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Publication Order of Shark Wars Books

Shark Wars (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Battle of Riptide (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Into the Abyss (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kingdom of the Deep (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Enemy of Oceans (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Emprex (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Handy Andy Saves the World (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ernie Altbacker, or E.J. Altbacker as he is also known, is a popular writer of books for young adult readers. He has written a number of books with the ones in his Shark Wars series being very popular.

Altbacker is a former student at Notre Dame and the American Film Institute and has degrees from both. He has particularly worked as a television screenwriter who has written a number of scripts for productions for kids. He has especially written on such kids shows as Spooksville, Spider-Man and Ben 10 among others. He has also worked on a few programs within the Justice League series.

His work in literature particularly entails the Shark Wars series. He has written other stories about people in fantastic situations as well. these stories make for popular ones that will be entertaining to all sorts of younger kids looking for adventure.

The stories of E.J. Altbacker are clearly popular ones that showcase many entertaining characters in fantastic situations. These books are especially for younger readers from the first to third grades. The stories impart many important lessons and virtues that kids can use in their daily lives.

E.J. Altbacker Series

The books that E.J. Altbacker has written include stories in the Shark Wars series. This is a series for young readers that take place around the oceans. It is about a series of sharks who compete to be the true rulers of the ocean. The stories are about bravery and the importance of friendship. There are plenty of battles in the stories as well as they all focus on the importance of willing to take risks and to never be afraid of others.

The characters that Altbacker has created include many attractive sharks. These are all divided in a series of groups. The Rogue Shiver group is one that is devoted to a close friendship as they all work together. The group is particularly led by Gray and includes the young Barkley, a smaller shark looking to prove himself among the rest of the sharks.

The other groups of sharks in this series include the Coral Shiver sharks. This group is actually the one that Gray and Barkley were born into.

Many of the other groups include some intense sharks that are looking for their own pieces of power. These include the Goblin Shiver led by Goblin, a large and powerful shark who may be too vain for his own good. The Razor Shiver is also an important group as it features bull sharks that aren’t afraid to defeat anyone who tries to take over their lands.

Noteworthy Shark Wars Books

The Shark Wars series started in 2011 with the titular Shark Wars book. This follows Barkley and Gray as they get into the Goblin Shiver’s territory. While they are willing to trust in the Goblin group, they know that it is difficult to trust others in a land where everyone is a target. But it is all about being courageous and knowing how to find and make great friends that this story is all about.

The 2012 book Into the Abyss brings in an enemy shiver called the Indi Shiver. While the group may be extremely dangerous and willing to take on anyone, Gray knows that it is up to him to lead his group to keep it from being at risk of destruction and loss. This comes in spite of one major loss in his shiver that throws him into the ultimate seat of power.

The 2012 story Kingdom of the Deep is another story to see. This comes as Gray discovers that there is more than just one megalodon shark like him in the waters. This leads him to discover more about his past and to find others just like him. Even so, enemies from the past have escaped and are ready to keep Gray from ever discovering the answers about his past.

Shark Wars Adaptations

While Altbacker’s Shark Wars series has not been made into any movies or television programs, a Shark Wars game has been released for the iPhone. This involves players controlling the sharks featured in the series as they go through the waters and fight to survive and take over the oceans. Many of the stories in the game are similar to some of the stories featured in the books.

Other E.J. Altbacker Books

There are a few other E.J. Altbacker books that are outside the Shark Wars series. His 2016 book Handy Andy Saves the World is one noteworthy book that he has written. This is about a handyman who is hired by some aliens to help with fixing their ship. However, he soon looks that the aliens are out to destroy Earth as a means of reaching their goal of peace along the galaxy. This leads him on a quest to get on the aliens’ good sides to potentially prevent the aliens from going forth and destroying the planet.

Other Books of Interest

Young readers who are entertained by the Shark Wars series of books from E.J. Altbacker and his many other productions will enjoy a variety of other added series. The Saxby Smart series from Simon Cheshire and R.W. Alley is one series that is popular among people in the same age level. This series is about a young boy who is also one of the world’s beset detectives. The stories are about looking to find answers to many mysteries and to keep on putting in the beset offer one could ever have when aiming to say the day.

The Shredderman series from Wendelin Van Draanen is another series for fans of the Shark Wars series to read. The stories are about a young boy who creates a website dedicated to revealing the truth about many of the false stories that bullies at school create. He is always willing to help people and to get bullies to see the evils of their ways and to change their lives. However, it is not always easy for him to get people to change their minds about others.

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