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Earth & Sky Trilogy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Earth & Sky Trilogy Books

The Earth and Sky Trilogy is a science fiction-adventure series imaginatively penned by the mistress of Young Adult fiction, Megan Crewe.

It focuses on Skylar, a young teen, whose quest is to stop aliens from capturing humans and conducting cruel, time-based experiments that spell disaster for Earth. Published by Skyscape between 2014 and 2015, the heart-stopping trilogy has a Spanish edition available in Brazil.

The first two enthralling parts of the series, Earth Sky and The Clouded Sky, have already amassed scores of adoring fans. These science-fiction aficionados are eagerly awaiting the release of the third part of the series, The Sky Unbroken, coming in the fall of 2015.

The Author’s Inspiration

For Megan Crewe, the Earth and Sky Trilogy was a melding of different inspirations. Young adult fiction was a genre that she fell into naturally. It resonated with her because it was the life she understood most.

Star Trek, the wildly popular science-fiction series starring William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Scott Bakula, Avery Brooks and Chris Pine as its dynamic Captains, was her greatest influence. The Next Generation, an unshakeable family favorite, was a powerful trigger for the trilogy. She was particularly drawn to how the alien, Q, tried to alter time and reality for his own amusement. It made her draw parallels with the strict collectivism and prejudice existent in Kemyate society. The author was most enthralled by the sixth Star Trek movie, The Unidscovered Country. What fascinated her were the politics involved in turning the Klingons. Earth’s former enemies, into her allies. The Earth and Sky Trilogy deals with similar, dynamic politics and prejudices involved in achieving peace.

Understanding the novels

The first book, Earth and Sky, centers on seventeen-year-old teenager Skylar’s quest to find the reason behind the panic attacks that are plaguing her.
While trying to find the cause of her anxiety, she meets Win, a strangely captivating boy who seems to have connections with other worlds. She discovers the startling truth that Earth is at the mercy of aliens who subject humans to time-control experiments.

The courageous Win, a Kemyate alien, is part of a rebel faction seeking to stop his people’s onslaught of Earth. Through Win, the author depicts the Kemyate as a rigid society that has sees itself as all-powerful. These alien beings aim to have lesser worlds under their control. Win needs Skylar to become part of his movement. To their dismay, the machinations of the aliens hasten each time Skylar connects with her past. By the time readers start turning the pages of the second novel, an overwhelmed Skylar faces the daunting task of helping the Kemyate, Win, end his people’s dominion over Earth. Having become part of the rebel group, she cannot turn her back on them until she has completed her mission. They whisk her to their home, the Kemyate space station, where she sadly discovers that they do not see her as an equal.

Despite being homesick, Skylar resolves to prove that she is capable of freeing Earth from the clutches of the Kemyate Enforcers. Her detailed nature garners respect, but she is still in danger because a traitorous Kemyate among Win’s rebels has been secretly supplying their foes with information. Skylar determines to bring the traitor to justice, The closer she moves to the truth, the greater the impact of Earth’s imprisonment. Her mission causes her to risk herself, everyone and everything that she loves.

A biography of Skylar

Megan envisioned Skylar as a normal, gawky, lanky teenage girl with long brown hair. Being morose and slightly paranoid, she is emotionally paralyzed by staggering anxiety. Depressed as she is, Skylar has innate strength and determination. Her quest to stop her panic attacks is a relentless one. This girl is also courageous, being willing to put her faith in a potentially fatal, yet noble cause for the greater good. In the course of the trilogy, the zealous teenager discovers a burning passion to fight for her people and bring tormentors to justice. Resilient, she is not willing to subjugate herself to any power.

Skylar in Earth and Sky

Teens and adults will connect instantly with Skylar in Earth and Sky, as she is completely relatable. Most people will understand what it is like to deal with angst and have the pressing need for self-discovery. They will experience “aha” moments when the Kemyates throw Skylar into their civilization, for they will empathize with how traumatic it is to deal with pressing change. Readers will understand her feelings of having the world on her shoulders.

The unfair dominion of another people will resonate powerfully with teens, who, at their young age, are rebellious and want freedom from control. Like Skylar, youth feel the need to wrestle free from subjugation. Though readers may find Skylar over-anxious in the first novel, what will eventually draw them to her is her strong resolve to overcome mind-boggling, and sometimes crushing odds. They will admire her relentless spirit as she tries to work with an unknown race to free her world.

Skylar in The Clouded Sky

If readers felt tied to Skylar in Earth Sky, they will adore her in the second part of the Trilogy.

The girl comes across as a realistic heroine who, at times, feels that she has to walk away from danger. With the Kemyate rebels being unfriendly and controlling themselves, readers will know why she has second thoughts about the cause. They will feel for Skylar as she deals with the gargantuan task of freeing one civilization from another, a burden that is too heavy for anyone to carry. They will also relate to this heroine’s need to show the Kemyate rebels that she is more than capable of freeing her own planet from control. Most of all, Skylar’s homesickness in a harsh, alien world will strike a few chords. The familiar emotion will tug at many hearts.


The trilogy, like all others, has its detractors. However, it sits more than comfortably with most readers. Quill and Quire has deemed the novels satisfying, impressive and unusual. They feel that this existential fiction blows minds. CM Magazine has praised it for being wholly engaging. Other readers find it a refreshing breath of fresh air, praising Megan for discussing scientific concepts that few people write about. They laud her for moving beyond normal writing norms. In all, everyone should read these books for their realistic characters, introduced in astounding, unconventional environments.

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