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About Echo Brown

The American author Echo Brown is well known for her intelligent and incisive brand of fiction that really captures the reader’s attention. Instantly grabbing her audience, she’s a hugely successful author with much to say and offer, providing stories that immerse her readers worldwide. Not only that, but she’s also a successful playwright, telling stories that really resonate on a number of different levels. Setting herself apart from other novelists in her field, she has her own distinct voice that really stands out, making her a household name for many around the world.

When it comes to storytelling, she is a professional, making each word count and saying just what she wants to say. Dealing with numerous different issues, she speaks to themes and ideas that are important to her, reaching readers far and wide. Resonating on a universal level, her books have become successful both nationally and internationally, becoming a huge name for her audience. With strong, compelling, and thought-provoking stories in equal measure, she never forgets to entertain the reader either.

A highly vocal spokesperson for her craft, she has a way with words that is entirely idiosyncratic to her and her alone. This sense of uniqueness is something that speaks to her readers, really ensuring that they pay attention every step of the way. Her characters also manage to keep readers glued to their seats, as they essentially come alive off of the page. With so much more to come still, she’s definitely a writer to watch for the future, with plenty more planned on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Echo Brown always had a strong vision as both a writer and storyteller with something to say. From an early age, she would harness her gift, refining and honing her skills as an author, allowing her voice to shine through. This passion of hers would develop throughout the years, allowing her to become the writer that she’s currently known as today.

Moving from Paris, France, she’s gained a vast amount of insight, constantly putting her experience back into her writing and work. Also, in writing for the stage as well, she would reach an even wider audience, making a name and brand for herself that would be seen by many. Currently living in Ohio, she continues to write and work to this very day and will carry on doing so into the future.

Writing Career

Beginning her literary career as a playwright, Echo Brown would put on her solo show ‘Black Virgins Are Not for Hipsters.’ Playing to sold-out venues around the world, she would quickly make a name for herself as an important writer with something to say. Following the success of her work on stage, she would then turn to write full-time, largely focusing on autobiographical Young Adult fiction novels.

The first novel she went on to write was titled ‘Black Girl Unlimited,’ and it came out in 2020 as a stand-alone Young Adult fantasy. She would soon follow this up with her second novel titled ‘The Chosen One,’ which came out in 2022 and would be another Young Adult book. Both would fast secure her status as a successful writer, with countless reviews singing her praises and being commercially successful.

Black Girl Unlimited

Originally coming out in 2020 on the 14th of January, this was first released through the ‘Holt-Ottaviano’ imprint. Published as a stand-alone biographical magical realist Young Adult novel, it has elements of fantasy in it, with a strong central protagonist set in a contemporary setting. Echo Brown’s debut novel highlights her skills as an author, showing who she is and what she has to offer.

Coming from the East Side, Echo Brown is a wizard who hails from an area of small apartments where many are addicted to drugs. Opening portals to another world, Echo steps into life at the rich school based on the West Side, where she leaves her old life behind. Meeting a mentor who seeks to help her improve, she soon must deal with the depression that envelops everyone after she leaves her roots behind. Where will the year take her, can she find a balance within it all, and what will become of her in this debut novel?

This book is definitely sad, with plenty of highly emotional moments to it, making it all the more powerful to read. Engrossing every step of the way, it’s a strong first novel from the author with a lot to say, as it combines character, heart, and drama to thrilling effect. The story itself is well told and paced, keeping the reader invested and allowing them to escape into its rich and vivid world essentially.

The Chosen One

Acting as a follow-up sequel to ‘Black Girl Unlimited,’ this works as an indirect sequel to the first, as it can be read on its own. It’s best if they’re read in order, though, as it continues with more magical realism in the life of Echo Brown as she moves on with her life. Initially published in 2022, it would come out on the 4th of January through ‘Christy Ottavanio Books’ to much anticipation and acclaim.

Settling into Dartmouth College after graduating as valedictorian from high school in Cleveland, Echo Brown finds watchers who are white everywhere. While it’s not the all-inclusive utopia she’d initially hoped for, it does provide a further portal to another world as the Chosen One. If she is to accept her calling, though, she must first heal her past. Can she face the task before her, how will the rest of the year fare, and what will become of her as she deals with this whole new world?

Another heartfelt book, Echo Brown makes the most of her compelling premise, infusing events from her own life, looking at it through the lens of magical realism. This approach makes it extremely involving and immersing, as the reader is constantly turning the page for more. Continuing the pace of the first book, it delivers on every single level, making for an entertaining and enthralling read.

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