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The Last Exile (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mephisto Threat (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Land of Ghosts (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Resolution to Kill (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

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as Eve Seymour
Beautiful Losers / The Patient (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Imperfect Past / The Housekeeper's Daughter (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Absent Light (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Sister’s Secret (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Daughter's Secrets (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Widow's Boyfriend (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Lying Husband (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Eve Isherwood Seymour (E.V) is a crime thriller novelist from England. Before embarking on her writing career, Seymour worked in the public relations field where she traveled a lot in the UK. She is married with five beautiful children. Eve began writing when family life took center stage, and she would find time to write scripts in between her parenting chores. Seymour published her first novel Absent Light in 2007. Years later, The Paul Tallis series marked the epitome of her career. The crime series focused on the intelligence service and the police. She meticulously researched on the plot and produced a solid, successful series consisting four books. In this review, we shall critic the Paul Tallis series.

The Last Exile #1 Paul Tallis

Following flawed intelligence, Officer Paul Tallis shoots an innocent woman alleged of terrorism in a local mall in Birmingham. The grave mistake leaves Tallis, a disillusioned man after his dismissal from work. As a special unit firearms expert, Tallis had no social life outside of his work environment. What would be his next move? An unidentified person working for MI5 visits Tallis. He gives him an offer to find four fugitive illegal immigrants fortuitously released from prison, and bring them to the authorities. Initially, the capture plot works smoothly, but when Tallis is about to deliver the fourth convict things turn south ways. Tallis discovers that the same people that hired him also target him,—Tallis suspects foul play. The entire project grows more complicated as Paul realizes that he’s fixed.

The slow build up of anxiety and the constant revelations of back-scene scheming make for a solid paced story. Paul does not represent the typical special agent with a million problems like a broken marriage, the struggle with alcohol consumption and a bad temper. He’s stable is the character, with an intriguing past while avoiding the usual clichéd stereotypes. Tallis takes care of his physique without necessarily being a superhero. He’s portrayed as intelligent although he seems to make naïve decisions, perhaps too unrealistic from a moral perspective.

Other characters come off well, making the storyline more fun and interesting to read, like the chain smoking police officer. We also see some responsible policing that doesn’t resolve urgent issues with careless shootouts to cover up difficult cases. The narrative builds to a predictable impressive climax and the usual vortex of double-crossing and the good vs. the bad people. The climax was too rushed and palpable. There was too much political drama towards the final chapters of the book, rubbing in the verity of the notorious criminals. Overall, it was a superb read and equally thrilling like most prolific crime fiction books. Not bad at all.

The Mephisto Threat #2 Paul Tallis

Istanbul, Turkey. Someone brutally murders Garry Morello a crimes journalist. The last minutes preceding his demise, he was in the company of his long-time comrade Paul Tallis, insinuating that he’s discovered a connection linking organized crime and international terror campaigns back home in London. Tallis is now a fugitive, hiding from the Turkish authorities, hot on his heels as an accomplice to Morello’s findings. He manages to sneak out of Istanbul and back to London where he recounts the Intel to his MI5mission handler.

In yet another investigative fraud, Tallis travels to Birmingham as an undercover agent to investigate a national security threat. Tallis must find a way to infiltrate gang boss Johnny Kennedy’s inner circle. Tallis secretly observes if the charming mobster is guilty of organizing the largest attack on Britain—or if his bosses pose the same threat to get him in trouble. He must be very cautious since he’s treading in extremely murky grounds on both sides. This is another great masterpiece from E V Seymour. The protagonist, Paul Tallis has many talents, and it’s interesting to discover his capabilities with each book. Lots of action and you can visualize the outlook quite easily. A somewhat complicated plot but easy to read.

Land of Ghosts #3 Paul Tallis

In this edition, Tallis embarks on a dangerous mission as he moves from MI5 to the SIS. He must succeed without any flowed hiccups as he pursues the most dangerous assignment thus far. A sequence of high profile killings in Russia has threatened the governments’ security systems. The Russian government has increased its power on all of its operations making the current increasingly dictatorial. for Paul Tallis as the secret agent for MI5, the crisis in the international state of affairs has escalated into a personal agenda. Unknown to Tallis, Rufus Graham, his old school mate, is a mole under the SIS in the hidden Chechen Mountains in Russia. The force reckons that Graham has betrayed his country and must be brought back home. Tallis is asked to find him and hand him over to his superior.

Paul Tallis has his doubts once again; it becomes apparent that Graham is feared to have betrayed M15. Tallis must find his comrade and hand him over to the handlers at M15. However, he has doubts concerning the whole operation, and he must tread cautiously. Good thriller exceedingly detailed which wasn’t necessary for the lay readers just in it for entertainment. Overall, it’s a perfect read for intellectuals interested in the intricacy of the inner workings of secret service agencies but not so for passive readers. If you enjoy reading Bourne, and the Bond books, you will enjoy this one. It’s full of political drama, warfare, and propaganda. I especially loved it because it sheds light to the international crimes syndicate merged from a focal point. Quite entertaining.

Resolution to Kill #4, Paul Tallis

The United Nations is under attack. After a wave of aggression, an unknown mob claims responsibility for holding hostage some high ranking expatriates in 3 Western European capitals. The anonymous vigilante comprises woman members with a vengeful mission. They pretend to be survivors of botched peacekeeping missions that went far beyond their expectations. These women hold similar odium for the UN whose mediators failed them.

Taking time out from his mission in Russia, Tallis rests in London. He immediately takes on this case as news of the first hostage death escalates the sense of emergency to apprehend the European kidnappers. An equally thrilling crime novel that will have you tense and eager to comb through the chapters. It’s a must read.

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