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About E.M. Tran

The American novelist of widely regarded literary fiction E.M. Tran is well known for a highly immersive and engaging brand of storytelling. Coming a long way in a relatively short amount of time, she’s fast become a massively successful author worldwide, with readers from all over appreciating her work. Regardless of where her many readers are from, her work and writing is universal in both its approach and idiosyncratic style.

Also writing creative non-fiction as well, she publishes numerous essays, making a name for herself with her unique and incisive perspective. Whether it’s writing essays and reviews for different outlets, such as Joyland Magazine, and the Harvard Review Online, or publishing stories, she’s always got something important to say. Many of her pieces can be found online, making her work easily accessible to an even wider ranging audience of readers. Showing a great degree of critical analysis, she really delivers on every level, making for a more than engaging author and writer.

It’s also her storytelling that has been turning the heads of many, marking her as a writer to watch from the very beginning. A master of narrative, she weaves intricate stories that expertly flow across the page seemingly with the slightest of ease. Sweeping her readers up, she instantly grabs them from the outset and doesn’t let go, right until the very last page. Over time this has allowed her to gain a voice that is very much hers and hers alone, giving her work a real sense of immediacy.

Creating strong well-written characters, she crafts unique personalities, setting her work apart from everyone else. Leaving a powerful lasting impact upon her readership, she really knows and understands how to deliver her work in a relatable format. Many of her protagonists are a testament to this, showing her skills as an author, really giving her writing a grounded and authentic feel. With a lot more set to come in the near future, she isn’t a writer who’s stopping any time soon either, as her writing career continues to grow.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in New Orleans, E.M. Tran grew up with a keen fascination in the written word, something which she’d develop for throughout much of her life. Taking this passion of hers on into her adulthood, she would continues to find her own voice, developing her style and tone all the while. In time this would lead to her becoming a singular name within the literary industry, as she would draw inspiration from the world around her.

Attending the University of Mississippi where she’d gain an MFA in Creative Writing, she would develop her craft throughout much of her education. Later she would also go on to receive an English and Creative Writing PhD from Ohio University, which would also advance her career. During this time she would find her own distinctive approach to writing, making the format ultimately work for her in the process.

Largely focusing on creative fiction and non-fiction, she has found her own approach as time has gone on. Always on the lookout for new and exciting ideas, she’s always searching for her next big story, while enjoying shows such as Gilmore Girls and The Bachelor in the meantime. Currently living in New Orleans with her husband, she continues to write to this very day, with plenty more to come still.

Writing Career

Starting out writing for a number of different publications, E.M. Tran would produce a number of different pieces and stories. These would help to establish her name as an author, as many would come to be familiar with both her work and her style. From Literary Hub, to the Prairie Schooner and the Georgia Review, she would always be a massively talented voice and writer.

It would be in 2022 that she would write her first book titled ‘Daughters of the New Year,’ which would instantly become successful. Speaking to her own experiences, the book would provide a unique insight into her world and life, becoming hugely successful for readers from all over. Allowing her to reach a wider readership worldwide, the book would fast increase her reach, enabling her to become a household name for many far and wide.

Getting countless great reviews for her debut release, Tran would fast become an international publishing sensation. With not only her peers and contemporaries alike singing her many praises, she’d also become commercially successful as well. Not showing signs of finishing writing any time soon either, she will carry on growing upwards and onwards, maintaining her profile both offline and on.

Daughters of the New Year

Originally published in 2022, this would first come out on the 11th of October, with it being an completely stand-alone book. With its self-contained narrative, it would very much be its own novel, not being a part of any long-running series or franchise. Grounded firmly in reality, it would be set in New Orleans, with Tran drawing from her own life and experiences as an author growing up there. With elements of the historical novel as well, it touches upon a number of different themes and ideas for the duration of the book.

Charting at least five generations of Vietnamese mothers and daughters, this story is set in New Orleans, moving back in time. In New Orleans in the present day, Xuan Trung, a former beauty queen, would become a refugee following the Fall of Saigon. Divining her daughters lives through the use of their Vietnamese Zodiac signs, she seeks to discover their individual fates. Each with their own story, they come alive, telling their history of who they are, as their secrets each come to the surface as daughters of the New Year.

It’s a hugely engaging and compelling first novel, with a lot to offer readers, showing a unique and entertaining perspective. Clearly marking Tran as a writer to watch in the years to come, it’s a story with a lot to offer readers, providing plenty for readers from all backgrounds. The prose flows across the page, drawing the audience in and immersing them within the world as the story progresses.

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