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E. William Brown
E. William Brown is just a middle-aged American guy that writes fanfictions for fun after a long day down at the bit mine.

He likes heroes that go out and solve their problems rather than sitting around whining all about them. Particularly if they must use their brains and so badass level grinding on the way.

William dislikes clueless idiot heroes that survive plainly on pure luck and the mistakes of the bad guy. Whiny beta-boy ‘heroes’ that allow the girls beat them up, then wonder why the princess doesn’t just appreciate their awesome sensitive wonderfulness. Gritty urban fantasy heroines that are the cause of most their own problems, and then bitch at the male love interest that has to save them.

William’s inspiration for Daniel Black comes from some of the more capable players that he has met in tabletop RPGs over the years. The guy that can debate things from advanced space launch technologies and Napoleonic military tactics? The one that constantly bypasses the GM’s carefully laid out plot complications by doing something both sensible and clever rather than just charging right at the obvious plot hooks? The guy that appears to always be overpowered because he carefully min-maxes his characters and reads every single rulebook? This is Daniel.

Brown’s debut novel, called “Fimbulwinter”, was released in the year 2014. His work is from the GameLit genre.

“Fimbulwinter” is the first novel in the “Daniel Black” series and was released in the year 2014. Daniel Black, who has been summoned to a world during an apocalypse, would have a lot on his plate just surviving. Add in desperate soldiers, refugees, scheming nobles, and a couple of entirely wicked witches; life will be quite busy indeed.

Good thing he’s got magic of his own in order to even up the scales. Is that going to be enough, though?

Be warned: this novel has inventive sex, graphic violence, unconventional opinions, and one protagonist that has zero interest in being normal. Read at your risk.

Brown writes in a direct and witty way, and the pace is swift, never allowing your mind any time to wander while the story moves from scene to scene. It is a quick and exhilarating tale that is intended for those that are seeking something fast and a lot of fun to read.

“Black Coven” is the second novel in the “Daniel Black” series and was released in the year 2015. Surviving Ragnarok is challenging no matter what your powers are, and new problems are always popping up. Genocidal monsters, demanding witches, local politics, and some divine feuds are all going to keep Daniel right on his toes.

His foes have made a vital mistake. They have given an engineer that comprehends the nature of magic time to build stuff.

The book is made up primarily of problem solving, sex, and fighting, which William is able to pull off beautifully. The storyline is highly engaging and there’s even a plot twist that some readers didn’t see coming. William delivers a fast, fun, and highly entertaining novel. His style of writing is solid, with great character, dialogue, and world building in the book.

“Extermination” is the third novel in the “Daniel Black” series and was released in the year 2015. The favored children of Gaea have put her old plan to rid the Earth of humans into motion, and Kozalin is high up on their list of targets. Scheming gods, uncertain alliances, and one implacable enemy are going to push Daniel to his limits. How far is the wizard from Earth go, to keep his family safe?

This is another well written novel that helps further define the characters, with story lines that are coming together rather nicely. Readers find that the characters and story are so engrossing and immersive that they barely even notice there’s less sex this time around. It is another brutal, clever, and hilarious book that readers couldn’t put down.

“Thrall” is the fourth novel in the “Daniel Black” series and was released in the year 2018. Kozalin’s defenders, without royal leadership, are falling down into turmoil, however mortal problems pale into insignificance when the gods take an interest in Daniel.

With some new foes showing up all around, and way too many secrets to keep, could Daniel’s magic save the day? You know what they say, if cannot get results by using violence, you aren’t violent enough.

Brown delivers another thrilling novel, with all the things that fans have come to enjoy about these books. The action is balanced well with the politics and the pacing keeps things moving at an enjoyable clip.

“Perilous Waif” is the first novel in the “Alice Long” series and was released in the year 2017. Her name is Alice Long and she’s always known that she was different.

When she was little she used to climb right up to the highest branches of the housetree during the night, and watch the starships that docked at the orbital stations up above. Forty meters up from the ground, watching the ships thirty thousand klicks overhead, with senses that are able to pick out comm chatter and radar pings just as easily as the ships themselves. It seemed perfectly natural at the time.

Back at the orphanage, other kids had mods, just nothing like that. She learned quick to just downplay her abilities, and keep quiet and attempt blending in. Even when she was a kid she knew she wasn’t to trust the Matrons. What would they do, if they had realized the Adjustments that were supposed to make her just a meek little herd animal didn’t do squat.

Then she went and messed it all up by giving herself away. Now she’s on the run, hoping the Matron’s aren’t going to attempt that hard to find her. Hoping she can survive all of the awful things that can possibly happen to a girl all on her own out in space. Slavers, kidnappers, yakuza, and pirates. Anywhere she goes, trouble always happens to locate her. Good thing she’s not as helpless as she appears to be.

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