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E.S. Thomson is a bestselling English author of mystery novels. The author was born in Ormskirk, Lancashire. Thomson has a Ph.D. degree in history of medicine and works as a university lecturer in Edinburgh. The author was shortlisted for the Scottish Arts Council 1st Book Award and the Saltire First Book Award. She is a resident of Edinburgh and lives with her two sons.
Thomson became a published author in 2016 when Beloved Poison, the first book in Jem Flockhart. The second book Dark Asylum was released in 2017.

Beloved Poison

Ramshackle, collapsing, resisting the future and trapped in the past, St. Savior’s Infirmary awaits its demolition. Within its stinky corridors and wars, the doctors argue and fight. They are guided by hatred and jealousy instead of maintaining their moral dignity. Then there is Jem Flockhart, an outsider and a woman with a secret to hide, she watches everything but stays mute.
Moments later, six small coffins are discovered. Each of these coffins contains a bundle of smoldering rags and a handful of dried flowers. Jem discovers these strange old relics inside the hospital’s old chapel. Her mission to get an in-depth understanding of their meaning resurrects a long burried past with some fatal consequences.

Jem follows a trail that leads her from the bloody world of dissecting table and operating theatre to the notorious realm of Newgate and the dead zones, and her enemies prove to be not only powerful but also very ruthless. As St. Saviour demolition draws closer, the dead start roaming the face of the earth while the living people are forced to make some impossible choices.

Beloved Poison is a fantastic first book in Jem Flockhard series by E.S. Thomson. Even though the novel is a mystery one, it is character driven. The mystery aspect of the book is quite intriguing and mysterious. Thomson characterization is quite amazing and simply out of this world. The main character in this story is Jem, a woman. Taking into consideration that the novel is set in the 19th century in a period when women were despised and not considered to be equal to men. It is for this reason that Jem disguises herself to be Mr. Flockhart to retain her job as a surgeon. However becoming a surgeon was never her choice but that of her father.

Each of the characters in the story has something to hide, and the infirmary as well is full of dark secrets, that when revealed to the world could lot of damages. Our heroine is also full of secrets as well, and aside from disguising herself to be a man, she is also a lesbian. She is a well built and rounded character, and despite the secrets, she is keeping from everyone she is also an active character.
On the other hand, Will Quartermain, a young architect who has just arrived in town to help in the removal of those buried in the cemetery just proximal to St. Saviour. This is a gruesome task indeed but its one that results to the revelation of more than just dead bodies. Will and Jem join forces in search of answers to the mystery surrounding the six caskets that are discovered in a wall opening and crudely made artifacts leads them into a world of dark secrets.

In this first installment book, Thomson creates a broad range of fascinating characters in a Victorian setting. The mystery aspect of this book is quite amazing, a lot is happening, and the dark glow over it makes it more interesting also. There are various aspects that the author has integrated into the story to make it one compelling read, they include the characters, the medical theme, the Victorian times setting and the mystery. You will have a glimpse of how hospital life was like during the Victorian times, the different types of herbs as well as poisons.

Dark Asylum

Dark Asylum is the book two in Jem Flockhart series by E.S. Thomson. The year is 1851, and the principal physician to the insane Dr. Rutherford is found dead, his ears cut off, his head bashed, his eyes and lips stitched closed. The police place the blame on the inmates of Angel Meadow Asylum where the doctor worked. According to Will Quarterman and Jem Flockhart, the murder is an act of a calculated salvation rather than an act of madness.

To discover the truth surrounding the terrifying homicide, Will and Jem will have to pursue the story to the darkest alleys of the city- from the depths of the London slums to the dirty rooms of London brothels, the graveyard, the gallows and back to the asylum.

Dark Asylum, the second book in Jem Flockhart series, can be read as a standalone novel. It is a dark tale enclosed in graphic details of autopsies, asylum life and the ill-treatment of the female gender during the Victorian times. The story takes us back in time to the Victorian London when it is at its very worst. The fact that some of its residents are doctors and scientists makes its casual injustice and corruptions appear even worst. Those who are poor or are mentally ill having very little significance in the society and their brains and bones matters the most to the doctors than their bodies and welfare.

We also meet the piteous men and women spending their times within the walls of Angel Meadows. The moral corruption in the story is matched with the stench of the asylum. Fortunately, there is a flicker of hope in the midst of all these injustices and corruption. Jem and Will fight to ensure that justice is served equally to everyone in the society. These are not only the good characters in the novel; you will notice one or two doctors help their patients to recover from a disease that shows no physical symptoms to treat. The story also offers some sort of entertainment from the freakish doctor in particular. Jem Flockhart double novel life plays a crucial part of the story. First having to disguise herself as a man to secure a job and then being a lady at times.

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  1. Dennis Rushton: 1 year ago

    I read “The Blood” first, then “Dark Asylum, now I’m reading “Beloved Poison”. Excellent author and all could be a “standalone”. Can’t wait until I read the next two !

  2. Ann Woodhall: 2 years ago

    Nightshade is the 5th book in the Jam Flockhart series not a standalone.

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      Thanks Ann!


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