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Earl Swagger is the creation of Stephen Hunter and he sprung off the pages into the minds of readers everywhere. He is a man that knows his way around a firearm. They come to him with ease, like kitchen utensils come to the average person. A fact that is similar with all the men in his family.

Earl Swagger was a Marine First Sergeant. He used his skills during World War II, defending his country against all enemies. Thanks to his valor he helped save a lot of lives during the war. This in turn earned him the medal of honor.

He went on to join the Arkansas State police after the war, using his skills to help put criminals away. Earl Swagger was a tough yet fair law man. He made sure the criminals who deserved to be in jail were put in jail while helping the ones that needed it, setting theie life straight. Many owe their good fortune to Earl Swagger, as most other law men would not be so quick to help. Instead Earl Swagger took much pride in his job.

He also took pride in his family and their home, living in Polk County, Arkansas. His wife June Swagger, whom he loved very much, felt the exact same way about him. They were an inseparable pair and she always worried about him when he was on the job. Earl Swagger also has a son named Bob Lee Swagger, who much like his father knew his way around weapons. He also followed in his father’s footsteps, joining the Marines and becoming a Marine Gunnery Sergeant.

Earl Swagger has no problem taking on anything the law deems to be unfit, whether it be a petty criminal or helping out the FBI take down the mob that runs gambling and drugs and every other kind of illegal activity, in the Hot Springs area. No job is too big or small for Earl Swagger when it comes to the law.

But like most former military men Earl Swagger is haunted by the past, the things he has done and seen. But most of all he is haunted by the memories of his abusive father, which at first made him a bit reluctant to enter parenthood. Yet he fought the war in his mind and came out a better man for it.

Earl Swagger stands up for what he believes in, a real hero no matter the odds. He is faithful to the law and to his family. But above all else he is loyal to what is right and strives to make sure his part of the world is a better place.

Earl Swagger – Around The World

Earl Swagger has appeared in four novels, three of which were his own, another of which he appeared during the course of a novel containing his son, Bob Lee Swagger, mostly in name passing. He has fought the criminals of the deep south and does not pull any punches when bringing them to justice.

In, Hot Springs, Earl Swagger has been a state trooper for a little while, making a name for himself by upholding the law. So when the district attorney vows to bring down the mob and stop them once and for all, Earl Swagger is recruited to head up the task force. His methods are well known to those on both sides of the law, which up the desperation of the mob to new heights. They were not about to give up without a fight and a fight is just what Earl Swagger was going to give them. From raids on casinos to every other part of the organization, combat drips off of every page, the body count rises and the suspense builds, until the final showdown with the mob and Earl Swagger himself.

Earl Swagger does not remain in the deep south forever, as Uncle Sam soon comes a calling once again for his services in, Havana. Cuba finds its possibilities in Havana endless, but not on the right side of the law. Instead they create a lucrative paradise rich in gambling, sex and drugs, with the government taking their piece of the riches. But as a young revolutionary named Fidel Castro comes onto the scene, and he makes deals with the Russians, things get heightened back home. Earl Swagger gets the call, as the powers that be think that he is the one man capable of eliminating Castro once and for all. Earl accepts the request and in Cuba he quickly learns the only rule is there are no rules. Earl Swagger must then do what needs to be done in order to get himself out alive and end his targets life.

No mission seems too big or small for Earl Swagger. He will cross any divide to get the job done out of loyalty to Uncle Sam. And any bad guy that gets his way better prepare themselves for the fight of their life. No matter what is thrown at him, Earl Swagger and his wide array of skills, are capable of rising up to the challenge before him.

Earl Swagger – Shooting Up Your Screen

Earl Swagger has had little chance to appear on television or movie screens, but there could be a place for him in the future. His son, Bob Lee Swagger, has already had a movie made that was based off of him titled, Shooter, starring Mark Wahlberg. So it could only be a matter of time before Earl Swagger follows in his son’s footsteps and shoots the bad guys up on a screen near you.

Earl Swagger – A Real Trooper

Whether it is described in his job description or not, Earl Swagger hates to see the law he fights so hard to protect be ignored, distorted or broken. He will go above and beyond the call of duty to right whatever wrong has been placed before him. This makes him the man the government calls when they have problem that requires a skill set like no other. Earl Swagger is the man for the job no matter what the case may be and in the end he almost always finds a way to get the job done right and come home afterwards to his family. A former marine and a state trooper that is not concerned with titles, just the results that follow his actions.

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