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Eagle Point Search & Rescue Books In Order

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Publication Order of Eagle Point Search & Rescue Books

Searching for Lilly (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Searching for Elsie (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Searching for Bristol (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Searching for Caryn (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Searching for Finley (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Searching for Heather (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Searching for Khloe (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Eagle Point Search & Rescue is an exciting series by New York’s bestselling author, Susan Stoker. Throughout the series, you’ll see quirky natives of Fallport, Virginia, and the seven men on the Eagle Point Search and Rescue Team. They’ve all decided to risk their lives for the town’s safety but never planned to fall in love.

Searching For Lilly is the debut novel in Susan Stoker’s new series, Eagle Point Search & Rescue. Ethan Watson is the head of Fallport, Virginia’s search, and Rescue team. The retired Navy SEAL has come across many people in the forest in the last five years since he arrived in the small town. They include escaped convicts, hikers who were reported missing, lost pets, lost kids, and even runaway teenagers.

However, this is the first time to be requested to look for bigfoot. Lilly’s job as a camera operator has taken her on the hunt for Bigfoot in Fallport. The town’s people are not concerned with the attention that the show might bring and are even sure that no Bigfoot is hiding in their forest. The SAR team has ensured that the producers know they must plan before entering the forest, even if it is for something as odd as looking for bigfoot. In the brief moment that Lily and Ethan were on the search, they had grown closer to each other.
However, when one of the cast members goes missing, Things become more dangerous. Now Lily will only be there for the period of the show and rescue. Is it wise for them to start something that might not last long? Searching For Lily is a story filled with romance and suspense as two entirely different people fall in love. The characters are unique, and the novel has a captivating map that makes the story even more entertaining.

Susan weaves the story so one might believe that falling in love is a walk in the park. The Elsie glimpses will get you hooked on the story even before it entirely unfolds. It’s an emotional story that will not leave your mind for days. Be sure the story will surprise you, and when you think you’ve figured it all, it proves you wrong. Each of Susan Stoker’s novels hits differently, making to want to read them a second time. Searching Lilly is a fantastic book with lots of emotions hidden inside. It’s a perfect novel for Romance suspense fans.
Searching for Elsie is the second installment in the Eagle Point Search & Rescue series. Elsie Ireland once thought she’d finally gotten her dream guy, only to learn that her fairytale romance was just another cautionary story.

Past the perfect family image, her family had less interest in Elsie and even less in their son. Some years later, she and her nine-year-old Tony landed in Fallport, Virginia. She is doing two jobs and staying in a motel while having a roof over his head and lots of love and care. For Elsie, however, such isn’t in her life.

After serving the country as a Green Beret, Zeke Calhoun was excited to finally get out and start a life in a small town as a bar owner. His position in the Eagle Point Search and Rescue satisfies his desire to serve and work with some of his best friends. He doesn’t realize that something is missing until it comes right under his nose when his sweet and shy waitress Elsie goes missing.

It isn’t easy to convince the independent shy single mother to let him in. With the memories of his tragic marriage still fresh in his mind, Zeke feels uncertain whether he can ever have a healthy relationship. A single stolen kiss in a tense moment, and then he forgets everything.

Vowing that Elsie and Tony’s lives are about to improve, Zeke is ready to prove to Elsie that not all men behave like her ex. It’s a task that becomes more challenging when a complication throws their growing relationship in the opposite direction, soon changing into a life-and-death situation they never predicted.

Searching for Elsie is a small-town romance suspense story with friends turning into lovers. It has some triggering issues, such as kidnapping and romance, but this shouldn’t make you shy away as they are common in the modern world around you. Some of the characters in the story include a single mom and a former military hero who eventually have strong friendships that turn out into romance.

Tony is brilliant, just like Annie, and is almost her age when we first meet her. It’s incredible how the author shows different problems and characters with distinctive personalities.

Getting lost in the woods wasn’t one of Bristol Wingham’s to-do lists, being left behind by her friends or getting wounded. Luckily she is found by one of Fallport’s search and rescue crew.

Bristol also never planned on living in a small town, but after her rescuer gives her a place to heal her legs, she plays along; after all, she has not had many options.

Cohen’ Rocky’ Watson has rescued many lost hikers from the forest, but he notices something about Bristol. The world-famous artist could afford to go back to her home in Tennessee and pay someone to take care of her until her injured legs heal, but there she is spending time with Cohen. The more time she spends with her, the more he wants her to stay longer.

As Bristol heals, Cohen and her find themselves attracted to one another. Unfortunately, there is someone who seems unhappy with the growing relationship, so when Bristol goes missing, it’ll take Rocky and his whole team to find her before the clock stops ticking. Who might have abducted her, and why?

Rocky and Bristol are a fantastic couple, and as a former SEAL turned search and Rescue expert, one would think that Is rough. Bristol is a tough, petite, sweet character whom you can help but like. Although she was dumb to get herself into such a situation that got her into more trouble, she was meant to survive thanks to her determination never to give up.

Rocky’s combination of strength and gentleness made her trust him more. Bristol also gave him the connection and hope he felt was missing.

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