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Publication Order of E.J. Pugh Books

One, Two, What Did Daddy Do? (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hickory Dickory Stalk (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Home Again, Home Again (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
There Was a Little Girl (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Crooked Little House (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Not in My Backyard (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Don't Drink the Water (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Romanced to Death (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Full Circle (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Weight (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gone In A Flash (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead to the World (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Student Body (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Susan Rogers Cooper is the writer of The Man in the Green Chevy. Cooper has been penning mystery novels ever since the year 1988. Rogers Cooper is the mother of one and the grandmother of three. Whenever she is free, Susan Rogers Cooper loves to spend with her grandchildren playing. Susan Cooper was born and raised in Texas, where she still lives with her family. Despite the fact that his mother was a Yankee, his father was a 4th generation Texan. Cooper has penned down more than 25 books in three book series. Currently, Susan Rogers is planning to put a majority of the Milt Kovak book series in eBook format, which will then be followed by Kimmey and E.J Pugh book series. The first book in the Milt Kovak book series is currently in eBook format.

E.J Pugh Series

One Two, What Did Daddy Do, is the first book in the E.J Pugh mystery series. E.J Pugh, the wife, and mother and an exceedingly successful romance novelists, starts her career as an amateur sleuth when her next door neighbors end up late for a carpool. Pugh enters the home only to discover a majority of the Lester family members have been brutally killed by Roy Lester, their family patriarch. After completing the execution, Roy Lester eventually took his life. Four-year-old Bestie is the only survivor in the incidence, whom Pugh takes into custody. E.J Pugh clearly understands that Roy would never have killed his children and wife. Thus, E.J Pugh begins to search to find out if there was anyone who had some form of resentment, against the Lester family, without the assistance of her young daughter Megan and Graham, her wise-cracking son.

Elena Luna, a Texas detective, informs E.J Pugh, that she should steer away from the investigation for her own safety. Just as it is the case with any protagonist, E.J Pugh takes this an opportunity to look much deeper into the case. However, it does not take long before Detective Luna threatens E.J Pugh with a house arrest. With that said, this book is compelling and not because of its mystery aspect but because of the interactions between the major and minor characters. Apart from the killing of an entire family, a ruthless killer, on the other hand, cannot be found anywhere and a traumatized child ends up becoming mute; all these attributes makes this novel an exceedingly intense and suspenseful read. In Cooper’s second mystery, which features the amateur sleuth/author, E.J Pugh, the suspense in the novel begins slowly when a majority of the prank emergency calls are traced back to E.J Cooper’s home.

It does not take long before amateur sleuth, E.J finds her daughter eating a piece of candy that was spiked with glass. The Peeping Tom becomes the main suspect. However, Peeping Tom is eventually found dead in the back seat of Pugh’s car. Now, E.J Pugh’s husband and some of the strange neighbors become the main suspects in the investigations. E.J Pugh’s sardonic guts and wit will eventually endear Pugh to the readers and also ensures that tension is maintained throughout the book. By using Texas as the setting for the novel, Hickory Dickory stalks, Susan Rogers Cooper has managed to keep the novel freshly endearing. As a character, E.J Pugh is exceedingly funny. What makes the story exceedingly great is that everything in the book is quite normal and ordinary, however, eventually, they turn out not to be what the readers had initially thought. Home Again is the third book in the E.J Pugh mystery series.

In this book, the author Susan Rogers Cooper introduces the readers to Willis Pugh. Willis is just about to turn 40 and is currently experiencing the challenges of a mid-life crisis. During a family camping trip, Willis Pugh decides that he should begin by climbing the Enchanted Rock when he gets the time to. More than a month later, Willis and his colleague Doug Kingsley head off to make the climb. However, it is only Doug, who managed to make the return. Once again, Willis’s wife, E.J Willis decides to look into the issue as an amateur detective. While looking into the mystery, E.J Pugh can locate the broken down Volkswagen in between the enchanted rocks and home. As E.J Pugh looks into the disappearance of his husband, Willis is in the middle of Calvin Hardy’s murder at the Turkey Farm.

After assisting the driver of the truck, Tater together with his Rottweiler to hide Calvin’s body, Willis’s only hope of returning home is ensuring that has cleared Hardy’s of the stabbing death of her exceedingly abusive husband. It does not take long before Willis can call E.J who manages to trace the call back to the Truck Stop Shop. Together with detective Luna, Pugh is able to arrive on time, thereby putting an end to an unlawful cock-fighting ring and to also reunite with Willis. She is also able to solve the mystery where the motives are exceedingly strange than the murder itself. With that said, Home Again is an exceedingly hilarious book. The ludicrousness of the situation linked together with the realization of the wife and husband who are shaken out of their comfort zone and day-to-day routine, in turn, makes Home Again a terrific outing. Apart from being touching, this book is funny and plain crazy.

There was a Little Girl is the fourth book in the E.J Pugh mystery series. Pugh admits that she cannot in any way be compared to Martha Stewart. E.J Pugh admits that she is an overly emotionally overextended wife, mother, and a part-time romance writer. She also happens to be a woman who cannot easily walk away from trouble. In There was a Little Girl, E.J Pugh jumps into the local frozen river to save a suicidal girl. As all her agemates are proceeding on with their lives, as usual, Brenna’s life is not only lousy, but it is also getting worse as time progresses. Brenna’s mother has just been released from prison after serving a nine years term. Due to the challenges that she is facing, Brenna’s mother is about to send her daughter to live with her father. It does not take long before, Brenna’s mother and her husband, Brenna’s step-father are brutally murdered.

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