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E. Michael Helms is one of the highly popular authors from The United States, who is famous for writing books based on the historical fiction, memoir, and mystery genres. He was born in Marietta, Georgia, but was brought up in Panama City, Florida. While growing up, Helms used to play football and excelled in it. He even used to play baseball very well and gain success in the role of a catcher. Based on the excellent display in sports, a Junior College offered him a scholarship, but Helms turned it down. He went on to join the Marines following the completion of his high school studies. Author Helms served in the Vietnam War and was involved in some of the deadliest fighting. He was a rifleman and fought bravely during the war. One day, he got wounded for a total of 3 times, which pretty much terminated his service in the Marines. For that incident, author Helms discounts as being at the wrong place at the wrong time. After returning home, he wrote a memoir based on his experiences in the war. The Proud Bastards was the first book that he wrote earlier in his writing career. It was regarded as a compelling and a powerful battlefield memoir that has ever been written. Some also labelled it as a modern day military classic. This memoir is still in print even after 20 years since it was first published. Many of the other military writings of author Helms have appeared in various books based on the wars.

After writing about wars for many years, author Helms decided to seek a change and try his hand at writing mystery books. Eventually, he started the his popular Mac McClellan series in the year 2013 with its debut book titled Deadly Catch. This book went on to be named as the Debut Mystery Book of the Month by Library Journal. While he was busy writing the plots of his mystery books, author Helms came across a manuscript about PTSD that was lying in the drawer of his desk for more than 2 decades. This manuscript helped him to write a semi autobiographical sequel based on fiction to his famous wartime memoir. As of today, author Helms lives with his beautiful wife named Karen in the Upstate areas of South Carolina. His house his located near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Other than writing books and memoirs, he likes to take part in hiking, canoeing, bird watching, and camping. Author Helms likes to hear from his readers about the reviews and comments about his books and characters. For this purpose, he has developed his own personal website. The fans can directly contact him through the website and post their queries and suggestions also. Author Helms also uses the website to keep his fans updated about the recent happenings in his writing career and his upcoming works. Being one of the reputed authors of his time has given Helms a chance to get associated with a number of writers’ associations. Some of the popular ones in which he is actively involved include the MWA, the MWSA, the PEWA, the Historical Novel Society, the ITW, etc. He is also a member of several Marines’ associations and veteran’s societies. In writing his books, author Helms got inspiration from the works of some of the noteworthy writers like Sloan Wilson, Erich Maria Remarque, Robert J. Ray, and Ross Macdonald.

The Mac McClellan Mystery series written by E. Michael Helms is comprised of a total of 3 books, which were released between the years 2013 and 2016. The first book of the series is entitled ‘Deadly Catch’. It was released by the Seventh Street publication in 2013. The story of the book deals with the life of the character named Mac McClellan. He is described by author Helms as a retired Marine. At the book’s start, Mac McClellan is depicted as being retired recently after serving for 24 years in the United States Marines. He seems happy to begin his life as a civilian again. McClellan enjoys spending his time in fishing at a leisurely location in Florida. While being in one such activity on his vacation, Mac McClellan comes across a decomposed dead body. Following this, he finds a bag full of rare marijuana stashed in a rented boat. These findings make McClellan realize that someone is trying to set him up to get framed for a murder and smuggling drugs. Due to this, his plans for having a relaxing life after retirement are put on hold as he sets himself up to clear his name from being the prime suspect. He begins the investigation with the help of a feisty lady named Kate Bell. Kate works at a local marina as a saleslady. During the course of the investigation, the two also come close in a relationship. As the investigation moves further, McClellan deals with some local of officials of law enforcement, strong armed thugs, shady politicians, etc. Finally, he goes on to bring the actual killer and smuggler to justice.

The next novel in the series is titled ‘Deadly Ruse’. It was released in 2014 by the publishers of the Seventh Street Books. The story of this novel moves further from where it had ended in the previous one. Kate Bell, who has now become the girlfriend of Mac McClellan, thinks that she has seen the ghost of her former boyfriend named Wes Harrison. He had perished in a boat accident around 12 years ago. Kate swears that the man that she saw in a theater lobby was Wes. McClellan doubts that Wes would be alive, but to calm down the shattered nerves of his girlfriend, he begins to investigate. One of the clues takes him to an orphanage in Texas. McClellan discovers some startling information which shock both him and Kate Bell. Deceit, diamond smuggling, murder, and sex are the twisted tales that emerge from the early life of Kate Bell. McClellan uses his grit, wit, and military training to fit together the pieces of the scrambled puzzle. The next clues that he comes across take him to a renowned casino located near St George, called Palmetto Royale. Kate and McClellan find out that the casino is used as a dealing spot for drugs. When their activities are known by the smugglers, they get attacked, but somehow save themselves. McClellan becomes certain that he is on the correct track and decides to put an end to the mystery. He remains cautious about the possible dangers ahead as he cannot afford to lose his or Kate’s lives.

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