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Publication Order of Earth Song Books

Avatar's Overture (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sonata in Orionis (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Aria (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Etude to War (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anthem (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twilight Serenade (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mark Wandrey was born in the rural part of Tennessee and started to write during his grade school. Since childhood, Mark had a good talent for fiction, and life led him to work in various jobs at different locations providing him with colorful experiences. He has studied history and is an expert in logistics compliance along with farming. Since 1987, Mark has written a large number of short stories and novels which have led to a vast fan following.

Initially, Mark only wrote short stories but then he realized that his true power lay in writing novels and he hasn’t looked back since. He has a number of series published under his name such as the “Turning Point” which deals with a zombie apocalypse. His book “A Time to Die” was the finalist in 2016’s DragonCon Dragon Award and is awaiting the release of its sequel named “A Time to Run”. Wandrey has released five books under the series “Earth Song” which deals with a future where mankind has to fight for its existence. Mark is currently working on the “Four Horsemen” series based around the Cartwright’s Cavaliers which was released recently. The four horsemen universe deals with breathtaking space adventures including aliens and mercenaries at every step. Mark presently lives with his wife and a teenage son on a micro-farm in Kentucky and also has an undisclosed collection of various species of barnyard fowls.

The Earth Song series was initially released a while ago with its last part being published in 2016. The series has been revised and edited several time since its first publication. The series starts through the first book “Overture” in Central Park as a homeless man witnesses a strange device’s arrival. The man founds a cult believing the device to be a portal for reaching a promised lang. But the gift from angels might be another way to invade the planet at the most vulnerable moment. A disgraced astronomer by the name of Mindy Patoy has just discovered an asteroid which is about to strike the Earth. Soon, people everywhere are discussing the appearance of alien devices all around the world. Mindy decides to move to the city of New York and finds friends along with enemies while struggling to uncover the mystery of alien objects. Various devices are opening up portals to different locations where people can escape to for evading the asteroid about to strike.

As all efforts to save Earth seem to fade, New York turns into a war zone with people trying to escape the planet. Civilization begins falling to pieces in order to survive but will it be the end of humanity or just another beginning. The first book flows smoothly with plots and subplots to keep the readers intrigued and engaged in the story. The characters are believable with imperfect and nuanced characteristics which further hook the readers as everything comes to a beautiful conclusion towards the end.

The second book, “Sonata in Orionis” continues in a world 500 years after the events of the first book. Earth was completely destroyed by a rogue asteroid and humanity has finally succeeded in thriving after overcoming their struggles for half a millennia. Located 45 light years away from the shattered remains of Earth, the population on the new planet Bellatrix has grown to millions after starting from a few thousand survivors. Earth has now become a distant memory which is taught to children in schools and only remembered in song. The humanity was saved by a race of aliens known as Tog who are a member in the Galactic Concordia. Although Tog saved the humans, they didn’t do it for free and now humanity owes a debt to them for continued existence.

The Chosen is an elite human group which is trained for going into hostile galaxies to complete Tog’s bidding. Over the centuries, the Chosen will slowly repay the debt owed by humanity. Mindy Harper’s descendant, 15 year old Minu Alma wants to follow her father’s footsteps and join the Chosen. While she is struggling to survive the tough trials for Chosen, Minu comes to know about her father’s disappearance while on a mission in the depths of the galactic frontier. She also learns that human upstarts have gathered the attention of other species. Minu must not only face deadly and unknown world with dangerous aliens and buried mysteries but also the prejudice of her own people. Filled with daring adventures and breathtaking escapes, humanity finally moves to the galactic stage and must now take an individual stand. The song of a lost Earth has long grown old and the time of safely surviving in the quiet corners may be coming to an end for children of Earth.

In the third book of the Earth Song series, “The Lost Aria”, world war has returned to humanity after five centuries. Minu now has the task of creating an army for defending Bellatrix. She must lead her untested army against a powerful Concordia species and secure a quick victory to keep alive her dreams of venturing into galactic frontier. An ancient artifact has been left somewhere in the universe by a mysterious race known as “The Lost”. The artifact has the capability to unveil all the miracles within Concordian science and as Minu tries to locate it for saving her friend, she unravels mysteries which will change her life forever.

“Etude to War” is the fourth book in the series and begins six years after the return of Minu Groves from her quest which spanned entire galaxies. While Minu became a member of the council among the Chosen, she has been currently instated as a university’s dean putting her into a type of virtual retirement. One day she makes a discovery about her father who had been missing for so long. Clues lead Minu and her friends on an adventure into the darkness of space and war clouds begin circling the planet in her absence. The series smoothly continues into the final book where Minu has become the leader of humanity with support from other allies. She now intends to free humanity from the debt of Tog species but her quest may lead to the extinction of humanity as she uncovers mysteries about herself and the Concordia. The series has been appreciated by critics and has created a large nunber of fans around the world.

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