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An Affair of Concoctions (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Light of the Diddicoy (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Exile on Bridge Street (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Divide the Dawn (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Collections

Love And Maladies (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Eamon Loingsigh is an American published author.

Eamon was born in New York. His name is pronounced similar to ‘Lynch’. He is a journalist as well as a historical novelist.

The author has had a fascination for a long time when it comes to Irish Americans and their history in New York City. This is influenced in part by the history of his own family. They emigrated at the end of the nineteenth century from Ireland to the United States. In Manhattan, his grandfather as well as his great-grandfather operated a saloon located on Hudson Street. It would run from 1906 all the way to the late seventies.

Eamon would attend the University of South Florida, where he studied journalism. He graduated and now has written several articles that focus on Irish-American history. He has written a novella titled An Affair of Concoctions, which was published in 2009. He also wrote a poetry collection that was published in 2010 titled Love and Maladies.

The author is based in Brooklyn, New York. He has also composed other novels, including Light of the Diddicoy, which made the short list for the Langum Prize in the category of American historical fiction. Loingsigh also wrote Exile on Bridge Street, a sequel to the first novel, and Divide of the Dawn: Fight.

He has been featured in the biographical documentary Portraits of Faith.

Light of the Diddicoy is a prequel novel and the first one set in an Auld Irishtown trilogy. The series dives into the lore and the stories of families and gangs that grew up in part of the Irishtown underworld in Brooklyn during the past.

This is the story of Irish gangs that were living and operating on the waterfront of Brooklyn when it comes to the early twentieth century. The tale is told through main character Liam Garrity and the fourteen year old’s perspective.

Liam is an Irish immigrant that has to make his own way to America on his own. This is just a few months before Ireland’s famous Easter Rising occurs. Liam finds himself in the middle of the tough streets of the Brooklyn waterfront, which is run by the Irish. There he falls in with the White Hand, a gang in the Bridge District.

Liam may never have anticipated this happening, but this is his situation now. He’s reduced to being in the position of having to do whatever it takes to survive. He’s trying to make his own place in the middle of a world where anything goes and it seems like an entire community is existing outside the long arm of the law.

Does Liam have what it takes to make it? Or will he find that the tough streets that he’s landed on are anything but forgiving? Read this compelling historical novel to find out!

Exile on Bridge Street picks up where the prequel Light of the Diddicoy left off. Main character Liam Garrity returns again as we follow the story of this teenager and his journey to becoming an adult in Brooklyn during the pre-Prohibition times.

He may be in the United States, but Ireland is still alive and dealing with its own problems. The nation is fighting to take back its independence, and things get even more intense with the Easter Rising of 1916.

No one knows what has happened to Liam’s father, who is a rebel in Ireland. Meanwhile, Liam’s mother and his two sisters are on the family farm. They’re especially vulnerable to violence as the British troops seem to be everywhere, searching for their reprisals. As a result, Liam takes pains to organize their leaving Ireland and coming to New York.

Liam has also been taken in by Dinny Meehan in Brooklyn. Dinny leads a gang of longshoreman that operate out of a saloon located under the bridges of Manhattan and Brooklyn. He promises that he’s going to help Liam as well as his family.

However, Liam cannot know that he’s about to go through a number of obstacles that Dinny may not be able to help with. He may be coming into his own as an adult, but the streets of Brooklyn and its waterfront are as violent as ever. Then there’s so much happening in the country. Spanish influenza is spreading, World War I is starting, Italian organized crime groups are only getting bigger.

Also there are the unions, companies and the police that are all trying to take the Irish gangs of Brooklyn down. Liam’s worried that he’s not going to have the chance to help his family immigrate to New York. Then one of the dock bosses for the gang starts to try and take things over. Wild Bill Lovett’s political maneuvering means that Garrity and Meehan are about to strap themselves in for a long battle to survive in Brooklyn.

With so much going on in New York City and Ireland, can Liam make it through? Will he be able to help his family survive? What will come of the fate of his missing father? Find out by reading this interesting novel and picking up a copy of Exile on Bridge Street.

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