’s atmosphere, and as Grace slowly regains her memories, the reader deeply roots to her. The is a shocking twist in the end that will surprise you.

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