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Publication Order of East Perry County Books

The Forgiving Quilt (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Josephine's Guest House Quilt (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quilt the Town Christmas (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Everlasting Quilts (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Church Ladies' Quilts (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ann Hazelwood is, in reality, a former thirty-year-old Quilt Shop proprietor in St. Charles, Missouri. She’s written several creative Missouri traveling publications as well as small gift scriptures for AQS, like “A Hundred Things You Need to Know if You Own a Quilt” as well as A Hundred Treats for Quilters. Ann is an AQS proficient Quilt Judge. She also headed the National Quilt Museum as its former President. She teaches on the quilt subject and has displayed her own white and red quilt compilation within the National Quilt Museum. She is also the fabric judge for the local Antique Road Show, in St. Louis.

When AQS began creating fiction, Ann was the first person to go public with her work. The Colebridge Series was the first of her numerous book series with this particular publisher. In this review, we shall handle the Eat Perry County series as one of Hazelwood’s widely read novels.

The Forgiving Quilt

Hazelwood makes a great comeback to AQS with the first installment in the East Perry County Series. After the demise of her husband manifesting painful feelings and memories, Kate Meyer vows to disengage her life with those hurtful memories of the past, with an aim to move forward with her life. She vows to renovate their joint property in Borna, Missouri, and eventually sell it off to an interested buyer. However, she cannot bring herself to leave the city, not yet. Her prolonged stay in Borna has Kate entangled in a mystery quilt she discovers in her new home. Haunted by the quilt’s past, Kate is troubled by some terrifying occurrences. Someone wishes to forcefully remove her from her property, legally co-owned with her dead husband. Will Kate let the horrifying events surrounding her miserable life get the better of her feelings and overall strength? Will the infiltrators manage to pull her out of the property? Through the untimely series of event, Kate masters strength and is determined against all odds to keep her property.

She believes that she has a right to stay put I a town that she has lived in for so many years and build wonderful memories, a home with her husband. Discover within this novel of self-discovery, forgiveness, as well as courage by a woman who has seen it all. She must prove that everything will work, even without her spouse around to support and love her. It is indeed a trying time for Kate, but her determination is resoundingly solid. The plot provides quite enough to hold on to the next chapter until the end of the book. It was well played out from start to finish.

Josephine’s Guest-House Quilt

Hazelwood’s charming new series continues into the second installment of the East Perry Series. Kate Meyer extends her stay, mostly attracted by the charming the beauty of Borna, Missouri. After encouragement from her friends, Ellie and Clark Kate decides to turn her home into a guesthouse one that East-Perry County desperately needed. Wanting to acknowledge one Dr. Paulson and Josephine, his wife, whose spirit still haunts the home, Kate names her new establishment- Josephine’s Guest-House. Furthermore, Kate also puts forth that a quilt to be made by Ruth Ann, her friend. The quilt is to be hanged in the entry hall for guests to sign. Everything appears to be coming together, and the guests are intrigued by Josephine’s presence. However what could be the reason why the names of some guests disappear from the signature quilt, and some remain? Once again, suspense fills the pages of yet another of Hazel’s mystery book. It’s simply un-put-downable!

Quilt the Town-Christmas

Kate Meyer has settled in Borna, Missouri and is slowly adjusting to the various challenges that come with being an innkeeper. Thankfully, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays bring both friends and relatives to the guesthouse, including Jack and Aunt Mandy, who both make life-altering decisions. All the while, troubling events occur on the property, making it clear that there are those who do not welcome the lively owner-Kate. She meets the challenge head on and spearheads an effort to bring the spirit of Christmas to everyone in the community. However, when the holidays are over, what choices will Kate face with Clark and John? Ann Hazelwood is a wonderful writer. This is the second of her East Perry series .It provides informative details and well-researched facts on the quilt making business, making these narratives highly interesting with superb ideas. The readers get the chance of knowing all of her characters and follow through quite well even without the need to start from the first book-series (but it is necessary in order to grasp the storyline). The last chapter left a bit of a hanger-cliff, because it left readers speculating, particularly after the new baby arrived, hoping that Kate would find a new husband.

Everlasting Quilts

A Complicated and puzzling romance goes on with one Kate Meyer, the owner of Josephine’s Guest House. Her lake house neighbor— John Baker, an author, and a wannabe lover—catches Kate’s attention with his research for a magazine article on quilts. Through the development, Kate learns unusual target for quilts, including within her own family. The quilt stories are enjoyable and endless. Nevertheless, not all is dear in the small town of Borna as Kate experiences a fierce battle and has to fight to survive in her own local home. Thanks to the spirit of handsome new acquaintance and Josephine, Kate, the protagonist is able to persevere. Kate must also be able to hide another secret from the East Perry County community, as she continues to protect the reputation of her guesthouse. Anne has a unique ability to creatively write consistent plots and to keep the content moving along. It makes it even more enjoyable to keep reading as you anticipate the next book in the series. For what it’s worth so far, the story line and all the characters in the books will grip your attention and quite hard to put aside. Readers who enjoy an engaging book during their summer holidays or while on a long trip should not skip this book series. It is almost surreal, extremely detailed and riveting!

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