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Publication Order of Echo Falls Books

Down the Rabbit Hole (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Behind the Curtain (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Into the Dark (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Peter Abrahams is a renowned American crime fiction writer who specializes in children and adult books. Abrahams is widely known for the Echo Falls mystery series, the Tutor, Oblivion, Hard Rain, the Fury, Right Side, Cry Wolf and many other bestselling novels. In the year 2011, Lights Out was shortlisted for an Edgar Award. In the same year, Abrahams’s novel, Reality Check, emerged the winner during the Edgar Awards, while Down the Rabbit Hole, the first installment in the Echo Falls book series, emerged the winner during the Agatha Awards. Due to the success of his novels, The Fan was adapted into a feature film that features Robert De Niro and was directed by Adam Scott. Peter Abrahams was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Currently, Peter Abrahams is married and lives with his family in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

Echo Falls Best Books
Down the Rabbit Hole
In Down the Rabbit Hole, author Peter Abrahams introduces the readers to Ingrid, a thirteen-year-old girl. Ingrid is afraid of getting late for her soccer practice. Thus she imprudently takes a walk from the orthodontist’s office straight to the field. However, Ingrid is not aware that she is going to pass through an extremely crappy town. The first person to notice Ingrid is Katie, who decides to take Ingrid to her house so that she can call be able to call a taxi for her. On the same night, while Ingrid was watching the news, she learns that Katie had been killed. Ingrid had left behind her red puma boots at Ingrid’s house, and if the police were to find them, then Ingrid would be the main suspect in the killings.

Thus, Ingrid decides to sneak out of her house in the middle of the night, with the hopes of retrieving the boots. However, when Ingrid arrived at Katie’s house, there was another person who had sneaked into the house so that she could be able to steal Kate’s playbill during her acting days. The following day, Katie’s neighbors are arrested because of the missing playbill. Ingrid is the only person who knows that two drunk neighbors are innocent, but she cannot confess to her presence because she could also be arrested. Immediately, Ingrid begins her investigation and in the process ends up uncovering some of the well-hidden secrets of some of the town’s oldest families. While conducting her investigations, Ingrid has to deal with other issues, including family disagreements, community theatre, first romance, unfair teachers, sports and a new dog.

One of the strongest aspects of Down the Rabbit Hole is author Peter Abrahams’s depiction of the stresses and the confusion of this age as well as the ways in which they are underestimated and misunderstood. With that said, Down the Rabbit Hole is adult enjoyable and middle school appropriate. Ingrid is a brilliantly developed character and will have the readers laughing throughout the novel. Down the Rabbit Hole has a perfect mix of suspense, humor foreshadowing, and intertwining narratives.

Behind the Curtain
In Behind the Curtain author Peter Abrahams takes the readers to Echo Falls and also behind the life one Ingrid Levin, a thirteen-year-old sleuth and actress, Sherlock Holmes and soccer player. As expected, there is so much that is going on in Ingrid Levin’s life. Julia LeCaine has recently relocated to town. Apart from being the new assistant to Ingrid’s soccer coach, Julia LeCaine has also been employed in her father’s firm as the vice president. By putting her dad’s job at risk, Julia’s father becomes extremely frustrated and many at times takes it out on Julia and her family. Ty, the school football star might be on steroids, and as Ingrid begins her investigations, she finds herself at the center of a steroid ring.

While Ingrid was investigating the steroid ring, her grandfather, on the other hand, risked losing his house. Ingrid believes that it is somehow connected to the extremely powerful Ferrand family, who are the owners of the firm where Ingrid’s father is employed. The protagonist, Ingrid Levin has so many strings to follow and with her father, grandfather and brother somehow connected, Ingrid feels that this time, it is a little bit personal. After snooping around

With a superb mystery element and a team of extremely wonderful and brilliantly developed characters, Behind the Curtains is an exceptional mystery novel. Apart from being funny, smart, vulnerable and tough, Ingrid is also easy to identify with irrespective of the reader’s age. After digging around for quite some time, a little bit of digging, and an extremely narrow escape from an abduction, Ingrid eventually manages to solve the various mysteries which have plaguing the small town of Echo Falls. Apart from solving the mysteries, Ingrid also plays an extremely mean game of soccer, which ultimately gets a little bit complicated after the arrival of a new coach. Eventually, Ingrid develops a friendship with the son of the local sheriff, which is somehow sweet and somehow softens Ingrid considering that she is an extremely strong character.

Into the Dark
Into the Dark is the third installment in the Echo Falls book series. As the third book in the Echo Falls book series, a few months have just passed. The writing style that author Peter Abrahams has used is not only new but also extremely refreshing. The twists and turns are so many such that the readers will be left guessing. In Into the Dark, it is extremely difficult for the readers to find out who the villain is or when the mystery is going to end because new obstacles are placed everywhere. Ingrid, the protagonist, is a likable character who apart from being smart is also intuitive and extremely witty. While Ingrid may not be extremely funny, she still manages to light up the book with her side comments and tongue in cheek quips.

By following the past of Sherlock Holmes, her hero, Ingrid manages to bring her family from various challenges. Apart from Ingrid, all the other characters are also very likable, from the school bus driver to the ice cream shop owner. Each of these characters irrespective of the minor roles that they play has been well-described and well characterized as well.

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