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E.R. Yatscoff is a published author. He also fights fires for a living in addition to writing books.

He is a native of Canada and is both firefighter and author of fiction. He is proud to be one of the only Canadian writers that puts the pen down to paper (or the fingers to the keyboard depending on whether or not E.R. has a pad or a laptop on hand) and write firefighter fiction!

E.R. knows a lot about fighting fires and what makes a great story. He was born in Canada in Ontario. That is where he first got his start, growing up in Welland. Welland, Ontario, located in Canada, is known by the locals to be a wonderful town. With plenty of citizens living there that work in what would be deemed blue collar jobs, this is a place where the people that live there truly are the salt of the earth.

E.R. is happy to be from Ontario and Welland in particular! Placed in the unique geographical setting of the Niagra Peninsula, this is a totally unique place that the author feels cannot be matched by any other place on Earth. He is happy that out of all the places on the planet, he gets to call this one home. It’s a great place to live and he is still fond of doing many activities in the area, such as boating, spending time with his significant other, family, and friends, having a cold brew, and more (when he is not busy writing of course!).

He is married and even has a really interesting story about how he met his wife. They were both traveling abroad and while the writer was supposed to be in Australia and have a neat little destination and adventure, things did not turn out that way.

Even though it was a detour from his course, E.R. Yatscoff was surprised and happy beyond measure to find out that this accident led to him meeting his wonderful wife. They would meet through an incident of pure chance while being on the same freighter while at sea. It has been love all the way ever since that fateful day!

He says that he has had a lot of jobs since he has become a writer full time. He has also done a lot of things and that variety and multitude of experience has helped him to be an author! Before this was what he did, he worked in a lot of jobs. These include ranch hand, clerk at a grocery store, being a sales rep, being a boy that delivered papers to homes, and more. He is married with three grown children.

One of his earliest books was written for the middle school aged reader. So if you are a student currently in middle school or even an advanced reader for your age at fifth grade, this is a great book to check out! Whether you are a librarian that wants to add a new book to your library at school and think this might be a great way to do that or you are a parent that wants to spend some great and literary focused time with your child reading a light book, this is a great one to check out!

Old Flames would be the first fictional book to hit home with readers! This author got the ball rolling and got back to square one with the publication of his book “Old Flames”. Released in the year 2011, this was the book that would essentially start helping lay the foundation for what many critics and happy readers would be thrilled to agree is a fantastic career.

Old Flames is an early book to come out from this author and his first to debut! If you enjoy being a bit of a wild child and feel that there is so much fun to be had out of life, then this is a story that you really need to check out.

The author will tell you himself with total and complete honesty that his younger years and his hey days were filled with being a wild rambunctious individual. He was a teenager that was no stranger to chaos and belonged to a fraternity that could be described as ‘renegade’.

But sometimes we all need to put aside some childish things and grow up. Gerry Ormond is the main character in this story and he used to be a wild kid. His family life was okay but when he got to college that was when he really started to branch out and let loose.

Now he is just trying to do what he can in order to make it. The thing is, he’s doing a really great job. He has a life that anyone would be jealous of. Gerry is a firefighter and it is his job that he gets paid to do to put out fires and save people.

He has the chance all the time to be a hero in real life. Gerry has always been doing his best to try and find what life has to offer. So when he goes back to the city or small town that he grew up in– his home town of origin– the crimes and demons from his old life come with him.

Now he has a fire investigator that is after him in a big way to deal with. Things are going from good to bad to worse on a really fast basis. That is the way that he sees it, because everything in his life is starting to just get worse all of the time and he cannot stop it.

Sam is after Gerry and he knows it. Will this fire woman catch up to the fire man? Or are the fires that he sets destined to burn forever? Check out Old Flames and find out what happens!

Out on a Limb was one of the early books to come out from author E.R. Yatscoff. This first came out in 2011 when readers were able to enjoy this awesome story! If you love books that are full of drama, then you need to check out this book.

Pick up a copy of Yatscoff’s work with “Limb” and read to the end to find out the story’s finale!

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