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Ebony LaDelle is a published American author of fictional novels.

Like many writers who haven’t made the jump to full time writer status yet, Ebony is a marketing pusher when it comes to her day job. When night time arrives, she’s a natural born story teller.

Ebony was born in Michigan and attended Howard University for her higher learning, where she says she was ‘awoken’. The rest of her she attributes to being cultivated in Brooklyn.

She can usually be discovered looking for her next live concert to attend or checking out the most recent food craze to try. In any friend group, she is known for being the Mom Friend of that group.

Ebony LaDelle has also been a co-host for “Why Not YA?”, a monthly video series where she interviewed other authors that are working in the young adult writing genre.

Ebony first came into her own spot in the author world with the 2022 publication of her debut novel, Love Radio. This is a young adult novel designed for younger readers, but readers of any age will be able to enjoy this well-written book for themselves!

The story is described as ‘witty’ and romantic, somewhere between Hitch crossed with The Sun Is Also a Star. In it, a teenager who professes himself to be a love doctor and works on the airwaves with his radio. He is so confident in his abilities that he thinks he could get a young woman who has turned on all things romance to fall for him. He believes that he can do it in the course of just three dates. Is it confidence, or is it arrogance? Can he be this good?

Main character Prince Jones is known for having all of the love answers. That is the way that it appears, but is it actually true? The young man is just seventeen years of age, and already he has accomplished so much.

He even has his own radio segment. It’s a big deal to have a job and have this range of listeners at such a young age, and Love Radio is one of the most popular hip-hop shows in Detroit. It’s also where a throng of listeners rely on him to give them advice and help them out.

There is where he hears the plights of those with broken hearts and gives them his very best advice. Some days it seems like he just has all of the answers. Prince Jones and the airwaves were made for each other, and he loves taking the time to help those who have been unlucky in love.

But what about when it comes to his own love life? Prince doesn’t have anyone in his life that he can refer to like that yet. He really loves hosting his own segment, but it’s just not the same as having a girlfriend that he can turn to for love and support. Instead he’s the teen love doctor, giving listeners his best advice and hoping that they can follow it.

The last thing that he ever expected was someone coming into his life. For years, ever since he can remember, Prince has wanted to become a DJ and he has always wanted to fall in love. However, he doesn’t put much energy into it because he has to take care of his mother. His mother has multiple sclerosis and he’s the sole caretaker or her, which means that he’s the sole caretaker of his little brother as well.

Prince is okay with his dreams taking the back burner because he has to be. But his situation means that he is forced into accepting that his dreams are taking a back seat. It seems like the only romance in his life is the type that comes through the airwaves as he hears the Detroit area’s love problems out and dispenses his advice to them to make it better.

But everything seems to change when he meets a young woman named Dani Ford. She is a young woman that knows what she wants and isn’t planning on doing anything that jeopardizes it.

She isn’t focused on anyone but herself. Her plan is very simple. She wants to do well her senior year and get a scholarship. From there, she wants to move to New York City so that she can become a renowned author. It’s a simple plan, and it should be easily accomplished.

However, she can’t seem to get her college essay completed. She has writer’s block, and she knows what’s blocking her. But she also doesn’t know what to do to fix it. Except for that she knows it has something to do with going to a party and she’s having a tough time dealing with it.

When she meets Prince, there Is obvious chemistry between the two of them. Prince is really into her, but Dani just doesn’t want her plan to be thrown off course. But she’s interested, so she decides that she’s going to give him three dates. On those three dates, he should be able to either convince her that he’s worth swooning over, or else be on his way.

Will her life be changed by the smooth talking DJ? Will Prince finally find the love of his life in Dani? Read this sweet young adult novel by Ebony LaDelle to find out!

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